Gardening Gifts For Women

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20 Best Garden Gifts for Women

There is a place in the garden for everyone, as men, we work the soil seeking to bring change to our environment by beautifying or giving our gardens a facelift or even growing edible foods which have so many rewards. Equally important is the presence of women as well, I have watched many gardens shows where women were at the helm as they created many garden designs which brought that WOW.

I have also worked alongside many of them on garden projects and have seen the uniqueness and flavor they brought that made such a pleasant difference. From my personal experience gardening is not only a man’s world but a woman’s world as well.

Both my wife and I have a garden at home where we grow and maintain an ornamental as well as an edible garden, working side by side with her is clear evidence that women do have their place in the garden. In our last article, we discussed gardening gifts for men, now we turn our attention to the 20 best garden gifts for women. These gifts are unique and I am sure that, that special lady in your life will love and appreciate you even more as you make her time spent in the garden easier and more fun-filling. Here are our 20 top picks for unique garden gifts.

Gardening Gifts For Women

1. Hanging Plant Stand and Pot Organizer

Why limited gardening to your outdoor living space when you can connect with nature indoors with this beautifully designed plant stand and shelf? Grow anywhere from your patio, balcony, front room, living room, etc… The hanging plant stand and pot organizer are constructed from solid wood that’s durable.

Have her gardening indoors in comfort and style as she enhances her indoor living space, there is just something about indoor living plants that bring that WOW. This shelf/stand will make the perfect gift as you brighten her day. For more on the hanging plant stand and pot, organizer Buy Now On Amazon.

2. Female Garden Sun Hats

Working in the garden has its rewards but at the same time, you want to ensure that she is well protected from the sun, especially during the summer months. These beautifully designed hats will keep her cool as she works in her garden, protected from the summer’s heat. For more on these stylish hats view and Buy Now On Amazon.

3. Brass Plant/Terrarium Mister

Say I love you with this Brass Plant/Terrarium Mister, she will love you as she mists her orchids, moss, bonsai trees, and terrariums. The Brass Plant/Terrarium Mister comes in nickel, copper styles, or brass. Buy Now On Amazon.

4. Creative Co-Op White & Grey Ceramic Dog Planter Pot, White

I believe this is pretty unique and she will think so too as you wow here with this dog pot planter where she can grow succulents or other tiny plants that will fit this container I believe this cute container will have her smiling from ear to ear. This ceramic dog planter pot makes the perfect gift for her. Buy Now On Amazon.

5. Garden Tool Bag

WORKPRO Garden Tool Bag will make her job easier as she carries her garden tools in this beautifully designed tool bag, the WORKPRO Garden Tool Bag has a total of eight pockets and a 5 piece set. The material of this handy bag is durable and is lined with high-quality material with a reinforced bottom. For more on the WORKPRO Garden Tool Bag View and Buy Now On Amazon.

6. Aerogarden Harvest Elite

AeroGarden Harvest Elite - Stainless Steel

The Aerograden harvest elite is a fine choice, this garden system can grow up to six 12-inch plants, and 6 herbal seeds package is included which are thyme, basil, Curly parsley, mint, Thai basil, dill, and a 3 oz patented nutrients pack. With the Harvest Elite system, you can grow up to 6 plants at a time, the Harvest Elite also features an LCD control display and a reminder of when to add plant nutrients (fertilizer) and water.

This beautiful system also features Aerogarden’s Helpful Vacation Mode Settings, this special feature helps your plants to stay watered while you’re on vacation even if it is for an extended period of time by Lowering your GardenWater Usage, the Stainless Steel design is Stylish making the Aerogarden Harvest Elite a must. The Price is Affordable giving you a Bung for your Buck so let’s Start Your Indoor Garden Today. Buy Now On Amazon

7. The Complete Houseplant Survival Manual

It is so good to connect with nature in our outdoor living space as we enjoy the beauty of our gardens but bringing nature indoors is just as important as beautifying our indoor living space. The complete houseplant survival manual is here to help her along the way as she beautifies her indoor living space.

Here you will find more than 160 beautiful houseplants and I am sure she will enjoy this manual as she turns her indoor living space into a work of art with beautiful plant designs. Buy Now On Amazon.

8. Unisex Classic Clogs

Have her Gardening in style and comfort with these clogs as she works in the garden, what I love about these garden clogs is they can slip on and off easily as she moves about the garden or as she needs to take a quick trip indoors. These unisex classic clogs are lightweight and come in various colors so I am sure she will love them. For more on the unisex classic clogs Buy Now On Amazon.

9. Terrain

The Terrain book will help her as she gardens in her indoor as well as outdoor space, what I love about this book is that she will not only learn but will see lots of beautiful colorful plants that will inspire her to work the soil bringing much change with both her outdoor and indoor living plants. Buy Now On Amazon.

10. Garden Apron

This cute beautifully designed garden apron is great for working outdoors and will make her job easier, the Magid GC444T Simply Pastel Gardening Apron can carry tools as she works in the garden, she can also carry freshly cut herbs in the pocket.  With an apron like this, she will be able to move about the garden free-handed. To view and purchase Buy Now On Amazon.

11. Leightweight Garden Hose

Garden hoses are pretty heavy and can become heavier when watering plants as she maneuvers throughout the garden, but the good news is you can make her time spent in the garden watering her favorite plants easier with the lightweight hose that’s super-slim. What I love about this lightweight super slim easy-to-use hose is it remains flexible and won’t crack or break. View and Buy Now On Amazon.

