Foods That Fights Cancer

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Winning the war on cancer

Foods That Fights Cancer-garlic
Garlic herb

Cancer is a serious sickness that has taken a toll on many lives from the young, middle age to the old. Ongoing research is seeking to find ways to bring an end to this disease that has taken so many lives.

Cancer is a subject that is so vast which it is beyond the scope of this article, but what we will be looking at however is some signs of cancer, foods that cause you to be at risk along with other things to avoid, some forms of cancer and superfoods that can help us to combat and win the war on cancer along with other cancer prevention tips.

Where does cancer come from

Where does cancer come from? I am glad that you asked that question. Medical studies have shown that our bodies have millions and millions of cells if one or more of these cells begin to abnormally grow and multiply out of control

what happens next is a tumor is formed, these tumors are known as Benign tumors. Medical assistance is then required to treat these tumors as best as they can to bring this situation under control. Also, there are many types of cancer.

It is esteemed that more than 565000 people die of cancer each year in The USA and 1.5 million each year are diagnosed with this terrible disease, therefore we must continue to do our part in winning the war on cancer.

Types of cancers

These are just a few of the many types of cancers.

1. Breast cancer                    6. Cervical cancer.

2. Throat cancer                    7. Lung cancer.

3. Prostate cancer.                8. Ovarian cancer.

4. Cancer of the brain.         9. Bladder cancer.

5. Skin cancer.                         10. Melanoma.

Other causes of cancer

Here are some other causes of cancer.

1. Smoking-Kick the habit before it is too late.

2. Being overexposed to sunlight-Wear sunscreen, protective clothing long pants, and long sleeve shirt is the ideal thing when working outdoors.

3. Chemicals-Inhaling chemicals also expose you to cancer so be sure and wear respirators or make it a habit and take in regular breaths of fresh air.

4. Radiation-Try your best not to be exposed to radiation and follow the proper guidelines when warming foods in a microwave oven using the right containers.

5. Genetics-Medically it has been proven that genetics is a cause of cancer. So if you know it runs in your family getting a regular checkup from your doctor along with diet and exercise can go a long way in helping to win the war on cancer.

6. Polluted air- Now I know this one is beyond our control because everywhere we go there are factory fumes, car fumes, fumes from other forms of transportation, gas-powered tools, etc…

7. Contaminated water- It is good to ensure that the kind of water we are consuming is quality water.

Some signs of cancer

1. Changes in bowel movement.                                        7. Skin changes.

2. lumps in the breast.                                                         8. Hard to swallow.

3. Blood in stools.                                                              9. Coughing up blood.

4. Sores that don’t heal.                                                      10. Problems peeing.

5. Blood in your urine.                                                         11. Bloating.

6. Unexplained weight loss.                                                12. Mouth ulcers.

Foods to avoid

Here are some foods to avoid.

1. Sodas.                                                                                            7. Processed foods.

2. Microwave popcorn.                                                                  8. Alcohol.

3. A diet rich in red meats.                                                            9. French fries.

4. Canned foods                                                                              10. White flour.

5. Refined sugar.                                                                             11. Can tomatoes.

6. Hydrogenated oils- also classed as trans- fat.                    12. Sweeteners.

Foods that fight cancer

Here are some superfoods to include in your diet to help fight cancer.

1. Nuts and seeds are a good source.

2. Green leafy vegetables for example cabbage.

3. Herbs are a great choice. Here are two links you can also check out on herbs. How to grow herbs, Herbs that lower cholesterol.

4Carrots and Carrot juice are an excellent choice.

5. Citrus fruits, for example, Oranges.

6. Garlic can really deliver a punch.

7Broccoli can help also.

8. Spices sure can spice up your life.

9. Give cranberries a try they will get the job.

10. Mushrooms are a must so dig in and enjoy.

11. Apples “an apple a day keep the doctor away” was a saying from my childhood days.

12. Organic meats are a great source because they are not contaminated and are grown in a healthy way.

Other cancer prevention tips

Here are some other cancer prevention tips.

1. Avoid being overweight, have an exercise program.

2. Add whole grains to your diet.

3. Keep your intake of starches low.

4. Adding green tea to your diet is great. Here are a few links on the benefits of tea. weight loss tea, organic tea

5. Adding grapes are good.

6. Onions are one of my favorites and can really help.

7. Drinking milk is good.

8. Drinking pure water is great and will also keep you hydrated.

9. If you can live without your microwave then, by all means, do so.

10. Make eating fruits more exciting in this way. Fruit salad recipes.

11. Have more fun with your veggies by making garden salads.

12. Stay away from high- calorie drinks.

The final word

I know this article may be lengthy so thanks for sticking around to the end. As long as this post may seem there is so much more that can be shared but this is just to give an idea about cancer and how to combat it. So let’s do our part to remain cancer-free and enjoy life to the fullest.


