Gardening For Longevity

A Flower Garden

Gardening can be such a rewarding and exciting hobby, this is a great way to connect wait nature on the great outdoors. I have been in this field for years now and have seen first hand what can happen when we commit to the soil.

Taking a step into the world of gardening will take you on an adventure where those creative juices will flow bringing much flavor to and environment like non-other, in fact, the first job that was given to man is recorded in the bible where man was told by God to take care of the earth so gardening span from the beginning of time.

I have a question for you, have you ever turned and an area which was drabbed and run down into a work of art? it may have been remodeling a house or your home, what about a kitchen or a bathroom, your office, how about your car giving it a nice paint job restoring it to its former glory, whatever it was at the end of the day it brought you much pleasure as you stood back and enjoyed the change, felt good I would say.

Now imagine restoring your garden or adding a garden, the change which it brought was truly amazing. The world of gardening has so many benefits, below however, we will be discussing how a garden can help in keeping you in good health extending your years which is a win-win for you.

Gardening can help you live to 100

Two patients

I read an article many years ago about two patients which were involved in an experiment to show the effects which garden plants have on the lives of and individual, one of the patients was placed in a room that did not have a window, while the other patient was placed in a room with a window that overlooked a  beautiful garden.

What the test showed was that the patient who had the garden view recovered much faster than the patient which did not have a garden view. There is just something about a garden scenery that has a physiological effect on our mental and physical well being.

The benefits Gardening

Before getting into gardening decide which type of Garden you want, there are so many to chose from, for more on the many garden types check-out the category section of this website. Here are just a few of the many garden types you will find in the category section.


Pansies Flowering Plants

Physical Exercise

Gardening can bring that much-needed exercise, one of the main causes of a person’s health that deteriorates can be linked or traced back to a lack of physical activity. When we excersise this raises the blood flow which increases the oxygen level in the body.

Exercising also helps with the insulin level, lowers our blood pressure, helps to lower our risk of heart attack, coronary artery disease, high cholesterol and also help to manage our blood sugar level and all of this can happen from simply starting a home garden.

Gardening reduces mental stress

We live in a world where the stress level is high, stress can cause so many things to go wrong in our bodies. Our homes, our jobs and dealing with other issues can bring on stress. Doctors office are filled on a daily basis with persons with health issues which is stress-related.

The hormone which is responsible for this is cortisol when we engage in physical activity this lowers the cortisol and what better way to take control than by getting involved in gardening.

Gardening will increase your mental state

There is something about working on the great outdoors which will put you in a better mental state as we discussed at the beginning of this post with the two patients example. The sight of a well-kept garden will cause chemicals to be released which will put us in a more relaxed and happy state.

This has been my experience on many occasions working both on the interior (interior plantscape) and the outdoors as a groundsman. Just to see a bed of flowers which are blooming so beautifully under your care or a herb/vegetable garden where you are reaping the rewards of your labor is pretty amazing.

Gardening can strength a family bond

A happy home is a healthy home, in today’s world where it seems as if families don’t have much time for each other because for whatever reason gardening can help to strengthen that bond. Working together as a family on a garden project can make a happy home.

This time shared should not only be focused on gardening but a time when individuals within that family can share what they are going through and what their personal life is like. This is also a time just to relax letting your hair down so to speak with much fun and laughter, you will be amazed how sharing that quality time in the garden can bring that much-needed change.

Strengthening the community

Believe it or not but gardening can strengthen a community bringing people together as they create and strengthen their bond. Take, for instance, and urban garden where ever body gets involve creating friendship and providing food for the whole community ( vegetable/herb gardens ) remember we are our brother’s keepers. What a great way for neighbors to interact.

$aving that hard-earned dollar

Stress can also be linked to not having enough money, but the good news is that by creating a garden will help to lower your stress level, how can creating a garden such as a vegetable or an herb garden help you to save on that grocery bill? through savings. Your savings may be small at first but giving it time will cause those savings to build which you can use on a project or even taking that long needed vacation. Give it a try you will be surprised.

Gardening to create healthy minds

This is a great way to pass the buck on to the next generation, educating children about gardening and nature will open a whole new world of opportunity to them as they are taught the importance of being self-sustained, this can also help children to decide if they want to get into this field on a wider scale during their adult life. I was involved in gardening from a kid and have made a career out of it.

Getting those much-needed vitamins

Vitamin D is so vital to our health what better way to get this vitamin than by getting involved in gardening and the good news is it is all free by being exposed to the nice warm sun.

Growing healthy food crops

A healthy person is a happy person, in todays world many of the food crops which are grown have chemicals which can have an adverse effect on our health and can drain our wallets ( doctor’s fee ) growing our own food crops organically or without the use of chemicals will help us to save money on that grocery bill and the doctor’s office.

Additional Information

Gardening can be so much fun that brings great rewards however caution should be taken to avoid injuries, the last thing we want is to defeat the purpose of why we garden. Check out the category section of this website which talks about garden safety.

The final word

Gardening was the first physical activity which was given to man by God from the beginning of time, the world of gardening is so exciting. As mentioned earlier there are many garden types to choose from which has its benefits so add years to your life by getting involved in physical activity as gardening that has proven to work wonders as we connect with nature on the great outdoors.

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