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Gardening a rewarding experience

White Flowering Lily-garden-saftey

White Flowering Lily

Gardening can be a very rewarding experience as you connect with nature giving nature a helping hand. I have so many great experiences working on the great outdoors beautifying and completely transforming whole areas that gave such a wonderful feeling.

I remembered my childhood experience of growing vegetables in my garden and having a feeling of accomplishment as I watched those veggies grow to full maturity and enjoyed the fruits of my labor.

But even though gardening has its rewards one thing that we should always keep in mind and that is safety first. To often injuries take place simply because of not proper planning or thinking ahead.

Garden Safety

1. The first rule to remember at all times and that is safety first this is where proper planning comes in no matter how small the job may be.

2. Have a plan on where you are working exp… working on slopes, working near overhead power lines or electrical lines in the ground can be very dangerous.

3. Be mindful of water lines as well as irrigation lines.

4. Watch out for uneven grounds.

5. Wait until the grounds are dried from rains or heavy dew. A former co-worker went out on the hotel grounds one morning making his regular checks, slipped on the grass that was wet and broke his leg. Talk about a freak accident. 

6. Always read and follow the instructions of power tools before using and make sure that these tools are in good condition.

7. Wear long clothing to protect from the sun or use sunscreen to protect the skin.

8. The proper footwear such as Gardening boots.

9. Gardening gloves.

10. Goggles to protect your eyes.


First Aid Kit-garden saftey

A first aid kit

11. Earmuffs or earplugs when using power tools such as lawnmowers, chainsaw trimmers, etc…

12. Safety belt to support your back especially if the project requires a lot of lifting.

13. Carry tools in a wheel burrow for ease and comfort.

14 Get help if the project requires more hands.

15. Keep the body hydrated by drinking lots of water.

16. Eat a healthy meal before starting work and wait for 10-15 minutes before working.

17. Takes 5-minute breaks, allows your body these breaks especially if the temperature is high and the workload is great. Find a cool or shaded area.

18. Wearing a hat can help keep you cool when working in the heat.

19. Have a first aid kit close by.

20. Keep insect spray close by for, exp. wasp. hornets etc…

21. Never leave tools laying on the ground you might trip on them which may cause injury.


Chemicals should be handled by a professional that has a certification.

The rules when handling chemicals are as followed.

1. Use the right chemicals for the right job.

2. Read and follow as directed because the label is the law.

3. Wear chemical suits, gloves, respiratory and goggles.

4. Keep chemicals stored in a cool safe storage place away from children and pets.

5. Dispose of chemicals suits after each use. Make sure that suits are disposed of from kids and pets.

6. Empty chemical containers should be rinsed out, tied up in a plastic bag and disposed of in a secure garbage container.

Final word

I am sure that there are more but these are just a few to keep your garden experience, enjoyable and memorable as you beautify your surroundings or grow those delicious fruits, herbs, and veggies giving nature a helping hand.