Fragrant Flowers

12 Fragrant Flowers that is a must-have

Lily Plant

The world of gardening plants is pretty vast, especially when you think of the many colors and styles which these plants bring. Garden plants have the ability to bring total change to an entire landscape, I have both worked on and seen areas (landscape & Interior plantscape) that were totally transformed with plant material.

Take for instance going on a nature walk where plants are growing in their natural habitat, the colors and the styles are so amazing giving such a restful and peaceful feeling as the scenery puts you in a relaxed state taking in all that nature has to offer, this is a great way to get rid of stress which is so beneficial to our health and well being.

Now imagine having a garden which is not only painted with colors of many plant material but plants that exude odors with such pleasant delight this is an awesome way to connect with nature. In this article, we will be looking at such plants that will bring that much-needed flavor to your garden and landscape.

Fragrant Flowers

Below are 15 fragrant flowers that are a must-have.

Night Jasmine

Night Jasmine-fragrant-flower
Night Jasmine

1. The night jasmine produces beautiful white flowers but what causes this flowering plant to tower above the rest is its sweet fragrance, this plant can reach heights of 10-12 ft and is so popular among the natives. My wife and I brought a night jasmine plant many years ago and installed it near our bedroom window and on cool nights the fragrance of this jasmine plant enters our bedroom giving such delight with its sweet-smelling aroma.


2. There are said to be more than 1000 species of lilies which is a very huge family, some species of lilies plants are used in flora arrangements. The blossoms of the lily of the valley are shaped like a bell and are very tiny.

The fragrance of the lily of the valley has such a delightful odor of vanilla ice cream which will have heads turning, this plant can be used as a ground cover which is an added benefit for helping in the control of weeds.

Lily of the Valley-fragant-flowers
Lily of the Valley

Though this lily bost a wonderful aroma it is said to be highly poisonous, the lily of the valley can reach heights of 8-12 inches, ensure that this perennial plant is kept well away from kids and pets so if the lily of the valley works for you then make them a part of your garden design.

Gardenia flowers

3. The gardenia or the kitchen bouquet is an amazing flowering plant, this plant can be seen growing in abundance in the gardens of many of the natives, In my front yard, I have a gardenia growing also.

Gardenia Flowers

The leaves of the gardenia is a glossy green while the flowers are milk-white. The gardenia is a showy plant that can stand out in garden designs.

The gardenia can grow anywhere from 3-8 ft so ensure that this plant has the proper spacing to grow. These plants can also be installed in areas near the bathroom or a living room window, the goal is that as the gardenia gives off this sweet odor these odors will have easy access to entering your home.

Primrose Flowers

Primrose Flowers

4. For a garden bursting with colors giving that much-needed flavor is the primrose, these garden beauties will give that wow not only with its amazing colors but with its wonderful aroma which is fruity and mild.

The primrose will give that bang to your landscape and spring garden. There are about 27 species of primrose, these plants can reach heights of 12-60 inches and are great to add to containers. Some species of primrose can be found growing in waste places, dunes, beaches, and roadsides.


Lavender Plants

5. Lavenders are beautiful plants that have amazing flower bloom, these plants can grow anywhere from 20-24 inches. The fragrance of this garden beauty is mildly giving a relaxing feeling, this shrub can do wonders for your garden and landscape.

There is said to be more than 400 species of lavender, planting lavender in groups will highlight its beauty so go ahead and add them to your garden or landscape for a lasting feeling.


6. Lilacs are shrubs that can grow anywhere from 15-25 ft, but there is also the dwarf which reaches heights of 5 ft or a little taller. There are many varieties with which to choose, the lilac is popular not only for its many colorful flower bloom but its fragrance.

Lilac Flower Plants

The aroma of the lilac is said to be heaven-sent, for a plant which is easy to grow the lilac makes a great choice. Lilacs also attract butterflies so if you are planning on starting a wildlife garden then lilacs will work for you.

Lilacs are used for cut flowers in plant arrangements, with lilacs you get the best of both worlds. Installing these plants is a win-win for you.


orchids with butterflies- Repotting orchid plants
Orchid Plant

7. The world of orchids is so amazing, there are so many varieties of these garden beauties. I have worked with orchids both in and outdoors and the colors which they brought were truly breathing taking, many years ago I was employed at a plant nursery and was always fascinated at the beauty of the orchids which they sold.

The variegated flowers were so beautiful with a mixture of different colors, Orchids are mostly used on the interior but can also be used outdoors being strapped to trees. Orchids such as brassavola nodosa, cymbidium, etc…. give a mild odor.


Yellow Roses-fragrant-flowers
Yellow Roses

8. I have likened roses to the queen of flowers, these plants can be found in an array of colors. Rose, in my opinion, has such a soft touch and is used in many flower arrangements especially on February 14 as we know that these plants are used to express one’s love for that special someone.

Roses can reach heights of up to 5 ft but be very careful because as beautiful as the rose bush you may have a painful experience because of the thorns they produce. Roses are mild scented, adding a few of these garden beauties to your landscape is a benefit that will give you the flavor you’re looking for.

The Angle Trumpets

Yellow Angle Trumpet-fragrant-flowers
Yellow Angel Trumpet

9. The angle trumpet has amazing tube-like flowers, this shrub is a woody plant that grows from 6-20 ft and has a beautiful fragrance. The flowers of the angle trumpet grow in a position that seems to be pointed towards the ground.

I have seen these plants on many landscapes and garden design that looked great, if you are in the market for a shrub which can add beauty along with a lovely aroma then look no further the angle trumpet is the plant for you.




10. The honeysuckle plant is so popular, what I love about this plant is the beautiful flower bloom that is produced. The honeysuckle vines can reach heights of 40 ft, The honeysuckle puts forth an aroma that smells fruity.

This garden plant will sure rock your world bringing that much-needed flavor so for your garden and landscape design include the honeysuckle, you will be so happy that you did.



11. The frangipani or plumeria is a tropical to sub-tropical beauty that can reach heights of 15 ft and even taller. Many of these plants are grown in gardens around the country. I love frangipani because of its soft texture and beautiful flowers.

The frangipani does not only produces beautiful flowers but these flowers are produced in masses. If you are in the market for a beautiful flower plant that gives not only the appearance but a feel of the tropics along with a mild fragrance the frangipani will work wonders. I am sure you will be so pleased with this garden beauty.



12. The hyacinth is an amazing bulb that comes in an array of colors that can lighten up your garden and landscapes. These bulbs can reach heights of 6-12 inches, install hyacinth close to your house especially under or near windows for a beautiful aroma that is so amazing.

The final word

Adding fragrant flowering plants to your garden and landscape great, a garden which is designed with these plant types will work wonders. Installing fragrant plants has become so popular, so if you are interested in plants of this sort then these are the plants for you.


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