Gardening Made Easy For Seniors

3 Easy Methods for Seniors to Enjoy Their Garden

Gardening Made Easy For Seniors-raise-bed-gardens
Raise bed garden

Working on the outdoors in our gardens can be a fulfilling and rewarding experience, gardening however calls for a lot of kneeling and bending which can bring with it a few aches and pains. This hobby is very physical and can put a demand on our bodies, I have been in this field now for more than 20 years and have had so many experiences with sore muscles.

As we get older those pains may increase as we continue working in our gardens, many seniors would love to take part in this outdoor activity but too much bending and kneeling which can be quite painful especially at this age cause many of the elderly to rethink getting involved in the garden.

The good news however is that seniors can still enjoy working in a garden setting by thinking outside of the box and finding ways that will make their outdoor experience more enjoyable. We will be looking at some ways of how this can be done. Why should seniors miss out on connecting with nature on the great outdoors when these methods can be put in place making gardening easy for them.

3. Proven Methods to Make Gardening Easy for Seniors

1. A raised bed garden

Raised bed gardens have become so popular you can find them in just about any home garden, I remember many years ago when first introduced to this garden method I was surprised to discover that garden plants could be planted this way. From then to now this way of the garden has grown.

Both my wife and I have installed a few of these gardens growing edible foods which have made our experience in the garden much easier. A raised bed garden can be of any shape or size, I have seen tall squared shape raised bed gardens that require the caretaker not to bend but simply walk up to the garden and begin working.

What are the benefits of a raised bed garden?

Here is why a raised garden is easy for seniors to maintain.

  • With a raised bed garden there is no need to work the soil, you just add a good garden soil and you are all set
  • Weeding is little to nothing
  • Watering is more manageable
  • Garden insect pests are more manageable to deal with because there are fewer
  • Better drainage
  • No soil compaction
  • Raise bed gardens can be installed in just about any space
  • The soil warms up earlier in the season
  • Less soil erosion
  • Better water retention
  • Raise beds will keep out critters
  • Longer growing season
  • Raised bed gardens are great for crop rotation
  • Raised bed gardens look neater

2. Container gardening

Container gardening is also popular and has been around for some time, the key to having much success with this garden type is the type of container that’s chosen along, with the soil and the location where pots are to be installed. This garden type offers some of the same benefits as a raised bed garden. What I love about container gardening is these gardens can be moved around to a more safe environment when the weather becomes unfavorable Because we are dealing with seniors if the container/containers have to be moved then help may be needed.

3. Vertical gardening

Vertical gardens come in so many shapes and sizes, these garden types can be made at home with build material or other material from around the yard, or if you prefer these gardens can be purchased from your garden center. The advantage of a vertical garden is you don’t have to bend that’s why they are called vertical gardens. They are mounted in such a way that hardly any bending is needed, these gardens would be great for seniors.

Some garden tools for seniors

These garden tools will make it easier for seniors to work with.

Gardening Made Easy For Seniors-raised-bed
A raised bed

1. A no bend weed remover.

2. A rolling garden seat.

3. Ergonomic pruning shears.

4. A garden hose nozzle

5. A garden rocker.

6. Ergonomic hand weeder.

7. Aerator shoes

8. Garden gloves with fingertips.

9 . Garden kneelers.

Addition information on gardening made easy for seniors

1. When installing the garden of your choice ensure it’s is placed in the right location in order to get the right amount of lighting.

2. Getting to know the care needs of your plants is so important because this is what will lead to success, if planting from seeds read the seed package if from seedlings then get information from your nurseryman.

3. If insect pests are discovered it’s best to use organic insecticides or homemade remedies especially with edible plants.

4.  Wearing the proper safety gare when working will ensure your time spent outdoors is enjoyable and safe. For more on garden safety, refer to the category section.

The final word on gardening made easy for seniors

Working on the great outdoors can be so much fun for seniors, all it takes is a well thought out plant for seniors to have an easy time in the garden. I believe gardening with all of its benefits connects us to nature in so many ways. These gardening methods we have discussed are effective and will give good results. Why should seniors miss out on this rewarding experience? with that said let’s do all that we can to make gardening easy for seniors.


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