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Yellow Stripped Agave-agave-plant-care

Yellow stripped Agave

Tropical South Florida is known as the sunshine state, the weather can become pretty warm in the summer and fairly humid during this time, this is the time of the year when beachgoers head for the beach to take a dip getting relief from the summer’s heat. Many homeowners can be found in their gardens doing what they can to ensure that their gardens plants are well taken care of, this is also the time to keep an eye on our garden plants keeping them well watered.

High maintenance plants, especially during this time, should be monitored, the flip side of the coin, however, is if your desire is to spend less time in your garden because of the summer’s heat while saving a few dollars then the solution is to invest in low maintenance plants.

There are so many benefits to low maintenance plants which cause these plants to be worth the investment, below we will be looking at some of these benefits which will help you to save your hard-earned dollar.

The benefits of low maintenance plants

1. Low maintenance plants don’t require much water which can save time and money.

2. Garden insect pests are far less than that when compared to hight maintenance plants which cause you to save on insecticides.

3. Low maintenance plants are cost-effective meaning less maintenance time.

4. Fertilization cost is lower, in other words, these plants can survive on small amounts of plant food.

5. Many species of low maintenance plants attract wildlife.

With this list of benefits makes low maintenance plants a must.

12 Florida drought-tolerant plants

Here is a list of drought-tolerant plants to install in your Florida garden

The yellow striped agave

1. The yellow striped agave is an amazing plant, there are many species of agave which I have worked with these drought-tolerant plants will spice up your garden giving that wow, be careful though some species of agave has thorns which can be pretty painful so handle with care. Agaves are mostly used in rock gardens to give that desert look.


2.  The seagrape plant is another favorite that is drought tolerant, what I love about seagrapes is not only are these plants drought-tolerant but can be used in coastal areas to take the salt sprays and the fruits are also editable which makes this plant a winner I love seagrapes and eat them whenever I get the chance


3. Firebush

The firebush plant is a garden beauty which will bring much flavor to your garden and landscape area, the firebush makes a great plant for a hedge, thinking about starting a wildlife garden then the firebush is the plant for you.

Bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds can’t resist these plants and will have your garden teaming with their presence so go ahead and give them a try I have and still am working with the firebush plant which is a gardener’s favorite.

African Iris

4. Another favorite is the African Iris, what I love about the African Iris is the bright beautiful flowers it produces and its leaves that gives the feeling of the presence of water ( a pond ) when planted or grouped together. I have worked with the iris plant on many garden projects and have never been disappointed. Adding these to your summer garden will bring that much-needed flavor.

Bird of Paradise

5. Bird of Paradise

The bird of paradise gives a feel of the tropics, the flower of this plant is dazzling. I have both worked with and seen the bird of paradise in many landscape designs which gave that bang this tropical beauty will rock your world with its charm.


6. There are said to be about 2,700 species of bromeliads which makes this a huge family. I have not only worked with bromeliads on the outdoors as a professional groundsman but also on many interior plant projects as an interior plantscape designer.

I love bromeliads with their beautiful flowers and colorful foliage, there are so many to choose from with their individual color, size, and shape to meet your need. Bromeliads are also used in rock gardens, with these garden beauties you can’t go wrong.


7. Bougainvilleas are a hardy type vine which has many color bloom, my favorite is the virgate because not only do this plant species produce beautiful flower bloom but the leaves are also a mixture of green and yellow.

Bougainvilleas can be grown as a hedge or a standard plant, these garden beauties are really a show stopper. Bougainvilleas look great planted in masses mixing the color, talk about a rainbow effect these plants are worth the investment.


8. The lantana plant produces small beautiful colorful flowers which can brighten up any garden area, butterflies are attracted to these garden beauties and will pay you a visit. I have worked on several garden projects with the lantana and have seen first hand what can happen.

What I also love about lantanas is its mild scent which is so unique. Give these plants a try and see the change they bring to your garden and landscapes.


9. Plumbagos produces beautiful flowers which have a soft texture, this exotic plant will fit right into your summer garden. This shrub can give that wow and is used in many tropical gardens, the plumbago has made a name for itself I have seen plumbagos in many garden and landscape design.

Muhly Grass

10. This ornamental grass is a must, what I find really amazing about the muhly grass is that it remains a beautiful light green for most of the year and then with the colder months arrives the leaves turns a beautiful pink. Every winter I look forward to seeing these plants produce this color.

For more on ornamental grasses please check out the category section of this website.


11. This is a delightful herb which can flavor your dishes, I cook with rosemary often, this herb also has an amazing aroma but is offensive to some garden insect pest. The rosemary herb has strong flavors if you use too much can give your foods a bitter taste but once used in the right amount will give that wow. Rosemary is great to install as a part of and edible garden


12. The Mandevilla is a beautiful vine which can be grown on a trellis or better yet planted near a fence where it will attach and run. The Mandevilla also brings it flavor and style to the table which is a show stopper so if you are in the market for a drought-tolerant plant which produces beautiful flowers you will be so happy with this plant choice.

The final word

Low maintenance plants are a great investment as you have seen, these plants can really cut the workload not to mention the cost. If you are in the market for garden plants which are easy to maintain and cost-effective then look no further these are the plants for you. Low maintenance plants bringing that bang while saving those bucks.

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