Eden’s Garden website was designed with you in mind! Whether you want to live a more healthy life, start your own business, add value to your property i.e. your home, office building, church, if you are doing research on a school project, starting a hobby etc…… the Garden of Eden is here to help you in getting started.

We cover many aspects of gardening from vegetable and herb gardening to teaching you how to plant your very own fruit trees along with the benefits they can bring to you. Showing you the vitamins that these plants contain and what type of illnesses they can help you combat.

Wait there’s more!

The fun and excitement continue as we enlighten you on the many wonders of nature and how we can get involved by giving nature a helping hand.

Imagine going on a nature walk and how exciting it would be to see wildlife in their natural habitat. Hummingbirds whisking by, butterflies of all sorts flying from tree to tree is nature at it’s best.

Now imagine your back yard being transformed to look just like that, you may say,’ but I don’t have the backyard space!’ This is where our section that covers small garden spaces comes in. It shows our readers step by step how to create a type of garden called ‘container gardening’ just click on the link below.

container garden

You can still give nature a helping hand even if it means using container gardening methods.

We will also be teaching you how to construct your very own butterfly gardens, hummingbird gardens, flower gardens, lily ponds, xeriscaping and the list goes on. Our goal is not only to educate our aspiring gardeners but to make gardening and landscaping as much fun as possible.

Do you know that just getting into gardening and landscape as a hobby can lead to starting a business in time as your knowledge and love for plant life increases, there is also an added benefit of exercise, nothing like keeping that heart healthy and pumping

we will also be looking at interior plant scape design and maintenance and how having plants on the inside of your home or office can add to your overall health.

We will also be covering topics on how to make healthy treats including nice refreshing cool drinks that can work wonders for you.

Other topics

Other topics that this website address includes:

1. Water management within the landscape

2. Pest management

3. Disease control

4. Lawn care

5. Learning about organics and their benefits

6. Soil

7. Orchids and their care

8. Plants that can save you $ $ $ $ $

9. Weed control

10. Gardening planning

11. Starting a compost pile

And the list goes on…

This website is filled with clear and easy directions to follow to meet your every need.

So pull out those dusty garden gloves, dust them off and get ready to learn how to garden the Garden of Eden’s way.