Gardening Gifts For Men

20 Gardening Gifts He Will Love

Give that special man in your life that gift that will help to make those garden projects easier, gardening can be such a rewarding experience as we connect with nature in our outdoor living space making a positive contribution to our environment and ecosystem. There is just something about working the soil and cultivating our gardens. Whether it’s planting and nurturing vegetables, fruits, herbs, flowers, etc…

But to ensure that his time spent in the garden is smooth and easy we have done the homework for you so you decide which gift/gifts are best for that special man in your life. Below is a list of 20 gifts, in this list we know you will find what you’re looking for as you shop for his birthday, other special occasions, just to say I love you or even Christmas. From power tools to unique garden gadgets here are our 20 top picks.

Our Top 20 Picks

1. Friska Hand Pruner

It’s Great to see our garden plants’ growing healthy and vibrantly but as beautiful as they are we must help them to maintain their natural form. The Friska Hand Pruner can do just that making his gardening job easier as he seeks to accomplish the desired end, this well-designed garden tool delivers a smooth clean cut. The Friska Hand Pruner can also be used to remove diseased and dead wood ensuring that garden plants are continually growing healthily, this hand pruner is Amazon’s best-seller, Buy Now On Amazon.

2. The Complete Gardener

Monty Don is a well-known leading garden writer and broadcaster in the UK, I have watched many of his garden shows, and the knowledge that he shares is inspiring and shows that he has a love for working outdoors. Monty Don’s love for providing habitats for wildlife and organic gardening will guide you along as you connect with nature outdoors. You will love this book because of the good insights it gives, and the many stunning photos. For more on the Complete Gardener check it out and Buy Now On Amazon.

3. Field Guide to Urban Gardening

Is it your desire to have a garden but just don’t have the space, the good news is you can still have that garden you always wanted. The Urban Gardening book gives great insight into where to garden no matter how small the space, with lots of beautiful photos you can have that dream garden from indoor edible gardens, vertical gardening, hydroponics, raised bed gardens, rooftop, balcony gardening and so much more. You will be thought how to garden successfully. The field guide to urban gardening will help you to decide which gardening method is the best for your environment. For more on the field guide to urban gardening and purchase price Buy Now On Amazon.

4. Best Kelvar Gardening Gloves

Working in our gardens comes with its rewards but what we want is to ensure as he works the soil he’s protected. “Safety First” therefore to kick things off or to start things right it is important that he take precautions to protect his hands. It is so easy to walk away from working in our gardens with cuts, bruises, and blisters.

The good news is this doesn’t have to be him, with the Kelvar Garden Gloves that promise to protect his hands, these gloves are made from the toughest materials, lightweight, comfortable and flexible. He can do the toughest of jobs in the garden while his hands are protected for more on the Kelvar garden Gloves check them out here and Buy Now On Amazon.

5. Green Works Cordless Lawn Mower

A well-maintained garden lawn does not only look beautiful but will increase your property’s value, the cordless lawn mower from green works can accomplish this for you. What I like about this lawn mower, unlike gas-powered lawn mowers the green works cordless lawn mower is quiet but can take on those big jobs giving you that clean cut.

This cordless lawn mower is lightweight and comes with different deck sizes allowing you to move with ease, the green works lawn mower will make the perfect gift for him. For more on the specs of this garden, beauty check it out and Buy Now On Amazon.

6. Sun Hats

Working in our gardens can be so much fun especially as we take on those big projects to create a work of art that will bring that wow. But as exciting a he may be ensure that the special man in your life is protected from the sun with the sun hat that will protect his neck and ears from being burnt.

Persons who work in the sun with unprotected head tends to get exhausted faster and can also get a headache at times but the sun hat will help to keep him cool as he takes on those garden task. Buy Now On Amazon

7. WORX WG 430 Electric Leaf Mulcher

Seeking to take control of fallen leaves throughout the growing season, especially the fall months can become a  task as he seeks to keep the yard nicely cleaned. Where will he put all those extra leaves, not to worry because the WORX WG 430 Electric Leaf Mulcher is here to make his job a lot easier.

It’s a known fact that a build-up of fallen leaves can become a harborage to garden insect pests and diseases that can kill lawns as well as garden plants. The WORX WG 430 Electric Leaf Mulcher will bring control turning those leaves into something useful for the garden (compost, mulch) Buy Now On Amazon

8. Esschert Design Garden Tool Belt

This beautiful and well-designed garden tool belt will make it easier for him as he works in the garden, the Esschert Design Garden Tool Belt will not weigh him down. What I also love about this belt is it won’t weigh him down while performing those garden projects, for more on the Esschert Design Garden Tool Belt check it out here and Buy Now On Amazon

9. Professional EZ Travel Collection Adjustable Telescopic Folding Rake

Nothing gives a detailed finish and a more polished look than removing debris, the professional EZ Travel Collection Adjustable Telescopic Folding Rake can do the job. This rake is made from long-lasting aluminum alloy, with an easy-to-adjust head and handles which will allow him to clean debris from any size or space. The professional EZ Travel Collection Adjustable Telescopic Folding Rake has a rubberized handle that is easy to grip making it easy on his hand and wrist. Buy Now On Amazon.

10. Dual Chamber Tumbling Composter

A great and all-natural way to add nutrients back into the soil is with the help of a composter, this composter is so easy to use, it’s beginner-friendly meaning even a beginner can operate it. What makes the dual-chamber tumbling composter much easier than a shovel is with a shovel the material must be shoveled and turned for decomposition.

With this tumbling composter, all you do is turn the tumbler 5 0r 6 times every 2 to 3 days. 2 different chambers allow one side to hold compost that has finished while the other side stays open for fresh material. Buy Now On Amazon.

