Gardening Activities For Seniors

5 Great Gardening Ideas for Seniors

Garden Activities For Seniors-a-garden-design
A garden design

It’s a proven fact that gardening has the ability with all of its benefits to bring about natural healing. No longer is gardening looked upon as an activity just to get outdoors but as a key that holds the power which leads to wellness. Sure gardens are constructed for beautification and for growing edible food crops but the added bonus is in promoting physical as well as mental healing.

As we get older it’s important that we get involved or more involved in this activity,  seniors should take advantage of working in their gardens. There are many garden activities that can keep seniors pleasantly busy as they connect with nature on the great outdoors. Below are 6 great garden activities for senior citizens.

1. A community garden

Community gardens are popular among many neighborhoods as persons come together in this type of setting to cultivate gardens of all sorts. A community garden has so many benefits besides growing plants. With a community garden, friendship bound is strengthened, knowledge is shared and if growing edible garden foods can be shared also, etc…

As was mentioned earlier working in a garden can promote mental as well as physical health helping to relieve stress and other forms of mental as well as physical issues. Seniors interacting in a community garden is a great way for them to make friends, this type of garden setting is their comfort zone causing them to feel right at home.

2. Gardening for profit

Another great garden activity for seniors is creating an edible garden and selling their produce for profit, this garden method works well for seniors in a community garden typesetting. Who says that seniors have to retire when they can develop these skills providing and supporting their communities with this effort.

This is a great way of keeping seniors active as they feel needed, edible foods which are grown can sell locally to individuals, farmers markets, etc… the money that’s raised can be used as payment, to sponsor events, help with a charity, etc… senior citizens will love it and will feel like a part of something great as they see the rewards of their labor helping others.

3. Having a tea party

Seniors can have a grand time with this one, growing herbs for tea, this idea will work wonders as seniors sit back and enjoy the presence of each other taking pleasure in the many teas that are (herbs) grown in their garden. What I love about herbs are the many benefits that are offered in promoting good health. Some herbs that are popular growing for tea include, mint, chamomile, lemon balm, lemongrass, fennel, basil, etc…

4. Garden classes

We have the responsibility of passing the baton to take next-generation which I think we owe them so they can have this knowledge to carry on. Seniors can have small community classes offering their help to persons who would be interested in acquiring the knowledge of constructing and maintaining a garden.

Placing seniors in this position is a great way of encouraging them in making a major contribution to the next generation creating a sense of pride and joy.

5. Field trips for seniors

I know, this one sounds a bit strange but the truth of the matter is many seniors love to be up and about on the great outdoors so why not arrange field trips where seniors can visit nurseries, garden centers, botanical gardens, etc… this experience will promote mental health making them happy as they come in contact with many plants species interacting with each other.

Gardening Activties for seniors-a-fish-pond
A fish pond

6. A garden pond

Installing a mini fish pond in a garden is a great way for seniors to interact with nature, I am sure a garden setting like this will have seniors buzzing with excitement as they work in the garden then taking a rest while feeding the fishes. This type of setting will keep seniors active on a daily basis enjoying their fish friends.

The final word on garden activities for seniors

These are just a few ideas in getting our seniors involved in activities that will fill their lives with much joy as they interacted with those of different age groups. Even in their golden year’s seniors can make a great contribution and I am sure they are more than willing in getting involved in making a big difference in small ways that are of great benefit.



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6 thoughts on “Gardening Activities For Seniors”

  1. I’m not yet a senior, but I’m glad I found this article about garden activities for seniors because I’ve been working around an injury this year that has my mobility compromised. These activities are perfect for me right now and it’s nice to think that these gardening hobbies can be something I can continue into the golden years!

  2. Hi Norman. I love your website—what a beautiful topic. It is also vital to have a garden for wild animals and lots of insects. I love bees and butterflies! It is a great idea to show seniors that they still can do much for our environment. And enjoy themselves. Do you know hanging gardens? You can plant them on a flat roof of a garage or even a house. So you will have two or three gardens. It is very effective for birds and insects. And it is good for your house. 

    Thank you very much for your beautiful post!

    • Hello Sylvia thanks so much for your kind words and for sharing, I will have a look into that hanging garden, thanks again and all the best to you.

  3. Hello,

    First of all I have to say that you have a beautiful website, with a recreational topic. Reading your article, which was a pleasure by the way, dear and beautiful memories came to my mind. I remembered the precious moments when I was gardening with my grandmother.

    It was a community garden divided into parts, with flowers, herbs for tea, and small vegetables and herbs for food. It was not only a pleasure to spend these moments together, but it was an excellent physical activity for her, considering her age, and especially a state of mental well-being.

    Thank you for sharing this article, and that you brought me through it this beautiful memory. Keep doing the great work. Even if I am not a senior yet😊, I ‘ll be back for more recreational topics.

    • Hello, I am so happy to help and it is good to know that you still have those memories of you and grandmother working in the garden. Gardening is a great hobby that has so many benefits. Wishing you all the best.


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