Flower Container Ideas For Full Sun

Creating a Container Rainbow Garden

Flower ContaineIdeas For Full sun-primeroses-in-flower-pots
Primroses in flower pots

One of my favorite ways of gardening is with the help of containers, this method of gardening is known as container gardening which is not new but has been around for some time.

There are many benefits to this type of gardening along with some challenges but the good news is the good outweighs the bad as long as you have the right knowledge you can have much success so with that said let’s take a closer look at container gardening.

Creating a colorful garden will bring much flavor along with interest to a garden area especially if green colors are dominating. By introducing colors into that sea of green can be used to your advantage to create a garden paradise.

I have seen firsthand what too much green can do which is overkill but adding colors will break that continuous flow of green which is an eyesore helping to create a garden oasis with beauty and charm.

Where do we start?

Where do we start with these garden types? because your goal is to create a container garden with flowering plants that loves the full sun your first choice should be to decide on which plant to use along with their care which we will be looking at a bit later.

Container size and style

While the style or choice of containers is totally up to you what you must give some thought to is depending on the size of those containers what plants should be chosen. For example, if you try to fit let’s say 3 plants that grow 4 ft with the seem in diameter into a container that’s 5 gallon will cause some issue because at maturity those plants will not only begin to outgrow that container but will become too crowded leading to poor air circulation along with disease issues.

Now if you were to install 3 -4 plants in that seem container that grows to about 3-8 inches high will give you good success. So what I am saying is knowing the growing height of garden plants that you chose at maturity will give you a better understanding of the container size to be used.

Flower Container Ideas For Full Sun-container-plants
Container Plants

Drain holes

As much as plants require water that water must have a way to escape because if the water is allowed to remain in the container will encourage root rot. Some of that water must find a way to drain away from the plant.

Garden soil

Good garden soil is at the root of growing healthy plants, the soil that is chosen should be able to hold the right amount of water but allow excess to drain from the soil.


All plant life need nutrients to survive no matter how small,  a good garden soil will help to retain nutrients for plant use.

Additional information

1. When filling the container with soil allow a few inches from the top I would say about 8 inches to be free of soil because what you don’t want is for the soil to wash away.

2. Adding about an inch of mulch will enhance the beauty along with these other benefits.

3. When watering your plant or plants ensure that the water comes out slow because strong streams of water will wash away the soil.

4. With a hand pruner remove any diseased leaves or stems, however, prune in such a way so plants can retain their natural form.

5. With a hand pruner thin out plants for proper air circulation.

6. If the plant that you chose outgrows the container then transfer it into the ground providing you provide the right requirements to keep it growing healthy.

Some flower plants that love the full sunlight

Flower Container Ideas For Full Sun-container-gardening
A garden design
Flower Container Ideas For Full Sun-flowers-in-wheel-barrow
Wheel Barrow

The benefits of container

  • You can garden just about anywhere
  • No need to worry about weeding which can be labor-intense
  • Your containers can be moved around in the most favorable or unfavorable conditions
  • Watering is kept at a minimum which helps you to save
  • You can garden successfully although your soil type may not be favorable
  • Maintenance cost is kept low
  • No need to use heavy garden equipment
  • You can garden anytime
  • You can connect with nature indoors with these garden types
  • Garden insect pest is more manageable
  • Reduces the amount of fertilizer that is used which equals a saving
  • These gardens are great for beginners

Issues with container gardening

  • Because plants are confined to containers they are depended on you for water and nutrients
  • Base on what you are growing plants can outgrow the container
  • Containers dry out faster especially when using pot which is constructed from concrete
  • As plants grow containers may be too heavy to move around.
  • With container gardening, you are limited with what you grow
  • Containers may restrict plant growth
  • Soil microbes will have limited access to the garden soil
  • Containers may not drain as well so ensure there are adequate drains holes

The final word on Flower Container Ideas For Full Sun

From what we have discussed and as you can see container gardening is that simple but yet effective in giving a colorful garden that is pleasing to the eyes. A garden that says home sweet home, if this garden method fits what you are looking for then go ahead and give it a try. You will be so glad that you did as you create your very own garden oasis.


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12 thoughts on “Flower Container Ideas For Full Sun”

  1. Hello there, having a good gardening container is really good and I have seen a lot of containers that are not really trusted but one thing I always want to get from a container is the beauty it adds to the gardens and that is exactly what I’ll do when I start my own garden in my compound. Thanks for sharing 

    • Hello Justin, I am so happy to help and it is good to know that you are considering using this garden method. Wishing you the best of garden success.

  2. Hello Norman, thank you for sharing this article on how to make a container rainbow garden. It was really instructive and illuminating that I think anyone reading who follows the steps in it doggedly should be successful enough in creating a container rainbow garden for flowers. I think it will be an amazing design for a household. 

    • Hi, there so happy to meet you and you are so welcome. I am so happy to help and thanks so much for your kind words. All the best to you.

  3. We have a traditional vegetable garden but also quite a number of containers full of color.  We uses a number of pots with different flowers so none are so heavy they can’t be moved.  Containers are great because they can be moved to give a patio or yard bit of a different look whenever we want a change.  I appreciate the list of flowers that like the full sun.  Some I had not thought of.

  4. I`m a keen gardener and I love to see containers around the garden, but I`m not always successful with my projects and so your post is most helpful to me, to improve my techniques. One of the mistakes I made in the past was not to include sufficient drainage holes, thank you for that reminder.  Do you have any specific suggestions for developing compost heaps for the type of soil that flowers rather than vegetables prefer? Or does it make no difference?

    • I am so happy that I could help, all it takes is some know-how and you will be on your way to garden success. In my opinion, a good garden soil that will hold the right amount of water and nutrients will work wonders. Your garden nursery should carry this type of soil. Hope this helps.

  5. You know, I got very used to gardening in my mum’s small garden in her house and I never really tried to research ways that I would be able to garden using the container idea that you have shared here but I’m just so happy that you can give this kind of information about the flower idea and how to go about it too. Thanks!

  6. I like using containers! You can use anything as long as you make hole for proper water drainage. I wans’t aware that we could grow so many different types of flowers in containers. And these are for full sun. Adding mulch is a must when using container, espacially during hot summer days to prevent your flower to get dehydrated. The containers do get heavy if you want to move them around, I suggest you buy, or make, some tray with wheels to be able to move them wherever you want!.I love the wheel barrow idea!


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