Fall Gardening In A Cold Frame In South Florida

Extending your Edible Crops in the Fall and Winter

Fall Gardening In A Cold Frame-in South Florida-a-cold-frame-box
A cold frame garden box

The use of cold frame gardens popularity is widespread, this type of gardening is not a new concept but has been around for some time now, and based on the rise in popularity this method of gardening is not going away anytime soon. But the question many may be asking is what is cold frame gardening? simply put cool frame gardening or a cold frame garden is a bottomless box that is set out in the garden over plants to protect them from the Cold weather.

These garden boxes are usually built low to the ground with a glass lid that allows the warm sunlight during the winter months to reach garden plants if the box gets too hot the glass lid can be propped up to allow the removal of heat.

With a cold frame garden, you can eat fresh all winter long, these gardens don’t only protect your edibles from the cold winter months but cold frame gardens can also be used to harden off young seedlings and start seeds before the last winter frost.

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Where to Install your Cold Frame Garden?

Your cold frame garden can’t be placed just anywhere, for much success you must install these boxes in the right location.

  • Your cold frame garden should be placed in an area that gets mostly sunlight, this area should be protected from strong winds as well, ensure that the face of the frame is towards the south
  • The type of soil that’s used is  also important, the use of organics and compost will encourage healthy growth and a good harvest
  • The top of the cold frame lid should be cleared of leaves and other debris because leaves can act as a barrier preventing the sunlight from getting to the plants
  • Good ventilation is a must for your plants to thrive, the top of the cold frame garden or the lid should be propped open when daytime temperatures get too warm

Caring for your Cold Frame Garden Plants

Sometimes because of the winter chill, your cold frame garden may need some help. Here are a few tips that will ensure you reap a bountiful harvest.

  • In the event that your cold frame gets too cold using straw to cover the glass will help greatly, this action will help to maintain healthy growth
  • Because of the warmth at times during the cold season, your cold frame garden  may get too warm, if this happens then simply prop the lid up and hold it in place with a stick
  • Plants that need to be watered should be watered during the day hours so that the plant’s leaves will have sufficient time to dry before nighttime sets in
  • Cold frame gardens that are getting too much sunlight should be covered with a white plastic material, too much sunlight will encourage excessive growth that is not good for plants during the cold months
  • For a healthy harvest, it is important that you monitor the soil on a daily basis or every other day, excessive moisture can lead to root rot and plant deterioration. The soil shouldn’t be water saturated or waterlogged but somewhat damp.

What can I Grow in a Cold Frame Garden?

These listed plants will provide a good harvest during the winter months.

Vegetables: Carrots, lettuce, spinach, radish, onion, beetroot, cabbage, turnips, kale, parsley, and spinach

Herbs: Thyme, onion, garlic, mint, sage, rosemary, cilantro, lemon balm, sage, basil, and oregano. For more on how to grow herbs and herbs with healing wonders refer to the links that has been provided.

Fall Gardening In A Cold Frame Garden In South Florida-a-cold-frame-box
A cold frame garden

The Benefits of a Cold Frame garden

  • Protect plants from the snow and chilly temperatures
  • Protect plants from the wind and the rain
  • Extending the growing season
  • Allows you to eat fresh during the cold months
  • Overwinter dormant plants
  • A cold-frame garden is great for storing cold-sensitive plants
  • Encouraging the growth of plant cuttings
  • You can have an almost endless supply of edible crops
  • Hardening of seedlings
  • Starting seeds before the last winter frost or giving seeds and seedlings an early start
  • Cold frame boxes are inexpensive or easy to make
  • Cold frame gardens can also be purchased.

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The final word on fall gardening in a cold frame

I believe that this method of gardening is so unique, cold frame gardens have proven over and repeatedly that this way of gardening can extend the season or give your seeds or seedlings a jump start on the season that will ensure a successful harvest. I encourage you to take advantage of this type of gardening, you will be happy with the results as you reap a bountiful harvest.


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