Fruits And Vegetables Peel In The Garden

A great way to Grow Organic without spending a Dime!

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A great way to save on fertilizers and to grow foods which are healthy is to Grow Organic, our kitchens believe it or not is a gold mine and can save us so much money if we only scarp and not trash the gold. There is a saying that ” one man’s junk is another man’s treasure”

Those potatoes, onion, banana peels, etc.. can be used to enrich our garden soil this natural organic will work wonders.

Below are a few benefits of Growing Organics

1. The use of organic matter will help with water drainage.

2. Adding organic matter will help your garden soil to hold the right amount of moisture.

3. Organics will help to improve microbial activity which will, in turn, promote the health and growth of garden plants.

4. The use of organics will increase the soil’s nutrient content.

5. Grow better quality foods.

6. Adding organic matter to your garden soil will influence less water usage which will help you to $ave.

7. Using organics will improve the soil air quality which is beneficial for soil microbes and garden plants.

The benefits  of eating organics

Eating organic foods has proven to be so beneficial to our health here are just a few facts of what these foods can do

1. Organic foods have more antioxidants which will rid the body of free radicals which are unstable atoms that can damage the cells in our bodies.

2. It is a known fact that organic foods contain higher nutrients.

3. Organic foods are of better quality.

4. There is no contamination.

5. Using organics will keep your edible plants healthy which is a great way to promote health.

How to add kitchen scraps to my garden

When adding kitchen scraps to your garden there are a few ways this can be done.

  • Starting a compost pile outdoors
  • Starting a compost pile indoors
  • Trenching
  • Placing kitchen scraps in a hole

Staring and outdoor compost pile

A great way to turn your kitchen scraps into good nutrient-rich garden soil is with the help of a compost pile. This method is not new but has been around for some time which has proven to be effective.

Composting indoors

On a smaller scale, you can build a compost pile indoors which can also be of good benefits for more on how this is done continue to this link composting indoors.


This method has proven to be effective all this comprises is digging a trench and placing the kitchen scraps inside then covering with soil, the natural process of decomposition will take place as your garden soil is enriched.

Placing kitchen scraps in a hole

This process is simple just don’t overcrowd the hole the gold is that scraps would sit comfortably in the hole, cover with soil and allow decomposition to set in.


Keep your kitchen scraps in a bucket until time for use. Kitchen scraps should only include plant material, animal scraps or product must and should be avoided because of contamination and the possibility of attracting rodents and other wildlife.

How long does it take for kitchen scraps to decompose

How long does it take for kitchen scraps to decompose? it all depends on the size and the number of kitchen scraps you are using. The temperature also plays an important part, if the soil temperature is hot especially with the presence of moisture decomposition will set in much faster.

Additional Information

Edible Foods

1. When growing food products it is good to use organic insecticides to treat garden insect pests.

2. Biological control is another great way to grow your food crops because using this method will cause your foods to be contaminated free. The practice of releasing beneficial insects in your garden is how this process is done.

3. The use of a hand pruner to remove small plant parts which may be infested with insect pest or diseases is also great to keep your edible foods safe to consume.

4. When watering your edible foods to limit disease water at the soil or ground level avoid the water from touching the leaves.

5. Water during the morning hours and not late in the evening which can influence disease. If watering too late in the evening the soil will not have sufficient time to dry which will influence disease.

6. Keeping the planting area clear of debris will help to discourage disease.

7. The garden bed should also be free of weeds, so get a good head start on weeds by removing them as soon as they appear.

Harvest Time

This is a wonderful time to be able to reap the rewards of your labor. A key is getting information on the harvest time of which fruits, herbs or vegetables you’re growing to be able to pick and enjoy them at the right time.

The Benefit of Recycling

Recycling is so important because what you can do is repeat the process, as you grow and harvest your food crops collect the peels. This is an ongoing process which will keep your garden soil enriched as you use those peels and other plant scraps to your advantage.

Ornamental garden plants

Collecting kitchen scraps can also be used on non-edible garden plants to enrich the soil so your flowering plants will bloom their best along with keeping your plants healthy and thriving.

A sense of pride

Not only will you save a few dollars by going organic with kitchen scraps but you will also have a sense of pride knowing that you are growing quality foods from your home garden which you can be shared with both family and friends. This is really an awesome feeling which is so rewarding.

The final word

Collecting and using kitchen scraps is a gold mine which can transform your garden soil which will meet your garden plants requirements. Going organic is truly amazing because gardening in this way has so many benefits so grow organic by scraping not trashing the gold.


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21 thoughts on “Fruits And Vegetables Peel In The Garden”

  1. Few years ago I had a little discussion on why he uses food scraps for his garden. His answer was simple, he made me realise that using food scraps to grow your garden is the sensible thing to do on two different levels:Scraps can be composted (decomposed) into rich soil full of nutrients. Scraps can be used as soil fertilizer, pest repellent, and to giveplants a boost of vital nutrients. Though the discussion was not detail enough like I just learnt from article. Thanks a lot for this tips.


