Garden Club Ideas For Seniors

Simple Steps to Starting a Garden Club for Seniors

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Seniors need outdoor activities to help keep their minds sharp and alert while promoting physical health. What better way to get the elderly involved than by starting a garden club. A nursing home is a great place to start providing seniors with a relaxing outdoor experience in an environment that connects them with nature.

This typesetting will also provide seniors with vitamin D as they are exposed to the warm gentle sunlight taking in breaths of fresh air. This experience will fill seniors with vigor as they enjoy their time socializing outdoors.

Growing and caring for plants will give seniors a feeling of accomplishment along with a sense of pride as they watch their gardens grow, with a mindset of making a valuable contribution.

Steps in starting a garden club

  • Locate and area
  • Create a plan
  • Implementing the plan
  • Garden tools for seniors
  • Garden safety tips for seniors
  • Garden materials, soil/plants
  • Garden furniture
  • Garden features
  • Types of gardens
  • Plant care and garden maintenance

Locating and area

The locating of the outdoor garden area is so important, the area that’s located should get about 5-6 hours of sunlight. If the area that’s located doesn’t provide this amount of sunlight then consider growing a garden with plants that perform best in shaded areas. If possible choose an area that’s large enough not only to install plants but a few pieces of furniture as well.

Creating a plan

Creating a plan on paper will help to envision how the garden looks before it’s installed, for seniors who are interested get them involved in planning the design.

Creating an action plan

Now comes the part where some muscles are needed and that’s implementing the plan, because we are dealing with seniors we should ensure they take on a little at a time. The work should be planned in such a way that seniors will have lots of fun without getting exhausted.

Garden tools for seniors

The tools that are chosen should be comfortable for seniors to use, there are many garden tools that were created for this purpose, so ensure they have these tools to work with. The goal is not only to create a garden with the help of seniors but seniors being comfortable as they go about their work.

Garden safety for seniors

Within the field of gardening, safety comes first especially where the elderly are involved, we do not want any accident but for them to be safe. Besides the proper gardening tools, other factors to consider are ensuring that seniors get plenty of rest the night before working in the garden, eating a solid meal and resting before heading out is a must, do not allow seniors in the garden area to work when it’s extremely hot wait until it’s cool enough to go outdoors. I would say the evening times are much better, a pair of long pants and a long sleeve shirt, a hat, strong garden boots, and gloves are a must sunscreen will help also. Allow seniors to take breaks and start again, water and a first aid kit should also be on-site at all times.

Garden soil

The goal is not only for seniors to construct a garden but what you want is for them to see good results from their time and efforts spent, ensure that the soil you’re working with is ideal in growing garden plants bring in good garden soil or using soil amendments will help greatly. Base on the size of the project extra hands may be needed to assist seniors.

Garden plants

Another key component of having success is knowing the care of the plant material you’re working with, care will include, soil preference, watering needs, fertilizers may, or may not be needed depending on what you’re growing, pruning procedures, and treating garden insect pests. If using fertilizers and pesticides it’s best to go organic or try these homemade remedies. If planting from seeds the instruction will be on the seed package for plant care.

Garden furniture

Adding a few pieces of garden furniture will give seniors the option of spending time outdoors by sitting back and relaxing in their garden. This type of setting will have a positive impact.

Garden features

The use of garden features is great in sprucing up the garden, a fountain with flowing water, adding lights, a mini pond, etc.. will work wonders in the garden area.

Types of garden

There are so many gardens to choose from, for more on the many types of garden designs refer to the category section. The ideal gardens for seniors however are raised bed gardens, containers, and vertical gardens.

Plant care and maintenance

We discussed a bit earlier about plant care but what is also need is ensuring that the garden stays clean by regular raking and weeding which can be done with a rolling garden seat or a weed puller which is another garden tool made for seniors.

Indoor garden activities for seniors

It is also a great idea to have a few indoor plants and other garden activities when the weather is unfavorable for seniors. These ideas will give a jump start keeping seniors occupied.

Benefits of a senior garden club

  • Reduces stress levels
  • Improves focus and mental health
  • Promotes relaxation
  • Helps to prevent disease like osteoporosis
  • Gardening is a form of exercise that will promote physical health
  • Helps with mobility and flexibility
  • Puts them in a more  positive mood
  • Socialization
  • Improves strength and endurance
  • A garden club will present seniors with the opportunity to learn

The final word on garden club ideas for seniors

Starting a garden club for seniors is a great way in keeping them active that will have a positive impact on their mental as well as physical health. A project like this calls for planning and a budget but the end results will be worth the investment so why not consider a garden club because seniors want to socialize on the great outdoors making a major contribution as they connect with nature bringing change not only to the environment but their lives as well.




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