Foods That Promotes Healthy Prostate

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Protecting Your Prostate with these  Foods

Foods That Promotes Healthy Prostate-fruits

Prostate cancer is a terrible disease and many men are suffering from it. I believe this is one of the last things that anyone would want to hear from his doctor and that is you have prostate cancer, I remembered visiting my doctor at one time for a full-body scan, after the test he went through the list of things that the scan showed and let me know of test results.

As I sat in his office I notice that there on the list somewhere in the middle I saw prostate, I was a bit uneasy but I waited until he got to this one to tell me what the test result revealed. Before he looked at the result he said to me, that when it comes

to this one and having to see the result and then tell his patients is not an easy thing for him, so he took a deep breath and look at my results to see how my prostate was while I waited to hear the answer. What he told me next thank God, was that I did not have prostate cancer

but he saw something there that I would have to deal with right away and so ends my story. The reality and the sad part in all of this is that for a lot of men who go to their doctor, they are not given a good report but one that has them thinking afterward more about life and not wanting to be taken away so soon from family and friends.

What causes prostate cancer?

According to studies in 2007,  the united states alone showed an estimated  223,000 men were diagnosed with prostate cancer. Most of them were over the age of 65. Studies have also shown that African American men have a higher risk of prostate cancer than Caucasian men.

The scary thing about this disease is that there is no sign or system while it is in its early stage, but as this disease progress, a person may experience pain in their joints, blood in urine, have a difficult time when going to the bathroom to urine, also if your family has a history of prostate cancer then you may be at risk and you should consult your doctor especially if you are over the age of 40.

Do not delay seeing your doctor because the older you are the more you are at risk and the more difficult this disease will be to treat especially if it is in the advanced stage.

Healthy Prostate

There is a whole lot that can be said on this topic, but what I really want is to direct our attention at this point to how can have a healthy prostate?

Foods that promote healthy prostate

What I want us to look at in this section is foods that promote a healthy prostate, we are what we eat and what we should do is to strive for a diet that ensures we have good health. Food plays a very important part in our health and well-being. One of the known major causes, why persons fall into many illnesses can be traced back to their eating habits.

Here are some foods that promote  a healthy prostate

1. Broccoli,  2. Tomatoes,  3. Watermelons,  4. Green tea,  5. Beans,  6. Strawberries,  7. Nuts,  8. Blackberries 9. Raspberries,  10. Mushrooms,  11. Avocados,  12. Pumpkin seed,  13. Pomegranate juice etc…

Here are some foods you should avoid

1.Red meats,  2. Dairy products,  3. Sodas,  4. Fried foods,  5. White rice,  6. White sugar,  7. Alcohol,  8. Saturated fat,  9. Caffeine,  10. Processed meats such as hot dogs and sausage,  11. Spicy foods,  12. Eating chicken skin,  13. White bread etc…

There are more foods that are both good and bad when it comes to having a healthy prostate, but this is just a shortlist to give you an idea when it comes to your diet.

The final word

All of us should strive for good health because of how much happier we would be in life just to know that we are in sound health and that we can be here much longer with our families and friends. By taking better care of ourselves through diet and exercise we can prolong our lives.

So let’s start today.


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32 thoughts on “Foods That Promotes Healthy Prostate”

  1. Great list of foods to eat and those to avoid. Seems like a list that anyone can use. The foods listed that are those to keep a healthy prostate, also work well in anyone’s life. Great information on the good and the bad. Getting everyone on board makes for a healthy family.

    • Hello and thanks for commenting my friend, eating healthy should be the concern of everyone to ensure that we live healthy lives. One thing that we cannot do is put a price tag on our health so we should do our best too ensure we have good health. Wishing you a safe and wonderful holiday.

  2. Hello Norman,
    I’m in my mid 30’s and this post gives me a good precaution to avoid getting prostate cancer in future. Being an asian, I’m tend to eat more spicy food, dairy products, white rice and white sugar. After knowing that these foods can cause prostate cancer, I’m sure going to slowly reduce them from diet. Thanks for the life changing post.

    • Hello Manivannan it is so good to meet you, we are what we eat and by eating the right way we can prolong our lives, live a good and healthy lifestyle. I am glad that I could help, all the best to you and have a good day.

  3. Hi there,

    Prostate cancer is to men what breast cancer is to women. The list of foods there are all delicious food items so there really ought to be no reason or excuse not to get plenty of them in our diets. In terestingly for men a lot of those foods can help men who are suffering from erectile dysfunction.

