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One of the awesome wonders of nature is that you can bring nature on the inside. And this is where a terrarium comes into play. A terrarium is considered to be a mini garden that can survive on the inside, a terrarium is like a fish aquarium the only difference though is that plants are used instead of fish. You will also need to choose certain plants for this type of indoor garden along with some other material that we will be looking at.

1.You will need a fish bowl it does not matter the shape or the size.

2. You will need to choose some plant like ferns, cactus, ivy or moss.

3. Rocks the size of a marble, river rocks will do just fine.

4. activated charcoal to filter the water and also to help prevent fungi build up

5. Potting soil.

6. And to give it a much more overall appeal you can add things like a toy animal, a tiny toy house or some other tiny toy or garden feature that will compliment you terrarium garden.

Now the fun begins

1. Start with about one or two inches of rocks at the bottom of the fish bowl or fish tank.

2.Then on top of the rocks, you will add about one inch of activated charcoal.

3. Next, fill the bowl or fish tank half way with the potting soil.

4. Then plant your plants in the soil, make sure that the plants you choose are nice and small to fit inside the fish bowl and that the fish bowl still has plenty of space. Also, make sure that the plants that you choose have the same water requirements. You would not want to place plants together that has different water requirements, one will suffer at the expense of the other. So make sure if you are using more than one type of plant that they are compatible.

5. Last, add your little garden toy

Make sure before watering check soil moister. Garden terrariums are a fun activity for kids to construct and enjoy, so ready get set let’s go. Good luck with your garden terrarium.

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