Garden Border Edging Ideas

Staying On the Cutting Edge with Border Edging

Garden Border Edging Ideas-agave-plant
Agave Plant

The use of edging in the landscape and garden area helps in giving a visual effect that is pleasing because edging creates a line of separation that divides plant beds from a garden lawn and other hardscape features.

I have worked with border edging on many garden and landscape designs and what a difference these edging made with an aesthetic effect that tied the entire design together.

If you’re like me when it comes to garden designs of letting those creative juices flow by creating a design that looks all-natural with the help of border edging then continue reading as we take a close look at the use of border edging within the landscapes and garden.

8 Creative lawn edging and Border ideas

Here are 8 creative lawn edging and border ideas that will take your landscape and gardens to the next level.

1. Cobra edging

Cobra edging is a hard plastic material that’s easy to work with, this edging comes in a 12 ft length and is flexible. The flexibility of cobra edging gives you the upper hand of installing in just about any area. When laying cobra edging the area to be dug should be about the dimension of the cobra edging which is 20.2 x 5.5 x 20.8 inches.

The trench or the area where the cobra edging is installed can be the seam in dimension and depth or a little larger. The goal is to have your cobra edging sitting comfortably. The flat part should be buried in the ground with the broad part or the top section leveled with or just above the ground. Hold cobra edging firm while you backfill with the soil.

Garden Border Edging ideas-a-garden-design
A garden design

2. Brick edging

Brick edging is also a great way to create a beautiful garden design, bricks can be of any design or color.  The use of bricks may be a bit costly but with this garden design, you are sure to have a classy look that’s appealing and inviting.

3. Log edging

The use of log edging is one of my favorites with this type of edging you will have an all-natural look. The logs are held together with a metal material. Dig the trench to the desired depth and dimension, place logs in the trench ensuring the log is straight, and backfill with soil.

These log edging can also form a circle or other shape which I think is pretty amazing. The use of log edging will bring that, wow if you are interested in this method then check with your local nursery or garden center for this material.

4. Boulder edging

The use of boulders to create a garden design will introduce a natural look giving the appearance that your garden design was done by nature without the help of human involvement. Boulders can be brought from your garden center and can be somewhat pricy depending on the size and style.

But what is also great about using boulders as edging is if you can find them out in the wild in deserted areas or areas that are overgrown with bush will save you a few extra bucks. This is what both my team and I did when we created a rock garden several years ago.

5. Concrete

The use of a concrete pavement design can look really amazing as it separates garden beds, from a lawn area. If possible hire persons who are skilled in this line of work.

This process involves building the frame and then pouring the concrete, ensure that you set aside a budget and shop around for a reasonable price.

Garden Border Edging Ideas-a-garden-design
A garden design

6. Rocks

I remembered my first garden which so many years ago, It was a vegetable garden that I had constructed that I was so very proud of. As a border for my vegetable garden, I used large which I found around the yard in bush areas.

The use of large rocks as a border edging can also work wonders and you can also have savings if you can get them for free. Rocks are easy to lay, all you need is a good pair of strong gloves and a back brace along with a wheelbarrow. If you must get help then, by all means, do so, the great path about rocks are rocks gives an all-natural look.

7. Flagstones

The use of flagstones will give that old English cottage garden look, these stones come in so many styles, colors, thickness, and can be pretty costly. The use of flagstones can not only act as a garden walk pathway but can separate garden plant beds. If you are interested then shop around for a price that fits your budget.

8. Cinder blocks

Cinder blocks are great to use as a border edging, and what makes using these blocks so amazing is you can paint the blocks a different color to give a more polished look, you can also fill the holes or openings with soil once the blocks are laid in place and add plants which have a small root system. That way this will also help in giving your cinder blocks design a natural look.

The final word on garden border edging ideas

With these garden border edging you can choose one that fits your garden design along with your budget. These edgings will go to work for you as they create amazing aesthetics that is both stylish and pleasing to the eyes. Investing in garden border edging will do wonders for your landscape and gardens. Give this method of gardening a try and reap the results of a beautiful garden


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  1. Thanks a lot for sharing this article about gardening border ideas. I soon have to actually do some work in my garden en this article gave me some great idea, thank you for sharing. You have given us plenty of suggestions. I love the log edging as I love it to keep the garden as natural as possible.

    Thanks a lot for all your suggestions, I bookmark this page for the near future and I appreciate this article.

    Thanks a lot.


  2. Hi Norman, these are great ideas for beautifying one’s garden. Two of these I like: rocks and bricks. I think those two accentuate your garden’s design even more and do a good job of making your plants more noticeable. What do you feel about using wooden fences, though? You know the small probably foot-high kind?

    • Hello Ron, the use of edging will give your garden and landscape area that edge. Wooden fences can be used also, this design will also give a clean polish look. I am so happy to help, All the best to you and have a good day.


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