Fall Landscaping Ideas Front Yard

Tips to Spruce Up Your Front Yard

Fall Landscaping Ideas Front Yard-dahlia-flowers
Dahlia Flowering Plants

Giving your front yard a fall makeover is a great way to spruce up your garden and landscape, the fall months present many opportunities to add some colors and make seasonal changes that will keep your garden colorful and vibrant.

Because of the fall months, many gardens across the country are starting to look tired with tree-shading leaves and flowering blooms that are fading or refusing to bloom as they once did.

The good news is there are many cool season plants that will go to work for you putting on a display as you welcome the winter months, these small changes will make a big difference as your dream garden bounces back to its former glory with a colorful show.

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11 Fall Landscaping Ideas to Keep Your Garden Colorful and Vibrant

1. Do some Spring Cleaning

To get your fall garden front yard project off to a good start, begin with some spring cleaning this spring cleaning for example involves.

  • The removal of fallen leaves
  • Weeding your garden beds and other areas where weeds have emerged
  • The removal of fallen debris for example fallen branches, limbs, etc..
  • Prune dying or dead plant parts such as limbs and branches
  • Clear away any limbs or branches that may be growing into your window, driveway, or walkway
  • The removal of dead wood with a hand pruner and other pruning tools
  • Reseeding your lawn where there are bald spots
  • Removing thatch which is a buildup or a layer of debris, dead roots, and grass that accumulates between the soil’s surface and the grass
  • Cutting your lawn at the proper height
  • Adding and applying fertilizer

2 Doing some Miner Repairs

Fixing that broken picket fence or adding a fresh coat of paint or the installation of one can make a big difference, this small change can really add to your garden’s (atheistic) appearance as you spruce up your fall garden. That chain-linked fence may need some repairs or what about that broken garden wall, whatever fixes are made will help to bring back that shine to your garden and landscape.

3. Spruce Up Your Flower Beds

Fall Landscaping Ideas Front Yard-zinnia-garden-flowers
Zinnia garden flowers

Spruce your flower beds by displaying flower colors, there are many cool season plants that bloom in fall, some of these flowers are dahlias, yellow sunflowers, pansies, colorful mums, marigolds, petunias, black-eyed Susan, hydrangeas, dusty miller, cornflowers, celosia, cosmos, asters, zinnias. These are just a few of the many cool season plants to choose from.

4. The Addition of Mulch

The addition of fresh mulch will spruce up your garden, add a 2-3 inch layer of mulch to flower beds, around the tree trunks, and other parts of your garden, besides enhancing the aesthetics of your garden mulch also suppresses weeds, retains moistures, add nutrients to the soil as it degrades or breaks down, etc… I have worked on many garden projects that required the addition of mulch which was the missing elements that brought that wow.

5. Adding Window Boxes

Adding a window box or two to your window kitchen windowsill and installing cool-season flowers will bring that much-needed flavor that will really get things going as you welcome the winter months.

6. Plant Containers

Strategically installing garden flower containers at your main house entrance on either side of the door or lining your way walk with containers with flowering plants is inviting bringing that colorful fall season look. There are many of these containers to choose from, here are some beautiful containers that will help many of them I have used both indoors and outdoors as well.

7. The Flavors of Hanging Baskets

Fall landscaping Ideas-Front Yard-a-hanging-basket
Hanging basket with garden plant

Including 2 or more hanging baskets with either from the post, beams, or railings of your front porch with flowering plants will give you a colorful which I think will help to make some improvements to this area. Hanging baskets is a great way to utilize that space that is above the ground, this is a great idea to fill those empty spaces.

8. The Addition of Garden Decors

The addition of garden decors is a great way to have fun while adding interest, what I love about garden decors is that there are so many to choose from, and whatever appeals to your senses you are free to go with.

9. Garden Furniture

Many home gardens are designed to provide a sitting area at the rear of the home, why not mix it up a bit and add furniture or 2 to your front, it could be 2 chairs or a few other pieces to spend time in this area because I believe that the front of our yards is just as important as the rear of the yard because it’s the first thing that our family, friends, neighbors, and visitors see. Besides it’s great at times to move from the back to the front.

10. A Fire Pit

Fall Landscaping Indeas Front Yard-a-fire-pit
A Fire Pit

Adding a fire pit in your backyard as you enjoy that evening out as the sun is about to set is a great way to welcome nighttime as you connect with nature spending time with family and friends or maybe have a romantic evening with that special someone. A fire pit will work wonders filling your evening with excitement.

11. Garden Lights

Light your path by installing garden lights, these lights can really spruce up your time spent outdoors during the evening hours, I love garden lights because a garden that’s lit up at nighttimes does not only look amazing but will bring a different experience that will wow your time spent. There are many styles to choose from, we have provided a few for you that will brighten your evening.

Fall landscaping ideas for front yard

These garden ideas will spruce up your front yard garden and landscapes, and give your garden a fall makeover. Just a few small changes can make a big difference as the colder months arrive you will be so happy with the results. These are just a few of the many ideas to try, you are in the driver’s seat which means you are in full control to go in the direction that you desire. Remember as you make these changes by mixing it up have fun because the fall months are full of opportunities to work wonders in your garden to bring that wow.


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  1. I love to work in the yard, especially in the Fall when the seasons begin to change, The whole atmosphere changes as the leaves do, and it often is a welcome change after many sunny and hot Summer days and nights. Fall is when you can do wonders in the garden with just a little effort to freshen things up, squeezing in some more enjoyable moments prior to the colder Winter months.

    I am always looking for ideas on things to do over and above the everyday activities I partake in during that time of year, so this article was helpful in that it provided some perfect ideas and tips I can use immediately as I once again get out there to dig around! There are two I will immediately take action on from your tips…

    The first is garden lights. I have seen these in other gardens and the ones in use today are so versatile. They change colors and in some cases, you can adjust the brightness. You can set just the right tone for the occasion. The cost is not unreasonable either. The second is adding a fire pit. This can make those cool evenings quite bearable and enjoyable (combine the fire with the lights and you have a special night every night). Thanks for these tips!


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