Grow A Geiger Tree From Seeds

 10 Steps to Grow Geiger Tree from Seeds

Grow A Geiger Tree From Trees-geiger-tree-flowers
A Geiger Tree

The geiger tree (Cordia sebestena) is a stunning plant that’s native to the Caribbean islands, and possibly the Florida Keys. This garden beauty thrives well in tropical and sub-tropical regions. The geiger tree is a hardy evergreen that produces dark green leaves that are stiff, growing 4-9- inches long, The flowers that this plant puts fort are even more stunning growing in clusters of yellow, orange, or white.

What I love about this ornamental evergreen is its drought-tolerant, if you’re living in a coastal area then the geiger tree is the perfect fit for your garden because this hardy plant is salt-tolerant withstanding the salt sprays. The geiger tree can also reach heights of 10-15 ft and can get even taller.

If you’re looking for a plant that’s showy, producing an abundance of beautiful flowers along with being hardy and low maintenance then the geiger tree is just what you may be looking for. Below we will be discussing how to grow a geiger tree from seeds.

Tips for Growing

1. The seeds of the geiger tree grow best in soils that are well-drained and moist, therefore it’s important that you give seeds a good start by providing the ideal soil. Incorporate or mix together half potting soil, vermiculite or perlite, and half sand, once completed place this mixture in a 3-gallon container. Make sure the soil is moist, not waterlogged or water-saturated, the container should have drain holes for water drainage.

2. Before planting, scarify the seeds gently rubbing them with something coarse like sandpaper or a file, or by using a knife and making nicks in the shell. Be careful however not to injure your finger or damage the seeds inside. The goal is to only crack the shell.

3. The seeds should be soaked in water for several hours anywhere from 6 to 24 hours

4. Deposit the seeds onto the soil’s surface.

5. With a thin layer of soil ( the seem mixture in step 1) ensure that the seeds are completely covered.

6. Now water the seeds, it’s best to connect a garden shower head hose attachment nozzle to your hose so the water can run gently or a watering can or jug with a shower head that allows the water to come out fine and misty instead of coarse droppings. The reason for this is if the water comes out of the hose pressurized will disturb the seeds along with removing that thin layer of soil that you cover the geiger seeds with. If you don’t have a hose nozzle with a showerhead or can be adjusted to a showerhead then a simple trick is to get a plastic container or jug.

Next with a sharp object like a knife or a scissors puncture or make several small holes at the bottom and you are done and guess what you did not have to visit your garden center or plant nursery to purchase a shower hose attachment will save you those hard-earned dollars along with time.

7. Now water your seeds by filling your homemade water jug with water and let the water run gently onto your seeds.

8. Place the container in an area that gets full sun to partial shade, the seeds will take several weeks before germinating.

9. Make sure that the soil does not dry out completely but keep moist at all times, remember not to overwater because water-saturated soils can encourage root rot.

10. After the seeds have germinated and grown several inches tall can be transplanted.

The final word on growing a geiger tree from seeds

Growing the geiger tree from seeds is also simple as 1-2-3, these steps will aid you to have good success as you seek to grow this tropical beauty. I believe that investing in the geiger tree by growing from seeds is a cheap way to grow and make this plant a part of your garden and landscape design so go for it and give it a try you will be so happy with the results the geiger tree gives you.


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7 thoughts on “Grow A Geiger Tree From Seeds”

  1. Hello Norman,

    I love garden but I have little time for gardening, I keep reading about gardening and garden as result I found my eyes reading this post! The following is something I know already and I love to share it here.

    Grow Geiger Tree from Seeds is a great offer for anyone who is looking to start their own garden. Geiger Trees are known for their lush green leaves and low maintenance. It’s the perfect plant for someone who wants to grow plants that are easy to take care of.

    Geiger trees are native to Southern Asia and South America, but they can be grown in North America as well. They grow best in tropical climates with warm winters, but they can also grow well in subtropical climates with mild winters.

    The Geiger Tree is a fast growing evergreen tree that only grows about 20-30 feet tall at maturity. They have long, deep green leaves that can range from 3-6 inches long depending on how much sunlight they receive each day.

    Have great garden, Norman.

    • Hello, Safia thank you so much for sharing, you surely know a lot about the geiger tree, these trees are really amazing and delightful. I love the beautiful flowers they produce which are so stunning, thanks again for sharing, and all the best to you.

  2. Gardening is something I’ve grown more and more fond of over the years. Recently, where I live we’ve seen a large supply issue with perishables due to severe weather and odd seasonal changes (global warming for the win). Its made me question the ability to grow our own foods to help support ourselves instead of relying on the markets to provide. 

    Unrelated to growing food, this last Spring I planted a Perennial Hosta, as it was an easy to care for plant, that grew to take up an awkward part of my garden. It bloomed some really nice flowers as well. However, I live in a desert type environment and I forgot to trim it down and pull the bulbs out for safe keeping next spring. I’ve left him there and am concerned if I’ll be able to grow with the same bulbs again. Are you able to let me know if this will be possible? I grew attached to him haha..I currently have him trimmed back.

    Thanks for the gardening tips on the Geiger Tree.. I look forward to more!


    • Because of the change in the climate, has presented some challenges but I believe we can still grow our own foods in our backyard garden. As with your hosta, it’s possible. I have seen bulbs that have died and the next growing season it regrew again, that is one of the wonderful things about blubs. Hope this helps and all the best to you.


  3. As my region is currently bracing for a big winter storm, it’s nice to read about how to grow a Geiger Tree that is native to areas more tropical than my home. I suspect my home may be too cold for a Geiger Tree to thrive, but my bestie in coastal Florida would love to cultivate one of these beauties! Thanks for the easy-to-follow steps for success!

  4. I have a mature Geiger Tree and get about 25-30 seeds a year if I leave them on the ground the squirrels eat them when I plant them the squirrels dig them up,this year I’m going to try a covered container


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