    • Hello Derek it is so good to hear from you again, and your right I don’t see the reason why persons should not like them because besides these foods being beneficial for the body they taste great. Thanks a million for commenting, all the best to you and have a good day.

  4. Norman,
    I will look into this list and try to adjust my diet. My dad has had some prostate problems. I like also that you have given me a list of items to also avoid. Is there some items or vitamins to look for in the foods that are good for prostate health. I already have a great number of items on your good list in my diet.
    Thanks for your useful information on prostate health.

    • Hello John it is so good to hear from you, The foods that have been listed is loaded with vitamins that are good for you and will benefit you well in maintaining a healthy prostate, so keep on eating healthy to make sure that you are getting the kind of vitamins that will keep you healthy and fit.Hope this helps, glad to hear from you again and have a good night.

  5. Hi there Norman,

    A pleasure to read another great post of yours. Frank Zappa would be with us today were it not for prostate cancer.

    It is misfortunate that bad diet has become such a addiction. Simplifying diet alone would help so much.
    Turmeric, ginseng, green superfoods and Saw Palmeto are wonderful additions the “good” foods listed above.

    Thanks for sharing this and spreading awareness of this issue. It is important.

    Keep up the great work, and here’s to an awesome New Year!

    – Oren

    • Good morning friend it is so good to here from you again, prostate cancer is terrible and have taken many men from family and friends therefore it is our duty to share what we know of this disease so that more men can be aware and turn to a lifestyle where they can prolong their lives. Thanks again for commenting all the best to you and have a good day.

  6. Hello,

    Why are spicy foods on the bad list? I’ve read these foods may irritate the bladder and may cause urination problems. This may in turn exacerbate an existing condition with the prostate, but spicy foods does not directly affect it.

    I saw an article where it stated spicy meals may cause issues with the prostate, but it was dated in 2005; more recent articles on this topic state otherwise.

    I tend to like moderately spicy foods, and read they are actually good for you. It would be great if I can get a more accurate picture on where this topic stands. I still want to enjoy foods with a kick. 🙂

    • Hello and thanks for your comment, prostate cancer is a serious disease that have done a whole lot to persons that have and is still having to deal with this disease. Healthy living is the way to go in order to live a happy and productive life, now to get me wrong I have heard what you have said and I know that on going studies are being done, I guess some persons would rather moderation than to stop completely. Even do moderation may be and area in which we may look at it is still good to go the safe way.

      But I guess in the end after all is said and done, it is still up to the individual to determine what he wants to do as far as what he thinks is best for him. Thanks again for commenting all the best to you and have a good day.

  7. This is scary.
    I could see myself sitting in your chair that day waiting for my “sentence”.
    As men, we don’t do ourselves any favours by avoiding doctors until we have to go.
    I like all those “Foods To Avoid” so, I have to ask, which ones on the list are the worst? Realistically, I can’t see myself avoiding them all.
    The foods that promote a healthy prostate would not be a problem for me.
    Great information.

    • Hello Michael it is so good to meet you and thanks for commenting on my post, I am glad to share my story so that we as men can take this thing very seriously and take take good care of ourselves. Prostate cancer is a serious disease and we must do all that we can to promote a healthy prostate, Well if you can’t avoid them all then my advice is to eat in moderation and include more of the healthy foods in your diet. Hope this helps, all the best to you and have a good day.

  8. Hi Norman,
    Prostate cancer to men would be what breast cancer or ovarian cancer is to women. I guess both the list of foods to eat and food to avoid would be useful to protect health in us women as well. But I love scotch bonnets and jalapeños. They are spicy food, are they bad for our health?

    • Hello Juliet it is so good to meet you, eating healthy is the right way to go if we want to promote our health and prolong our lives. So it is good to give our bodies foods that will keep it healthy and fit. Foods that are not good for us we should do our best to stay away from them

      or if you don’t want to give them up completely then consume them in moderation, but still practice good dieting and make sure to consume more of the healthy stuff. Hope this helps, all the best to you.

  9. First I would like to say that all men should be checked for prostate cancer every year during their annual medical check-up.

    You do not actually say what causes prostate cancer but do give a list of foods to prevent it which is the most important thing in avoiding this disease.

    Most of the healthy foods listed are fruits and vegetables. Are there any meats, fish or shellfish that are OK to eat?