  2. I have been using banana peels as an organic fertilizer for my garden since I can remember. A colleague of mine recently suggested that I should start using coffee as well as it helps enrich the flavor of the fruit. I will definitely experiment a bit with coffee.

    I might also try this trenching method you mentioned.

    Thanks a lot for the great gardening tips!

    • Hello, Harry so happy to help you. It is so amazing what we can use in our gardens which can be found in the kitchen. All the best to you and have a good day.

  3. Interesting – very interesting article really!

    Myself and my partner are pretty new to growing as we’ve only recently purchased a home with a large outdoor space, but we are trying. This is actually the first I’ve heard of using this sort of food waste as a compost/fertilizer substitute. 

    Don’t these types of fruit and veg peels have chemicals on their skins that could affect the plant life? If so, would simply washing them be a decent enough idea to keep them safe?

    • So good to hear from you, fruits and vegetable peels do work wonders and are so beneficial to plant life. No need to wash the peels because you are using them in small quantity they will not contaminate your soil. Hope this helps and all the best to you.

  4. I’ve heard of using peels and coffee grounds and the like into garden soil, but I never really knew why! This was an excellent article that explained it well. My only concern is the raccoon problem around my area and trying to compost might not be that easy. Thanks so much for giving me something to think about. 

    • Fruit and vegetable peels are so beneficial to garden plants. These natural organics do work wonders, to help with your raccoon problem you might want to fence the area or check with your garden center to see what repellants they have. Hope this help, have a good day.

  5. I enjoyed your informative article on growing organic and the benefits.  I was only familiar with the standard composting, of putting compost in a pile, but I really like the trenching.  I can see this as a much quicker and beneficial composting solution. 

    I have learnt a lot reading this article and see that you are very knowledgeable on this subject.  I am a firm believer that we need to eat healthy and choose high quality products to remain healthy.  You have supported my belief in Organic.

    In reading your article, can I ask the question, for indoor composting, what sort of container do you use to store the compost?  I have a terrible time with fruit flies during the summer months and I have a lid and empty it regularly.  Any suggestions, I would appreciate them.

    • Hello so so happy to help and good to see you. Just check with your garden center and they will be able to show you what they have to offer. Hope this help and all the best to you.

  6. Hello there!Another
    informative article about gardening and this is better than before. The
    fruits and vegetable peels in garden is a new concept to me. Happy to
    know that it reduces the use of fertilizers. This is too good for our
    environment and for our health as well.
    moreover growing healthy fruits is so important. I liked the way you
    said that potatoes, onion, banana peels, etc.. can be used to enrich our
    garden soil this natural organic will work wonders. Growing healthy
    foods is necessary for this. Thanks for sharing this idea.

    • Hello so good to hear from you, fruits and vegetable peels are so beneficial and do work wonders so happy to help all the best to you and have a good day.

  7. Hi Norman. This is a piece of
    great news. In this post there are many beneficial tips about fruits and
    vegetable garden.. I have a garden. In my garden, I didn’t use any There was no development in my garden’s fruits. One of my
    friends suggested me to use the peel. After using the pill I saw the
    change in my garden foods and vegetables. So it was helpful for me.

    • Hello so good to hear from you and it is so great to know that you are connecting with nature by giving nature a helping had. Thanks so much for sharing, all the best to you and have a good day.

  8. Hi, man cannot live without food. In this system. we can grow better quality foods. Everyone
    needs to come forward to gardening. It does not only save our body but
    also save the environment. At last, it can be said that it is very
    important in our life. Thanks a lot for the Gardening tips

  9. Hello,I think
    it is very important in our day to day life. It helps to improve
    microbial activity which will, in turn, promote the health andgrowth
    of garden plants. Recycling is so important in this system. Gardening
    is a great job. I have many friends. They love gardening. Thanks a lot
    for the great gardening tips!

    • Hello so happy to hear from you and thanks a million for those insightful words. All the best to you and have a good day.

  10. By placing kitchen scraps in a hole. we could growing organic food and also prevent the accumulation of garbage which has eventually harm to our environment.This is a right solution and it is not so difficult work. In my opinion it should be done and could become a norm in all over the globe. when we imagine how much waste is produced by each person just in one day, then,after then we would be understand how these kind of solutions should be applied. Thank you for this insightful article

  11. Hi Norman,
    Thank you very much for sharing this post. I now understand the values of fruit peels. Many times we just throw such “treasures” in the dust bins only to be picked and taken far away where we cannot reuse in our gardens. From now, my appeal to members of my household is to ensure that we dig a pit in which to throw all fruit peels which we can use in our garden as organic manure. Thank you for sharing,


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