Fruits That Boost Sex Drive Naturally

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Supercharge Your Body with these Foods


We live in a world today where sex plays a major role in every culture, everywhere we turn there seems to be another book, television program, talk show or some other program that talks about this word that we call sex. While it is true that sex plays a big part in every relationship

we must understand that in order to have a healthy sex life and to perform at our best there are certain things that must be put in place that governs the law of good health. Sex is a broad topic and is beyond the scope of this article, however, we will be looking at some natural ways that can boost our sex drive.

So what’s the hype about?

That is a good question, so what is the hype all about, there are so many products that are sold on the market to boost one’s sex drive that it has become so confusing as to what will work and what will not. Many have tried these products and have walked away disappointed because it was not cut out to what they thought it would be.


A danger in all this is we ought to be careful because many of these products have side effects that can do more harm than good, now don’t get me wrong, there are many products that work, however, what we want to look at is natural ways we can improve our sex drive without any side effects.

Fruits that boost sex naturally

What I love about God is that when he created us he also ensure that there would be foods such as fruits that we could add to our diet to keep us strong, healthy and fit so that we could get all that we need to perform at our best. So what we will be looking at is foods(fruits)that can boost our sex drive naturally.

The wonder of fruits


Fruits, in my opinion, is known as some of nature’s wonders because fruits have so many benefits from giving us the vitamins that we need, to help in preventing and to fighting certain illness, now we see here again the benefits of fruits as it relates to boosting our sex drive naturally.

Here are some fruits that you may not know off that can help you to maintain a healthy sex drive.

1. Asparagus- is rich in folate and vitamin B6 and can also give you that boost that you need.

2.Watermelon- It is believed that the properties that are found in watermelon such as beta-carotene can really set the mood.

3. Spinach- is said to increase blood flow and gives a burst of energy.

4. Avocados- Has Vitamin B6 and helps to boost energy and your libido.

5. Strawberries- are loaded with antioxidants that are good for proper blood circulation.

6. Walnuts- are a great choice for boosting your energy.

7. Peaches- Is loaded with vitamin C and have been known to increase blood flow and boost the libido.

Final word

There are more that could be added to this list, this is just to give you an idea of how much of the natural healthy stuff that is available for us. So let’s take advantage and go the natural way receiving all of the benefits they can do for us.


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7 thoughts on “Fruits That Boost Sex Drive Naturally”

  1. Well I learn something every time I visit your website. I would have never guessed that foods like asparagus, spinach, avocadoes, spinach, watermelon or peaches would boost sex drive! I am a single person, but looking for that one…so knowing will come in handy someday soon! Do you have to eat these in abundance, or a particular amount?

    • Hello again my friend and thanks for those kind words. All that we need to keep us healthy and fit can be found in nature and that is so amazing, Fruits also plays a big part in our lives. By making these a daily part of your diet will keep you in top shape so that you can be your best. I hope you find that special someone someday soon God’s willing. I will even send up a pray for you my dare lady.

      That special one is on his way, I hope that I could be there as both of you meet at the altar saying I do, and to eat piece of that wedding cake. Wishing you peace and happiness. Have a good day.

  2. I read your post with interest and was surprised by some of the suggested fruits that are said to be able to boost your sex drive. I was just wondering whether or not there was any scientific research in relation to this matter or whether it hasn’t been studied yet?

    • Hello kirstian it good so to meet you, it has been medically proven that fruits like these do increase sex drive. Infact one of my good friend was sharing with me that the people who live in Ecuador diet mostly consist of vegetables and fruits and their sex drive is high even in their 80’s. Hope this helps, all the best to you.

  3. Hi there Norman,

    Another rather helpful and handy article for us all. Thanks.

    Fruits (and vegetables too for that matter) provide us with the necessary nutrients and compounds required to have an active and healthy sex life for many many many years.

    In Ecuador, a tribe the Huaorani people have an active sex life into their 80’s. Their diet consists of only fruits, vegetables and organic meats (wild game).

    • Hello Derek Marshall it is so good to hear from you, hope all is well with you and your family. This is really and amazing story, all the way into their 80’s. It only goes to show that eating healthy do pay off in big ways. Would it be alright if I use what you said about the people in Ecuador in my post, I would love to share this amazing story with others that come to my site. Thanks again for commenting,wishing you the best of success.

  4. very interesting article! It doesn’t surprise me one bit, though. It seems nature has just about everything we need to stay fit for longevity, and why not? Much better than having to take pills!


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