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Garden Shrub Appeal

Beautiful garden plants-garden-shrubs

Garden plant design

Before we can wink and eye winter will be over and spring will be here again as our landscape and gardens are in full bloom with the chirping of birds, bears waking up from their long winter nap

and nature buzzing with excitement as we welcome spring and prepare for yet another season of working in our gardens. But for many, the question is what can I add to my garden and landscape that will give that BANG and liven up those drab spaces?

A good idea would be to add a few garden shrubs which would really give you that feel of spring with their beautiful lush bloom which will truly make your garden a shop stopper.

What are shrubs?

Shrubs are either evergreen or deciduous woody plants, there are many species of shrubs that come in different shapes and sizes with different requirements.

Evergreen shrubs

Evergreen shrubs keep their foliage or leaf year round.

Deciduous shrubs

Deciduous shrubs are shrubs that lose their leaves in the winter but with the coming of spring retain their lushness.

Care of shrubs

Water requirements

Never overwater shrubs because they don’t like wet feet. Know your shrubs water requirements by getting information on the right amount of water.

Fertilizer requirements

When it comes to fertilizer be very careful what you use and the rate at which you apply. Reading and following the label is important so follow direction to ensure that your shrubs are feed at the proper rate. Here are a few links that I have provided that will give you an idea. Slow release fertilizer, quick release fertilizer, organic fertilizer.

Insect control

As wonderful as our shrubs are when they are in full bloom, the unfortunate thing is that there is always uninvited guest which seeks to make a meal out of our garden plants. Knowing how to control these insect pests will go a long way in ensuring your plant’s overall health.

For more on garden insect pest and how to control them follow these links for garden success. Insect and insect control, controlling insects with birds, how to attract beneficial insect to your garden and garden intergraded pest management.


Mulching is so beneficial to plant life because mulches not only suppress weeds but also keep soil temperature cool, holds water for the plant, add nutrients to the soil as it decomposes and improves soil condition.


Soil plays a major role in the overall health of plant life. Therefore it is always important to choose soils that will give your shrubs a good start.

Soil such as organic soil mix, compost and so on.

Pruning benefits

Pruning is so beneficial to garden plants because pruning will not only give shrubs a more lush spread and growth but will also keep shrubs well formed.

Garden shrubs

Here are a few shrubs to install this spring which will give your garden that WOW as you give nature a helping hand.

French Lilac

French lilac-garden-shrubs

French Lilac Plant

French Lilac has a beautiful bloom and a nice fragrance. This deciduous shrub has a width of 22 in diameter and grows the same in height. French lilac makes a great specimen plant and grows well in zones 3 to 8.

Nanking Cherry

Nanking cherry-garden-shrubs

Nanking Cherry

Nanking Cherry can really give your spring garden that WOW. This spring beauty has a nice aroma and is fast growing. Nanking cherry produces small fruits that attract songbirds.

This plant can grow up to 6-10 feet and makes a great specimen plant or can be installed as hedges. Zones 2-7 is ideal for Nanking cherry.

Korean Spice Viburnum

Korean spice viburnum-garden-shrubs

Korean Spice Viburnum


Korean spice viburnum can really spice up your garden with its cluster of pink or white flowers. The leaves of the Korean spice viburnum turns from a dark green in the summer to a beautiful colour of burgundy to red.

This beauty can reach up to 4-6 feet in height and width and grows well in full sun to partial shade. Zones 4-7.

Carolina Allspice

Carolina allspice-garden-shrubs

Carolina Allspice

Carolina allspice has red flowers that are a show stopper. This beauty has a wonderful fragrance and prefers full to partial shade and is low maintenance.

Carolina allspice can reach a height of 8 feet and does well in zones 5-9.




The flowers of the oleander come in an array of colours and can really give your garden a colourful look. This plant prefers full sun and is a low maintenance plant and can reach a height of 10 feet.

Even though this plant is showy it is very poisonous so care should be taken as to where this plant is installed. Oleander is also planted along coastal shores and does well in zones 10-11.

Rock Rose

Rock rose-garden-shrubs

Rock Rose

Rock rose is drought tolerant which makes this plant a must for your garden. The rock rose produces colours of white, lavender and purple to pink.

Rock rose grows to a height of 5 feet, prefers full sun and grows well in zones 8-9.

Smoke Bush

Smoke bush-garden-shrubs

Smoke Bush

Smoke bush is a very beautiful plant that has a unique colour of purple leaves, in the fall the leaves turn red, yellow and orange. Smoke bush prefers full sun and does not like wet feet.

This beauty grows to a height of 12 feet and can survive in zones 5-8.

Final word

With spring almost here, as the ice melts and nature wakes up from her long sleep these are just a few of the many garden shrubs that will add to the overall beauty of your garden as they give your garden design that BANG and WOW.