11. Columbia Men’s Silver Ridge Convertible Pant

Have him work in comfort, these pants are great especially during the summer months as he works in the garden, I am sure that he will love this gift as he works in style. Buy Now On Amazon.

12. Sketchers Men’s Braver Rayland Slip-On Loafer

Working in the gardens calls for him consistently stand and walk, helping him to work in comfort with sketchers men’s braver rayland slip-on loafer. These stylish relaxing-fitting shoes have memory foam making them easy on his feet, Buy Now On Amazon.

13. SZCO Supplies Rite Edge Hawkbill Pruning Knife

This beautifully designed pocket pruning knife with wooden handles and stainless steel blades will make those pruning jobs easy. It is easy to carry around as he works in the garden just slips in his pocket and he is all set to go take on those pruning jobs. Buy Now On Amazon.

14. Easy Fermenter Wide Mouth Lid Kit

The Easy Fermenter Wide Mouth Lid Kit makes the perfect gift for him, it includes everything thing that he needs to make his fermenting job easy. This kit also includes a recipe book, so wow him with this gift. He will love you for it. Buy Now On Amazon.

15. Corona CT3750 eGrip Weeder

Who likes weeding none of us does, weeds can become an eyesore and a harbourage for garden insects pests, and disease, to make a long story short weeds can become a nuisance distracting and taking away from a beautiful garden and landscape design.

If you have a weed issue then the Corona CT3750 eGrip Weeder is here to make life easier, this beautiful small handy garden tool will make his wedding task easier.  The Corona CT3750 eGrip Weeder comes completely lightweight, with a serrated blade edge that cuts roots into the ground with ease. It will not corrode and will relieve stress on the hands, for more specs of this garden tool check it out here and Buy Now On Amazon.

16. Fiskars Bypass Lopper

A Lopper share is a must to complete that pruning job, some branches are just too thick to cut with a hand pruner and require a tool that will get the job done making it a lot easier on your hands and wrist. The Fiskars Bypass Lopper is a tool that’s tailor-made for you, the Fiskars Bypass Lopper gives you better leverage allowing for a clean and smoother cut.

This Bypass Lopper can trim branches up to 1 1/2 inches in diameter for more on the specs on this garden beauty check it out here and Buy  Now On Amazon.

17. Seat and Kneeler

Working in our gardens while outdoors can be rewarding as we beautify our outdoor living space, part of getting the desired results requires bending whether installing plants, weeding, or digging a hole can become uncomfortable on our backs and our knees. The Seat and Garden Kneeler will make those garden chores a lot easier as you work in comfort. Buy Now On Amazon.

18. Aerogarden Harvest Elite

The Aerograden harvest elite is a fine choice, this garden system can grow up to six 12-inch plants, 6 herbal seeds packages are included which are thyme, basil, Curly parsley, mint, Thai basil, dill, and a 3 oz patented nutrients pack. With the Harvest Elite system, you can grow up to 6 plants at a time, the Harvest Elite also features an LCD control display and a reminder of when to add plant nutrients (fertilizer) and water.

This beautiful system also features Aerogarden’s Helpful Vacation Mode Settings, this special feature helps your plants to stay watered while you’re on vacation even if it is for an extended period of time by Lowering your GardenWater Usage, the Stainless Steel design is Stylish making the Aerogarden Harvest Elite a must. The Price is Affordable giving you a Bung for your Buck so let’s Start Your Indoor Garden Today. Buy Now On Amazon.

19. Slim Garden Hose

This is the ideal hose that will work for you, are you tired of a hose that bends easily when trying to use it or a hose that feels really heavy as you move about your garden? Then look no further, this super slim house will make your job easy, with lead-free brass fittings remaining flexible under any condition. Buy Now On Amazon.

20. Scotts Wizz Spreader

The” grass is greener on the other side of the fence” why not let it be your law? A well-maintained garden lawn is not only beautiful but can increase your property’s value, but in order to have a beautiful lawn you must keep up with its maintenance. Besides the proper cutting height, and the right watering and fertilizing methods a lawn can develop bear spots decreasing its beauty.

The good news however is those bare spots can be re-seeded producing a healthy lawn that’s beautiful, the tool that can get the job done is the Scotts Wizz Spreader. This seed spreader will make your job fun and very easy, Scotts Wizz Spreader is so simple to operate giving good results. Just fill the spreader with seeds turn it on to the settings of your choice and the seed spreader will work as you walk. Buy Scotts Wizz Spreader. Buy Now On Amazon.

The final word on garden gifts for men

There you have it, these are our 20 top picks for him, I am sure you will find what you are looking for as you brighten his day from this gift list. Make that occasion special or just say that I love you. I am sure that special man in your life will thank you for it as he works in the garden with much comfort and ease beautifying your surroundings and making a positive contribution to the environment and the ecosystem working hand in hand with nature by giving nature a helping hand.


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  1. I am extremely happy seeing these helping hands that can make great gifts for the Special Man ‘the Gardner as you say.

    Every gift is well chosen and finds use providing ease and a little comfort while working. Gardening is fun but it involved hard work to do a thorough job. 

    My husband and I have started some gardening adventures in our backyard after our retirement.

    We do carry a few of these important tools. As a matter of fact, I gifted my husband two African-made stage bed gardens, so he doesn’t have to bend his back to get the work done. While the space is limited, it does help him.

    is a tumbler allowed in a backyard when I live in a neighborhood? I heard neighbors complain.

    • I am so happy to help, these gifts are so amazing. As far as a tumbler is concern it should not be and issue. But it’s still good to check because I don’t know if there are guides in your neighborhood that was put in place so play it safe by checking and all the best to you. 


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