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 Growing the Feather Reed Grass

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Feather Reed Grass

Installing ornamental grasses within your garden and landscape can really work wonders. These grasses are used by so many homeowners to bring the much-needed flavor. I have worked with ornamental grasses on many garden projects and have never been disappointed. For those of you who are tired of the way things are in your garden can try planting some of these grass types which I think you will get a delightful surprise that is really amazing.

In this article, we will be looking at one such grass which is known as the feather reed grass. This grass can really soften up that area with such an appeal that you will be happy that you install them. So for all, you garden enthusiast let’s take a closer look at the feather reed grass.

The feather reed grass is native to Asia and Europe, These grasses are slender with the leaf blades getting up to about 3 ft. This plant produces feathery flowers which I think is pretty cool. Zones 4-9 are ideal for these grasses, but how do we grow and care for them? Below we will be looking at how to have success with the feather reed grass as you will see they are quite simple to grow.

Planting Location

Installing your feather reed grass in an area that gets full to partial sunlight will keep them growing at their best.

Soil Type

The feather reed grass can tolerate clay soils and dry poor soils but does best in a soil that is organic-rich which holds moisture but drains well with a neutral ph.

Watering Methods

Allow the soil to dry out somewhat between watering.

Fertilizing Methods

Fertilize your feather reed grass with a balanced fertilizer. Before applying fertilizers read and follow the manufacturer’s label because the label is the law.

Garden insect pests of the feather reed grass

These grasses are resistant to garden insect pests which makes this grass a must-have.

Diseases of the feather reed grass

The feather reed grass has no disease issues except to monitor the amount of water you are giving them because overwatering can and will lead to root rot.

Ideas on where to install the feather reed grass

Here are just a few ideas on where to install the feather reed grass.

1. These grasses can be installed and used as a backdrop in a garden bed.

2. Installing them along a fence will work wonders.

3. Planting your feather reed grass along a wall will look truly amazing.

4. Installing these grasses near a pond will give that wow.

5. Place some of these grasses along a garden path walkway.

6. Can be used as a screen or privacy plant.

Pruning your feather reed grass

In order for your feather reed grass to stay looking its best, it is good to give them an annual pruning. Pruning should be carried out before the new growth appears. Remove about three to five inches of the grass with a sharp hedge shear or gas-powered hedge trimmer. This annual pruning will cause your feather reed grass to be rejuvenated producing healthy growth that is full.

Container grown feather reed grass

Have you ever given thought of growing feather reed grass out of a container, why not give it a try? what is life without a bit of fun? what I also love about container gardening is that the plants can always be moved around to a more secure location during times when conditions are not favorable for them.

Here is what you will need.

1. A container.

2. A good garden soil mix.

3. A shovel.

4. A watering can or hose.

How this is done?

1. The container should be large enough for your feather reed grass to sit comfortably along with drain holes so that after giving your grass water the water can find a way to escape.

2. With the shovel begin to add soil to the container, once you filled more than half of the container you can then place your grass in the container.

3. Once the grass is in the container continue to add soil leaving about 2-3 inches from the rim free of soil.

4. With your hand gently firm the soil around your grass ensuring that the grass is erected.

5. Next, begin to water your grass, water until it flows out of the drain holes.

6. The soil should be somewhat moist and not waterlogged because overwatering can lead to root rot.

7. Fertilize with a balanced plant food during the growing season. Read and follow the manufacturer’s label because the label is the law.

8. The container can be placed in an area that gets full to partial sunlight. A good place to put the container is on your porch or patio.

Additional Information

1. This grass is fully deciduous in the winter.

2. There are different species of feather reed grass.

3. This grass can get up to 3-5 ft tall.

4. These grasses grow in clumps

The final word

The feather reed grass is an ornamental beauty that is worth the investment. These grasses can really give that WOW as you connect with nature in the great outdoors, a show stopper, a beautiful grass that is so easy to grow and care for the feather reed grass has made its mark and a name for itself as it makes it way on the list of ornamental grasses which can work wonders. This is the grass for you so go ahead and give it a try, trust me you will be glad that you did.


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