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Planting a garden and watching your plants grow healthy is such a great feeling, this is the time you get to sit back and watch as all of that hard work is paid off.

Powdery Mildew in this photo.

Over the years I have worked on many garden projects including having many gardens of my own and just to see as you work hand in hand with nature is really wonderful. I love being nature’s helper.

But sometimes in the midst of all of that enjoyment while taking in all that beauty you are faced with challenges that you know must be dealt with or disaster will set in.

This has been my challenge on many occasions as I worked with all sorts of garden plants including fruits, herbs, and vegetables. One of those problems is having to deal with plant disease that can really cause plant set back and if left unchecked can lead to plant death.

The good news, however, is hope is not lose, in our day and time, there are products that are sold to help combat these problems as we nurse our plants back to good health.

While the topic of fungicides is beyond the scope of this article we will be looking at some basic facts and how these facts can work in our favour.


What are fungicides and how can they help us?

Fungicides are biological chemicals or compounds that were formulated to control or kill fungi or fungal spores. Fungi can cause serious injury to plant life even death of plants and crops.

What causes plant fungus?

1. Plants that are overwatered.

2. Poor soil drainage.

3. Watering plants too late in the evening.

4. Water settling on plants leaves and not drying in time as night falls.

5. Some fungi live in the soil.

6. Fungi spores travel through the air



Signs of fungi

1. Wilting of leaves and sometimes the entire plant.

2. Rotted tissues.

4. Faul odour that emanates from plants.

5. Plant leaves turning soft and mushy.

6. Discolouration of leaves.

7. Yellowing of leaves in some case may also be a nitrogen deficiency.

8. Leaves turning brown.

9. Leaf spot.

How to treat plants?

Plant disease-fungicides

The first thing to note is that all fungicides do not work the same. They have a different mode of action. Some fungicides are liquid, wettable powder and dust.

When using these chemicals always wear protective clothing including gloves. Also before mixing and applying read the label because the label is the law.

Some fungicide product includes

1. Copper Fungicide.                                                   8. Copper Oxychloride

2. Blue Shield DF.                                                       9. Daconil.

3. Fungus control for lawns.                                      10. Thruicide.

4. Fungus Fighter.                                                       11. Fruit tree spray.

5. Copper sulfate.                                                       12. Rose and powder care.

6. Freeflo Copper.                                                       13. Dynamic lifter fruit.

7. Dr earth fungicides.                                               14. Safer 3-in-1.

The final word

Fungicides are there to help, so let’s make good use of them in the war against fungus. These chemicals are very effective in what they do and give you the results that will help your plants bounce back to good health.


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  1. So true! This is the time that all heck breaks loose in the garden. For me though, luckily it’s not the plants having issues, but the MOLES are destroying my spinach!! lol… Such a bummer! Thanks for sharing this post. – Paula :o)

  2. I agree. My biggest problem is the level of fungi in the grass in our neighborhood. It seems like little mushrooms are everywhere and I cannot escape the spore even in potted plants! Do you think that I can use the same products because the pots are outside and contain outdoor plants?


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