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Flowering Plants In Boots-garden-ideas-recycled-material
Flowering plants in boots

There is a saying that “one mans junk is another mans treasure” this saying is so true because I have seen so many throwaways become useful to someone else, what we see as junk can be made useful by saving us those hard-earned dollars it is all a matter of letting those creative juices flow and you will be well on your way to making use of that which is considered to be junk.

I know of a place that throws away tons of plant material each year, this material would get piled up and taken to the city dump. I spoke to one of the managers on previous occasions to purchase a mulching machine and mulch that material which he did not listen to, that plant material could also be used as a potting medium but to this day they are still piling and hauling those materials to the city dump that’s thousands of dollars being flushed down the drain each year.

While you may not have that much plant material to make good use of let’s make our junk our treasure by thinking outside of the box and making good use of it by recycling. Here are a few junks that can be made our treasure.

Garden Ideas Recycled Materials

Grass clippings a natural organic

Who doesn’t love a well-manicured lawn I know I do, grass clipping can be used as a natural organic and be recycled back into the lawn. After you have given your lawn a cut simply recycle the grass back into the lawn by raking. This natural organic will work wonders keeping your lawn nice healthy and green causing you to save by not having to purchase fertilizers.

Mulching your plant bed

Don’t leave your garden plants out, let them in on this natural organic by using grass clipping as mulch around them, as the grass clipping decompose will add nutrients to the soil which your plants will take up. A word of caution here don’t use grass clipping if it’s diseased.

Composting with grass clippings

Composting has become so popular because of the benefits it has, if you’re thinking of starting a compost pile or have already started one and have access to grass clippings either from your lawn or the neighbors use this clipping in your compost pile. This clipping will help to enrich the soil as it breaks down. Note as stated earlier if grassing clipping has a disease don’t use it because of contamination.

A toilet bowl

Wheel Barrow-garden-ideas-recycled-plant
Wheel Barrow

“Have you ever heard the term going to the john” I am sure that all of us go there on a daily basis but what is the point of going to the john without a toilet right? Well for those of you that have a broken toilet bowel sitting around the yard or maybe in your garage gathering spider web and dust why not restore your toilet bowl to its former glory not by reintroducing it to the john but by placing it in your garden filling both the tank and bowl will soil and installing garden plants. This makes a great planter that is so unique.

Car tires as planters

Your car tires may be worn out and are no longer in use don’t trash those tires but give then a fresh coat of paint, to make your garden design more interesting why not use several tires and paint them different colors preferably with bright colors once they dry place them in and the area where you think they will look great add your soil and then plants. You will love your garden that is so unique, for these types of gardens I would add herbs and flower plants.

A wheel Burrow

A wheel burrow can make life so easy as we work in our gardens carrying tools and plants but if that wheel burrow is no looker in use why not turn it into a garden, drill several small holes at the bottom for drainage 8 holes equally spaced apart will do, next add your soil and then your plants and guess what you have just created your first portable garden which can be moved from one place to the other.

5-gallon buckets

Do you have 5-gallon buckets laying around your home just sitting there better yet have you always wanted a garden but have limited space then your problem has just been solved? With these buckets you can create a garden, it is all a matter of drilling or punching holes at the bottom 5-6 should be sufficient add your soil and then your plants you have just created a unique garden with buckets and to spruce it up why not spray or paint those buckets different colors giving it that extra flavor.

Recycle that old tub

Garden Plants-garden-ideas-recycle-material
Garden Flowers

There is nothing like coming home after a hard day of work and taking a nice long bath but that tub which you once used is no looker in use so before you throw it out with the kitchen sink which we will be getting to in a minute why not place that tub in a nice area where you think it will add some flavor. Fill the tub with soil then add your plants that old tub is being used once again not to take a bath but to grow your favorite plants

The kitchen sink

Even that kitchen sink that had to be replaced can be reuse, you can either set it up in an erect position or place a 3-4 feed pipe in the middle of the sink where the water runs out, fasten the pipe in the ground ensure that is strong and stable add your soil, plants and you are good to go. This is a great and unique idea for a garden.

Plastic Bottles

Believe it or not, plastic bottles can be used as garden planters, it’s just a matter of cutting a square hole in the sides add your soil and you are good to go with starting that herb garden.

A Pot

I once saw a large old pot that was being used to grow flowering plants, drill about 6 holes at the bottom of the pot add your soil and plants you have just made good use out of that old pot.

A ladies purse

I once saw a lady’s purse that was being used as a planter, the purse was filled with soil, and plants were added this idea is so unique and will surely have the heads of your friends and family members turning as the pay you a visit.

A Bicycle

I know you may be thinking or saying what am I talking about by adding a bicycle to this list but the truth is you can use a bicycle to create a unique garden here is how its done, if you’re not using that bicycle any more because it’s old and broken then what you can do to make good use out of it is to strap a basket in the middle of the handle and another one on the seat add landscape fabric lining the inside to hole the soil next add the soil and your plants. You have not only created a garden that is unique but one that is portable which I think is pretty neat.

A watering can

A watering can be turned into a garden, it is all a matter of punching a few holes at the bottom for water drainage fill the watering can or jug with soil, add your plant and you’re all set.

An Automobile

I once saw a picture where the engine area of an automobile was used as a flower garden it is all a matter of removing all of the engine parts so that this area is hollow then adding good garden soil. This section should be filled with soil until it reaches the top of the hood, the hood should be removed altogether so the sunlight and rain can get to your plants, add your plants or seeds and you are all done you have just created a lovely flower garden that is so unique which will get the attention of so many.

A bureau draw

An old bureau draw will make the perfect garden, it is all a matter of adding a few holes to the bureau, align the inside with landscape fabric follow by the soil and your plants. You have just made good use of turning that junk into your treasure.

Barrels and Garbage Containers

Barrels and rubber garbage containers can be used to grow your plants, these types of gardens are especially great where there is limited space it is all a matter of punching a few holes adding the soil and plants. I know that you are starting to see how simple and how much fun this can be.

Old  booths, tennis or footwear

At the beginning of this article, you notice a pair of booths with plants growing out of them well if your footwear is no longer in use why not follow this example of adding a few holes to the bottom for drainage add the soil, and then your plants. Those worn-out booths have been transformed into a garden.

Paper or styrofoam Cups

Paper or styrofoam cups can be used as a seed starter to plant your seeds. Make 4 small holes at the bottom followed by adding your soil and seeds, once the seeds have germinated and your plant has grown to 5 or more inches can be transferred to its permanent location.

Tissue Rolls

The roles of tissue papers can be used as seed starters, once the role is empty, make sure that you have a few of them. Place them in an erected position in a square container side by side so they can support each other by not falling, add soil, and then seeds these rolls makes a good seed starter that you can transplant once they reach 5 or more inches. The container that these tissue rolls are resting in should also have drain holes so as you water your seeds the water will runoff.

The final word

Have fun while saving those hard-earned dollars with these garden ideas to grow and reap a good harvest. There is nothing like eating the fruits of your labor which you grew with your very own hand you don’t need a green thumb but the right knowledge and you will have garden success so follow these fun full ideas and watch as your garden plants produce a harvest that you will be proud of.


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