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The website ‘Eden’s Garden’ was designed to make gardening and landscaping a fun and rewarding experience while acquiring the knowledge needed to manage a successful garden. Yes, we are going Back To Eden! As you search this website you will be learning the many aspects of landscape, gardening, interior plant scape, and a whole lot more.

As we proceed we will be looking at the benefits of plants in-depth and how they can add years to your life, not only by preparing and consuming them but by also learning how they purify the very air that we breathe in.

Beautify Your Surroundings

Another aspect for us to look at is how we can beautify our surroundings for peace and relaxation while adding more value to our property at the same time just by using plants.

Can you imagine having a butterfly garden in your very own backyard? Attracting this type of wildlife can become a fascinating hobby. Talk about being the envied one among family, friends, and neighbors.

We will also be covering the effects that plants can have on us and how we can use plants to improve our health not just our physical health but our mental health as well.

You may be wondering what landscaping and gardening have to do with your health. Well, it has been proven that a healthy mind can actually add to your well- being.

So by having a landscape that you enjoy can also cause you to take on a more positive outlook on life adding to your mental health. Think about it as taking a nature walk in your own backyard.

A study was done many years ago in a hospital with two patients. One patient was placed in a room where all they had to look at was the bare walls, while the other patients were placed in a room that had a garden view.

The end results of the study showed that the patient with the garden view recovered much faster than the patient that did not have a garden view to look at.

So ‘Eden’s Garden’ site is here to not only make sure that you are healthy in your bodies but also in your minds.

Eden’s Health Corner

Join us as we look at foods that can add years to your life and as we discover how we can use these (plants) natural remedies nature has to offer in our journey to wellness.

We will be looking at healthy recipes and how to prepare them along with healthy drinks and snacks.

Do you know that by going Eden’s way we can live a more happy and healthy life, someone once said that with our knives and forks some of us dig our graves, well in like manner with our forks and knives we can add years to our years and enjoy life to the fullest?



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Norman loves being in the garden, both at home and for his job....
he is 'Natures Little helper' being outdoors, growing his vegetables and flowers from an early age.
Now having spent over 22 years in the profession he want to give some of his knowledge to others...
his vast array of hints and tips you will find scattered over this site will help you no end growing plants in your garden.

9 thoughts on “Eden’s Garden”

  1. Thank you for the site. Only in the resent years have a fully understood the health benefits of a plant based diet and I love what your site is doing and what it stands for. Health is such a problem in todays society and I hope the you will keep up the good work in helping people understand the benefits of a healthy diet.

    • Good day JP thanks for the follow gland that you like this article. If there is any way that I can help just give me a shout. Have a good day.

  2. Hi Norman,

    Thanks for the beautiful & informative site. Until a few years ago I was never interested in gardening but a friend of mine taught me how to grow vegetable as well as plants, my partner & I love maintaining our little garden in our balcony. And I do believe that being surrounded by flowers lightens up our mental health, just by looking at the plants.

    I love your how to grow vegetable pages, packed full of information, thank you!


  3. Norman,

    This is a great site. I am all about eating healthy with a plant-based diet and this information you have on your site is really great. I am not much of a gardener as of yet, but with the information available on this site, I can surely get rolling. The health benefits of plants are truly remarkable, I look forward to following this site and for additional information in the future

    Great Job Thanks for the information


  4. This is an impressive sight with green colours signifying life and freshness. I also like the photo of a butterfly flying. Landscaping and fresh flours refreshes any mind and puts the mind at peace while appreciating God’s beauty as he intended for man in the garden of Eden. That is why institutions like hospitals should have good scenery to let the learners and patients put their mind at ease. Thank you for sharing this post to remind us tat we should keep our surroundings attractive.

  5. Hi Norman,
    I read your article on Eden’s garden with great interest.
    I am not an amateur gardener but your article offers us the opportunity to learn together and learn about the products that can help us have a better health interest me very much.
    This is why I will continue to follow your activities.


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