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Golden Larch Bonsai Guide

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A bonsai plant

Pseudolarix amabilis commonly called golden larch although not considered to be a true larch is native to eastern China, it is said that “the wood of this tree is used in traditional Chinese medicine as a dermatologic antifungal remedy. The wood of the golden larch bonsai tree is also used in the manufacturing of boats, bridges, and furniture”.

This tree is popular species of bonsai, below we will be going more in-depth about how to grow and care along with repotting and propagating the golden larch bonsai.

Golden Larch Bonsai Discription

The golden larch bonsai is a deciduous tree with long shoots and short shoots that grow similar to a larch, unlike the larch family it can withstand the summer heat along with the humidity thriving where most larches and firs are unable to grow.

Golden Larch Bonsai Soil

The soil pH of the golden larch bonsai should be neutral or slightly acidic standard soil mix.

Golden Larch Bonsai Watering Methods

This beautiful plant loves moisture, keep the golden larch well water, the soil should be evenly moist. Water your larch every day from April through October. During times of intense heat (summertime) water twice a day. However, be careful not to overwater which can lead to root rot. A humidity tray with pebbles placed under your golden larch will help by raising the humidity and keeping your plant from sitting consistently in water.

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Golden Larch Bonsai Fertilizing Methods

From April 1 and mid-July fertilize your golden larch bonsai tree 4 times a month with a mild liquid organic fertilizer diluted to one-fourth the recommended strength. You will also want to prepare your bonsai tree for the coming winter months so starting in late summer give this plant a low-nitrogen fertilizer.

Golden Larch Bonsai Lighting Condition

In order for your golden larch to thrive and grow beautifully ensure to provide ample morning sun and afternoon shade, providing dappled shade all day can also work. To prevent the leaves from being scorched during the summer months place them in a shaded area like under a large tree.

Golden Larch Bonsai Insect Pest

The 2 main pests problems of bonsai are scales and aphids, if your bonsai is stressed along with insect attack will cause bonsai to deteriorate very rapidly. To bring aphids under control mix a solution of 1 tsp of dish liquid soap to1 a quart of warm water. When spraying get total coverage of the entire plant, the solution should come out fine and misty.

Wait for about an hour or two and rinse the entire plant with fresh lukewarm or room temperature water, and repeat this process at 7 days intervals or as needed.

Scales are sucking insects that remain motionless on plants or so it seems, scales can be removed by scraping with a flat firm object or by cleaning your bonsai with a cotton ball or swab dipped in isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol. Avoid the use of other alcohols such as methanol or ethanol which can be very harsh on the plant’s tissues contributing to damage.

The scales can now be removed by scraping with a flat firm object, use tissue, or paper towel to completely dry your plant. Once bonsai is dried inspect for more scales, repeat this procedure at 1 to 2 weeks intervals or as needed.

Golden Larch Bonsai Pruning Repotting

For your golden larch to thrive its best repot each year or once a year, transplanting operation should be carried out during the end of February or March. When the dormant bud tips begin to get shiny is the best time (effective) to transplant.

Golden Larch Bonsai Propagation

Air-layering is one method to propagate your bonsai plant, this procedure is carried out in late spring by simply cutting a small strip of bark in a circular pattern. Remove the strip and wrap that part of the area where the strip of bark was moved with a small bag filled with moist sphagnum and peat moss.

Keep the sphagnum and peat moss evenly moist, roots should begin to emerge from this area in about 6-12 weeks, once that area has a good root system remove by cutting just below the root ball and transplant into a container that will give the roots room to grow. The container should have holes for water drainage.  The peat and the sphagnum should remain around the roots, when potting, a potting medium that is specifically blended for bonsai should be used. To enjoy your golden larch bonsai Order Now.

The final word on Golden Larch Bonsai

The bonsai plant is a work of art, these plants are unique and there is non another plant that can grow like them which I think is so amazing. Give the bonsai tree a try. You will be so happy with the results as this plant put on its best show by displaying its beauty, the golden larch bonsai has made a name for itself which I think is so cool what about you?


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  1. When I think of bonsai it immediately reminds me of China and their techniques and skills of growing plants. Today, bonsai is a well – know and valued species and technique all over the word. The purpose is that you can grow a miniature tree in a small flower pot in the house, and take care of it like a big tree.

  2. Interesting to learn about the Golden Larch Bonsai tree, I have always wanted one and afraid would not survive due to lack of knowledge of caring for this plant. Now that I have read your blog post, feel like can properly take care of the Golden Larch Bonsai tree now! Have booked marked your website and shared with my social friends as well. 

    • Hello, Jannette I am so happy that I could help, these trees are amazing. You will find that the care of these plants is easy and so delightful. Thanks so much for also bookmarking and sharing this post with your social friends. Wishing you the best of success and please let me know how it goes with your golden larch bonsai project. Have a good day!

  3. Hi norman very good and informative post. It was very concise throughout with lots of headings which made it really easy to identify where the important parts for me personally were, which i really appreciate as a reader. I have always been fascinated with bonzai trees and recently bought my mother one and thought it best to learn about them. The golden larch is a beautiful bonzai.  

    • Hello, Isarc thank you so much for your kind words, I am so happy to help, these trees are amazing. I love how they grow. It’s like having a big, small tree growing indoors. Thanks again for stopping by.


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