12. 5Pcs Succulent Tools

I am sure she will love this mini 5Pcs succulent toolset that is perfect for digging around in small potted plants and can be used for seedlings, and planting as well. If she loves taking care of her succulents, bonsai trees, and other indoor plants then she will find these cute 5Pcs succulent tools to be the perfect fit for her as she gardens in style. For more on 5Pcs Succulent Tools view and Buy Now On Amazon.

13. Aerogarden Harvest 360 Indoor Hydroponic Garden

Save money with the harvest 360 which is great for beginner gardeners, the harvest 360 comes with 6 different herb types accommodating up to six 12-inch plants making it so so easy to start a garden. A simple, three-button control panel alerts you as to when to add food and water.

The grow lights are set on an automatic timer to ensure your plants are getting adequate light for proper growth. This garden system that is so beautifully constructed is designed to take up less space but at the same time is a high performer. The Harvest 360 is compact offering a whole lot and will do the job for you without any hassle. Get Yours Today and see for yourself. Buy Now On Amazon.

14. Coldframe Mini Greenhouse

Zenport SH3212A+BTP Garden Raised Bed and Cold Frame Greenhouse is a beauty as she extends the growing season or gets a jump start on the season by growing her favorite veggies, herbs ornamental flowering plants, etc.. what I love about this mini greenhouse and I know she will love it too is it can be set up outdoors on her patio, deck, porch or even on her balcony. This mini portable greenhouse is a must for her. Buy Now On Amazon.

15. 9″ Stainless Steel Garden Trowel

A small tool like this is good for her as she works the garden digging and planting her flowers, herbs, vegetables, or even fruit seeds/seedlings. This stainless steel garden trowel will make her time spent in the garden easy making those garden chores lots of fun. For more on the 9″ Stainless Steel Garden Trowel view and Buy Now On Amazon.

16. Folding Pruning Saw

Make her pruning job easier with the folding pruning saw from Corona Tools, what I love about this tool is that it can get the job done and in no time you will be done with those pruning jobs. The Corona pruning saw has 3-sided razor teeth which allow you to cut small to medium branches from 5″-6″ inches in diameter. I love the sharpness and the clean cut that this pruning saw delivers and when not in use it can easily be folded. For specs on the Corona folding pruning saw view and Buy Now On Amazon.

17. Chicken Wire ClochePlant Protector

Are you tired of rodents and other wildlife making a meal out of your veggies, why should they get to them first, strike back, and protect your veggies so you can rep a good harvest with the Chicken Wire Cloche? This tough garden cage can also protect your seedlings as well as your herbs. For more on the durability and soundness of Chicken Wire Cloche Plant Protector & Cover view and Buy Now On Amazon.

18. Hutzler Garden Colander

Now that you have worked the soil and grown your veggies it’s time to reap a good harvest, the Hutzler Garden Colander is here to help you do just that. With this garden beauty she doesn’t need to keep making trip after trip to the garden because with the Hutzler Garden Colander she can collect all of her veggies all at once.

What’s also special about the Hutzler Garden Colander is once veggies are collected she can wash them without having to remove them which I think is so cool. View and Buy Now On Amazon.

19. Seat and Kneeler

Working in our gardens while outdoors can be rewarding as we beautify our outdoor living space, part of getting the desired results requires bending whether installing plants, weeding, or digging a hole can become uncomfortable on our backs and our knees. The Seat and Garden Kneeler will make those garden chores a lot easier as she works in comfort. Buy Now On Amazon.

20. Professional EZ Travel Collection Adjustable Telescopic Folding Rake

Nothing gives a detailed finish and a more polished look than removing debris, the professional EZ Travel Collection Adjustable Telescopic Folding Rake can do the job. This rake is made from long-lasting aluminum alloy, with an easy-to-adjust head and handles which will allow her to clean debris from any size or space. The professional EZ Travel Collection Adjustable Telescopic Folding Rake has a rubberized handle that is easy to grip making it easy on her hand and wrist. Buy Now On Amazon.

The final word on garden gifts for women

There you have it I am sure as you go through this list you will find the perfect gift for her that will bring that wow, We should do all that we can to put a smile on the face of that special lady in our lives. She will love you for it as she works the soil growing her favorite fruits, herbs veggies, or flowering plant. Now that we have done the homework for you of our 20 top picks it’s now your turn to select from this list that gift/gifts for her. Go ahead and purchase now you will be so happy that you did and she will be happy as well.


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  1. Wow Thank you very much for this valuable and detailed post about gardening gifts. My girlfriend really likes gardening. She grows a lot of flowers. Her birthday is coming up next week. I was looking for a gift. Your post has the best stuff for it. I really like these hanging plant stands. And the sun hat is also very beautiful. I will definitely buy some of these. Keep posting like this.

    • Thank you so much for your kind words, these garden gifts are amazing and will have her smiling. I am happy that you found what you are looking for. She will be so excited. Wishing both of you all the best and have a good day!! 

  2. Hi Norman,

    I am thankful to read your blog. Every individual gift picked is well thought out and special.

    I am a helper in our garden, truly pruning the rose plants and watering at times.

    I do have some tools.

    But the apron for her is very special. 

    The plant protectors are great.

    We get dears in our backyard. Sometimes they eat all or most of the crops. Do you know something for good protection!

    • Hello and thank you so much for stopping by, there are repellents that can be purchased from your garden center. Give this a try and see what happens. All the best to you.


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