    • Hello Robin it is so good to meet you, I agree 100% with you. All men should get their prostate checked. Like I have told a few persons about good dieting, the concern came up as to should they cut out those foods that are not good for them because it would be hard. Nothing should stand in our way if we hope to prolong our lives even if that means doing without certain foods that are not good for us.

      But like I told them if they must then at lease eat those foods in moderation and fill you diet with more of the good stuff. Hope this helps, thanks for commenting and have a good night.

  10. excellent post and super super valuable my friend.

    Everyone should consider reading your blog as you provide very good information, especially in cases like this for prostate cancer.

    I will get some of my friends to read this. If I have any further doubt, I will leave you a message. Do you have any private email or skype to contact you?

  11. Ran into this article again, love perusing your website. I have a question. Will this possibly help with getting a healthy prostate if there are any health issues or is this more of a preventative effort? How old does a young man need to be before they should really start making sure to eat properly for this?

    • Hello my dare friend and thanks for those kind words, you have made my day and I am always happy to provide you with quality information. As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure, so it is always good the have a diet that always has the body in good health so that in the unfortunate event

  12. A Very informative website that I happily shared with a friend of mine who is visiting for the holidays. He has prostate cancer and wishes he was exposed to this website much earlier.

    Will change my eating habits to the foods you recommended and will be returning to this website from time to time. I commend you for writing such an important article on prostate cancer. Thanks!

    • Hello Bishop it is so good to meet you, prostate cancer is a terrible thing and has taken so many lives and I am so sorry to hear that your friend has prostate cancer. God is still in the healing business and I know that he can do it for your friend, I will pray for him.

      Thanks for commenting and sharing this post with your friend, I am glad that I could help, all the best to you and have a good day

  13. Hi Norman,

    I’m now at the age where a healthy prostate is a serious concern.

    As I’ve aged and my doctor visits have become more frequent, I’ve learned through direct experience the proper foods are key to feeling better.

    When I was young I ate many of the foods on the ‘bad list.’ I still love the taste of those foods, but these days I usually end up feeling bloated and cranky after eating a greasy, calorie laden meal.

    Fried foods are the best tasting and the worst for me! They taste great but keep me up all night with heartburn and negatively affect my health.

    One the other hand, when I eat healthy there is a double benefit: Better health, prostate included, and I feel better.

    These days I can eat broccoli with every meal I love it so much!

    • Hello Britt it is so good to meet you and thanks for sharing, as we get older we can not afford to do the things that we did when we were much younger especially eating all kinds of foods. There are some foods that we must cut out or eat them in moderation. Now the foods that many have a serious negative effect on us we should avoid altogether.

      I am glad to see that you see the importance of having a good diet, keep on eating health, living and enjoying life. All the best to you and have a good day.

  14. Hi Norman, thanks for the sharing of the food to prevent the prostate cancer. Mushroom and broccoli are two type of foods that I have started taking for the past 4 months, after realizing the fact that these two foods can help to prevent cancer.

    For the dairy products, after doing some research myself and I think that goat milk is quite nutritional and good for health, as long as we didn’t consume too much of it, on our daily diet. What do you think?

    • Hello lllusiozTan thanks for commenting and it i so good to see you, we should do all that we can to ensure that we have a healthy prostate. Have a good diet is a must, but foods that may contribute to prostate we should avoid as much as we can or only eat them in moderation, and load up more on the good stuff. Hope this helps, all the best to you and have a good day.

  15. I like the nutritional facts about specific foods. The information you have about prostate cancer is very informative. I want to grow herbs and find out more about their health benefits. I found your section about how to relieve stress with spices very useful, as I work at relieving stress in my own life, I have been researching on the different benefits from spices. You are a wealth of information about nutritional food and about cancer. Thank you, Mary

    • Hello Mary it is so good to meet you, I am glad that I could help. Choosing to live a healthy life style can benefit our bodies in so many ways, keeping eating healthy, staying stress free, loving and enjoying life. All the best to you and have a good day.

  16. Hello Norman,

    Yes, people are afraid to go for medical reports which in fact is quite important. By the way, thanks for listing down the points on what to eat and what not to have a better, healthy lifestyle. It’s the daily consumption that impacts our health, not supplements, operations or medications. Eat well, live well!

    • Hello Tar it is so good to hear from you and you are right, a healthy diet will go a long way in ensuring that we have good health. Thanks for commenting, keep eating healthy and all the best to you.


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