Flowers that Attracts Hummingbirds

12 Best Flowers that Attract Hummingbirds

Flowers That Attracts Hummingbirds- a-hummingbird-resting-on-a-branch
A hummingbird

Having a beautiful garden that’s buzzing with activity can provide hours of enjoyment both for kids and adults alike. What better way to construct such gardens than to install plants that will attract hummingbirds.

Creating a wildlife garden is a great way to watch hummingbirds in their natural habitat along with providing them with a food source while helping to bring balance to our ecosystem. This type of gardening is a win-win both for us and our hummingbird friends.

Below we will be taking a closer look at 12 plants that can be installed to make your garden irresistible to hummingbirds attracting them like a magnet as they pay your gardens a visit.


1. Petunias are very beautiful and can be found in an array of colors. I love these garden beauties because of their soft texture. Bright colors should be chosen when seeking to attract hummingbirds.

Petunias love the full sunlight, along with soils that are clay, sandy to well-drained. Give petunias a good soaking and then allow them to dry out a bit before giving them another drink. Petunias can also be planted in hanging baskets.


2. Zinnias are a favorite of hummingbirds, I love the color bloom of zinnias because these garden beauties can light up your garden area. Zinnias can also be used as cut flowers.

Zinnias perform well in the full sunlight, can be installed in most soil types once there is good drainage, the soil should be kept somewhat moist. When installing zinnias give a spacing of 4-24 inches. These gardens’ beauties are easily grown from seeds and will attract other pollinators besides hummingbirds.

3. Salvia

Salvias can be found in many colors, this perennial was one of the plants I worked with at my former place of employment. Salvias can withstand some cold and is a favorite of hummingbirds because of the amount of nectar they produce.

Salvias love the full sun, can grow in just about any soil type although well-drained soil is ideal. Salvias are considered to be drought-tolerant so allowing the soil to dry out before giving them a good soaking is ideal.

4. Pentas

Pentas produces clusters of small star-shaped flowers that are so amazing. I have worked with Pentas over the years on many garden projects. Pentas can be grown as perennials or annuals.

These garden beauties can also be grown from hanging baskets, Pentas grows best in the full sun with a soil type that will hold moisture along with having good drainage. Allow the soil to dry out before giving your Pentas another drink. Pentas will not only attract hummingbirds but butterflies as well.

5. Daylily

The daylily is a show stopper that will not only get our attention for its beauty but hummingbirds also find the flower to be a good nectar source. I love daylilies and what they can do for a garden setting.

An area that gets at least 6 hours of sunlight is ideal. Daylilies can survive in a wide range of soil including clay soils. Daylilies are drought-tolerant but need moderate watering to keep them going.

6. Impatiens

Impatiens are one of my all-time favorites that have such amazing colors with a soft texture that make them a show stopper. I have worked with these garden beauties on so many garden projects.

Impatiens will not only go to work for you with their showy flower bloom but attracts hummingbirds as well. Impatiens grow best in the full-partial sun with a soil type that will hold moisture but has good drainage. The soil of impatiens should remain moderately moist but not waterlogged which will lead to root rot.

7. Hibiscus

These tropical beauties come in a range of colors and will bring that color pop to your garden. I love hibiscus because of their amazing flower bloom that will get your attention.

There are so many species of this tropical beauty, hibiscus can grow up to 15 ft and makes a great hedge or stand-alone plant. Hibiscus grows best in the full sun, a soil that’s slightly acidic with the ability to hold moisture but drains well is ideal.  Don’t allow the soil to completely dry but keep moist especially when the bloom period starts.

8. Peony

Brighten up your garden with the help of the Peony plant. Peonies will not only attract hummingbirds but butterflies as well giving you the best of both worlds with these garden beauties.

This is a great way to watch both wildlife as they interact. The blooms of the peony flowers are very large making this plant a show stopper with its beautiful bloom.

Peonies love full-partial sunlight, a good loamy soil that will hold the right amount of moisture with good drainage will keep your Peonies growing healthy. When installing Peonies gave a spacing of 3-4 ft for good air circulation.

9. Begonia

Beautiful but soft and delicate, begonias can highlight a garden setting along with sprucing up the interior. Begonias do well in hanging baskets and will provide lots of colors.

Hummingbirds love begonias and will grace your garden with their presence seeking out these garden beauties. Install begonias in an area that gets full sunlight. And organic-rich soil that drains well along with allowing the soil to dry out somewhat between watering will work wonders.

10. Lantana

Lantanas in my opinion is a gardener’s favorite. What I love about lantanas is the clusters of colorful flower bloom that give a rainbow effect. There are many varieties that will give that color pop.

This garden beauty will attract wildlife such as butterflies, bees, hummingbirds, and other bird species. Lantanas are a drought-tolerant plant and can withstand drought conditions during maturity although it’s best to give them a drink to keep them growing healthy.

Lantanas love the full sunlight, although they can grow in poor soils the ideal soil for lantanas is soils that drain well. The soil ph should be slightly acidic. Give lantanas a good soaking followed by allowing the soil to dry out somewhat before giving them another drink.

11. Geranium

Geraniums are another favorite of hummingbirds and will provide your garden with a range of beautiful flower bloom. Geranium looks great installed in hanging baskets. Butterflies find this plant to be a good food source also.

These flowering beauties can be grown indoors provided you can give them sufficient sunlight. When installing outdoors install geranium in an area that gets lots of sunlight, sandy soils will work wonders along with giving geraniums a good soaking and then allowing the soil to dry out before giving them another drink of water.

12. Lilacs

The presence of lilacs in the garden will provide you with an amazing fragrance, these garden beauties will also provide you with colors that will make your garden so inviting.

Lilacs can be used as cut flowers and are low maintenance. These garden beauties shoot tall purple flowers but can be found in an array of colors. Lilacs thrive best in partial-full sunlight with loamy soil that’s well-drained. Lilacs prefer a soil ph that’s natural to slightly acidic.

Here are a few other plants that attract hummingbirds

  • Bee Balm
  • Butterfly Bush
  • Trumpet Flowers
  • Pride of Madeira
  • Cardinal Flower
  • Columbine
  • Foxgloves
  • Trumpet Honeysuckle
  • Bleeding Hearts

The final word on flowers that attract hummingbirds

Constructing a garden is a great way not only to bring that much-needed change to our environment but in helping to bring balance to our ecosystem by providing a food source and shelter for wildlife.

A garden that’s filled with plants that attract hummingbirds will have your landscape teeming with these beauties as you watch them interact. A garden of this sort is sure to provide hours of excitement.


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  1. Thank you so much for sharing this here and I must say that I really fancy this a lot. As a seasoned ogardener, I actually like how hummingbirds add some very special beauties to the garden and I really like that. What you shared here is what I am really looking for already. I like this Zinni the most from the list you have shared.

    • Proving a home for wildlife is pretty amazing and installing these plants will provide a food source for them. So happy to help and all the best to you.


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