Foods That Promote Healing After Surgery

Strengthing your Body after Surgery

Fruits and vegetables-Foods That Promote Healing After Surgery
Garden fruits and vegetables

Coming out of surgery can be difficult at times especially if it was a major one. This is a critical time as your body goes through changes seeking to be restored to its normal functions.

Therefore it is of utmost importance that you do all you can to make the recovery process easy by giving your body what it needs. However, you will be placed on a diet plan by your physician that will include some of these superfoods.

These fruits and vegetables are filled with vitamins which are so essential to our health. Also, these superfoods have so many other benefits to help promote natural healing.

Here is a list of foods to make a part of your daily intake.

Foods That Promote Healing After Surgery

1. Deep colored fruits should be added to your diet after surgery because these fruits are loaded with antioxidants which help to rid the body of free radicals. This so important to keep the body safe and sound.

Fruits such as blackberries, raspberries, cherries, blueberries, strawberries are a good source

2. Fibres can work wonders after surgery because not only will you be receiving vitamins but will have a good bowel movement during this time making the recovery process smoother.

Prunes, oatmeal, raspberries, pears, blackberries, broccoli, black beans,  apples, bananas, spinach, oranges, kiwifruit, pinto beans, pigeon peas, sweet potatoes, dates, figs, etc… can go a long way in ensuring a good recovery.

3. Carbohydrates are essential for the healing process because carbohydrates help to restore energy that also quickens healing. Foods that are a good source of carbohydrates include

Grains, corn, legumes, potatoes, beans, cereals, raisins, mangoes, fruit smoothies, bananas, 100% whole wheat bread, energy bars, apples, pasta, pumpkins, brown rice can provide you with a sufficient amount of crabs and will have you back in shape in no time.

4. Protein is so important in the recovery process because proteins help to heal wounds.

Besides foods like Yogurt, milk, fish, chicken, eggs, lean beef, and cheese, protein can be found in spinach, beans, broccoli, corn, mushrooms, peas, green peas, artichokes, lima beans, Brussel sprouts are among some of the best protein sources.

5. No, it is not a fruit or a veggie but water is so important for the continuous functioning of your kidneys and to safeguard against dehydration that contributes to a speedy recovery.

6. Nuts and seeds contain an abundance of zinc which is important in promoting the immune system. Zinc also aids in cell growth and the healing of wounds.

besides nuts and seeds, other foods that are rich in zinc are as followed. Beans, spinach, pumpkins, mushrooms, wheat germ, chickpeas, dark chocolate, dried herbs, spices, milk, veal liver (cooked), yogurt, oatmeal, and beans just to name a few to get you back to full health.

7. Citrus fruits are a good source of vitamin c that has proven to aid in the repair of tissues. Fruits such as

Oranges, tangerines, grapefruits, limes, tangelos, blood orange, lemon, key lime, pummelo, kumquat, clementine, and ugli are among the many to add to your diet.

8. Fats believe it or not are also important at this time to promote good health and not only fats but healthy fats which will work in your favor by helping to absorb vitamins from these fruits and vegetables. These healthy fats include

Coconut oil, olive oil, avocado oil, palm oil, flax oil, peanut oil, and fish oils can work wonders for your diet.

The final word

I have often mentioned in other articles that fruits and vegetables are our pharmacies that can promote natural healing without the side effects which is truly amazing.

Let’s make these superfoods a part of our diet so we can be healthy and fit at all times as we seek to have a quick recovery from surgery.


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9 thoughts on “Foods That Promote Healing After Surgery”

  1. Definitely going to be remembering this for the future. I’ll need to share this with my relatives, and see if it helps them with a better recovery. I never realized how beneficial fruits and veggies were. I knew they were helpful for overall health, but never realized that they could also be helpful for healing after surgery.

    Thanks for the advice/info,


    • Hello Cyrus these fruits and veggies are superfoods that can do a whole lot of good for our bodies I am so happy that I could help, thanks so much for spreading the word. All the best of success and have a good day.

  2. Interesting post Norman!
    I have read a lot from people promoting various foods pre-surgery, but not as many recommending awesome fresh fruits and veggies for after surgery.

    I know our bodies need proper nutrition to deal with the stress of medical treatments, and I am glad that you listed some healthy fats as well. Thank you!!

  3. My dad just had surgery and is now staying with me. This is great information, and I am going to make a store run. He doesn’t appear to be really doing that great after surgery, but of course won’t say anything to me. I know that he does love different fruits and he loves nuts. I am going to stick with them.

    • Hello it so so good to see you, so sorry to hear about your dad’s illness hopes he gets better soon. Fruits and veggies are superfoods that dose so much good for our bodies and it is good to know that he loves these superfoods and my prayer’s are with you. All the best to you my dear friend.

  4. Excellent article on what foods should be included on our diets after going through surgery. My dad was an orthopedic surgeon who always urged his patients to build up their immune system prior to surgery because the healthier your body is going into surgery, the faster the recovery time and the shorter time spent in the hospital.
    Have you thought about the benefits of turmeric to aid in the recovery process?

    • These superfoods are really great and do work wonders as for tumeric will look into this. Thanks again and all the best to you

  5. I have had surgery in the past and I can attest that eating healthy really is a strong key to recovery. You often feel weak and not in the mood to eat when on painkillers but you need to make sure you eat. Eating healthy will also help you sleep which further speeds up the recovery process even more.


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