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12 thoughts on “Foods That Fights Cancer”

  1. Hi Norman, thanks for another informative sharing about cancer. I come to know some of the food that contain trans fat which should be avoided, to prevent excessive cholesterol build up that will lead to cancer. Dessert, cake, bread, fried food are those which contain the Trans Fat. I believe cancer can be prevented through a healthy diet. Although some of the factor such as polluted air and sunlight which is out of our control, but still we can decide where we live and work, if we really care about our health

    • Hello my friend so good to hear from you and I do agree with all that you said. You are really on the road to good and that is so wonderful. Thanks for commenting, all the best to you and have a good day.

  2. This article is so relevant in today’s society, because so many people eat junk and don’t realize how toxic those chemicals and refined flours are to their bodies! As a breast cancer survivor I know how important it is to eat healthy, and your post really addresses those issues. Lots of fruits and vegetables, whole grains and beans are really great to prevent cancer. Loved your post!

    • Hello again Amy, these superfoods do work wonders and it is good to see that you have won the war on cancer. It is so good to know that your alive and can enjoy life to the fullest. Keep eating healthy and I hope that you enjoy the best of all life has to offer, wishing you good health, peace and prosperity at all times. Have a wonderful evening and may God continue to bless you.

  3. Hi Amy,
    Thanks a lot for educating us through this meaningful article on cancer. Indeed cancer is a sickness that no one wants to hear the name, because its deadly has not got any known cure yet.

    Looking the different types of cancer especially makes this sickness so dangerous. I think we should all watch the way we leave our lives especially when it comes to what we eat as you revealed in your content.

    I will personally try my best to start eating eating some of the fruit and other food stuffs you recommended that can help fight against this deadly disease. CANCER .

    I want to thank you very much for sharing this information with me. I have learned a lot from your post.

    • Hello Stephen it is so good to meet you and you are right with what you said. Our best defence is to pray, eat right along with the proper exercise. I am gald that you found this post to be helpful, all the best to you and it is good to now that you are making some changes to your diet. Have a good day.

  4. Hi! Very educational post!
    Cancer is not a laughing matter and I can say that even though the article is indeed lengthy, it shows ways to avoid getting cancer. Eating unhealthy food is indeed one of the ways of getting cancer and I honestly say that I’ve been eating a whole lot of them! This is truly an eye-opener for me and hopefully, your readers will learn something from this as well!
    Thanks and more power!

    • Hello, Mike Solar it is so good to meet you and knowing all about cancer should be taken serious. We should do our best to stay cancer free. I am glad that I could help all the best of success and good health. Have a good day.

  5. Thank you for sharing this information. I know of someone who is fighting cancer using only diet to treat it and is being very successful. It requires a LOT of carrots and is very extreme. She will not even shower in city water. What is your take on treating cancer solely by holistic means?

    • Hello Ispluth it is so good to hera from you again. Holistic treatment has shown some good results. The mind is a power house or a computer that controls the body, so I believe with the use natural medicine and keeping a postive out look that involves the entire persons mind , will and emotion can do a whole lot of good. Hope I answered you question. All the best to you and have a good day.

  6. Hi Norman, a lot of interesting information you give us here. Certainly, cancer is a very concerning topic and we should do all we can to minimize the chance of getting it. We try to grow our own veggies and fruits, of which we know there are no chemicals used. I think to try and not eat processed food is a big part of the lifestyle needed to live a healthy life.
    Thanks for the inspiration and have a great time.

  7. Hi Norman!
    Another great article. I enjoy your topics very much.
    I’ve heard that microwave ovens are banned in Russia. Smart guys. Not only it emits harmful radiation when it works, it also destroys anything good in food. It’s probably one of the stupidest inventions of this age.

    In my opinion, cancer is not some evil alien enemy foreign to the body that attacks us, it is a very natural reaction of the body to defend itself. The problem is not the cancer itself. The problem is toxin overdose. Not only that we’ve polluted our habitat, many of us have very bad habits as well. A lot of stress, very bad food, not enough exercise. If a body can not find a way to get rid of toxins, cancer takes over. The toxin-free body takes care of cancers on a regular basis without us even noticing there was one. Therefore, the healthy diet, enough exercise and detox is a must.


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