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The Advantage of Creating a Focal Point

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Cart wagon with flowers

Creating a focal point in a garden setting will bring a flow that ties the entire garden together. With a focal point however this is not the rule, but you can begin to design and construct your garden around that feature or plant.

I have been involved in many garden and interior plantscape projects where that feature, plant, or plant design brought that WOW. Now when seeking to create a focal point don’t overthink this process because it is very simple but yet has a pleasing effect.

As said a little earlier even though this is not written in stone you can construct your garden around your focal point or include your focal point while constructing your garden or when the garden is completed because you may not have thought of a focal point at that point until after the project is finished but try to avoid the latter and have your focal point at the onset of your garden design.

What are some focal points to use to create that interest?

Now that we have gotten to this point here are some ideas of focal points that will create interest.

A birdbath

Having a birdbath as a focal point can create wonders, but the birdbath that’s chosen for this purpose should create interest. It should be unique in appearance with special features such as trickling water.

A birdbath that has two-three decks with moving water that’s a nice size or a size that complements your garden design will stand out, who knows you may even have a few visitors stopping by for a drink of water or even a bath.

A large tree that produces flowers

A large tree that produces flowers will also make a good focal point, build your garden using this focal point (tree) to give an all-natural look like it was done by nature with no human involvement.

A gazebo

The use of gazebos in garden designs are so popular, having a gazebo as part of your garden design provides the opportunity to connect with nature on the great outdoors. Installing and constructing your garden around your gazebo will highlight this focal point giving a feeling of peace and relaxation


I love the appearance of arbors, these garden features can do a whole lot to enhance the appearance of a garden setting no wonder why many outdoor weddings use arbors. Arbors come in so many shapes, sizes, styles, and colors. Plants that climb can also be trained to grow along with this garden feature. I prefer to use climbers that flowers which will really stand out.

A large rock

A rock That’s extremely large can be used as a focal point, there are many ways to plant your garden with this focal point. Just be creative and let those creative juices flow.

A large pot

A large plant pot place in a garden can also be a focal point however this pot should not only be large but unique in appearance.

Flowering plants

Grouping flowering plants can also be a focal point but in order to use this method to your advantage choose about a four-color group any more than that may be overkill. Just keep it simple.

Garden furniture

Outdoor furniture nicely arranged can act as a focal point, this type of setting is so inviting with a relaxed feeling of just kicking back and unwinding.

A double pot fountain

A double pot fountain with running water can also act as a focal point.

A mini fish pond

A mini fish pond in your backyard with a seating area is a great idea for a focal point as you install plants around this area. A setting of this sort is great to get away from it all as you sit back and relax in your garden oasis.

There are so many more focal point ideas, this list is just a hint to get you started as you envision what you can use so go for it as you create a garden that is the talk of the neighborhood.

The final word on garden focal point images

The use of focal points is a great way to construct a garden that is both pleasing and effective. Traditional gardens are not constructed this way and though using focal points is not new it’s a great way to design your garden paradise that’s fit for a king and I may add a queen also so make the most out of focal points as you create your dream garden.



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  1. Never heard of this before. This is the first time and it’s a really good read for me as well. I’m happy you could make a point our of this. My mum has a garden and she really loves to take good care of it. I should show her this that you have written here. I’m sure that she would love to read it and learn too.

  2. I have just recently taken an interest in gardening. I am enjoying choosing my seedlings, containers and maintaining the plants as they grow in different ways. Reading this article I realise that I can make improvements. Instead of having my pots and holders all over the place and in no particular order, I can work on a design and a focal point, or several focal points. The suggestions given are great. I specially like the gazebo, rock, furniture and the fountain. I will definitely be trying some of these. This article is so timely. Thank you.

  3. I really like the idea of having a focal point within my garden. It is something that I had not thought of before. I do have a few different bird bathes in the front and back yards . But not in my garden area.After reading your article today it has given me a few ideas for making a garden focal point this weekend. I like the the double pot fountain idea the best.

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    I like the first content of your article, grow healthy, eat healthy and live healthy. Creating a focal point in a garden setting will bring a flow that ties the entire garden, you can begin to design and construct your garden around that features of plant, when seeking to creat a focal point don’t overthink the process because is very simple but yet as a pleasing effect.

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