Grow Bags For Tomatoes

Tomato Growing Grow Bag Guide

Grow Bags For Tomatoes-tomatoes-growing
Tomatoes growing

There is a popular belief that tomatoes are vegetables but what I found to be interesting is that although tomatoes are considered to be a vegetable its actually a fruit. This staple food is used in so many recipes, whether preparing that delicious meal from the home kitchen or dining out (restaurants) it is clear that tomatoes have found their way into the hearts of people worldwide.

It’s believed that tomatoes’ origin stretches back as far as around “700 A.D during the time of the early Aztecs, it’s also recorded that around the 16th century the Europeans were first introduced to tomatoes when the early explorers set sail to discover new lands”.

Tomatoes, (Solanum lycopersicum) is a flowering plant in the nightshade family, there are said to be more than 30 species of tomatoes. China is by far the largest tomato grower in the world.” in 2018 China produced approximately 61.5 million tons, India came in second with 19. 3 million tons, and the USA came in third with 12.6 million tons”.

Tomatoes can be grown from a home garden or containers however we will be discussing how to successfully grow and care for tomatoes in grow bags. Want to know more about how this is done then continue reading to find out, but before we continue with growing tomatoes in grow bags what we want to look at first is what is a grow bag.

Grow Bags for Tomatoes

Grow bags are usually made from felt or other non-woven pressed fabric, these fabrics have tiny holes in them that allow the air to circulate freely. This air that circulates freely helps the roots of plants to absorb or take up water and nutrients from the soil easily. What I love about grow bags is they’re strong and can be reused making Grow Bags a Great Investment. What is also amazing about grow bags are as the tomatoes’ roots beings to spread and touch the edges of these bags the roots offshoot in new fibrous hair growth because of the grow bag’s texture that helps the tomatoes’ roots to root prune which will encourage a healthy root system. Grow bags are great for those who don’t have the space if you have a balcony, a porch, patio, live in an apartment, or seeking to garden from a small location or it may be a location where the soil is hard to work with then grow bags are the key.

What you will need

  • Determinate Tomato Plant or Seeds
  • Your grow bag/grow bags depend on the number of tomatoes that are intended to grow
  • Organic potting mix-this type of potting mix will hold the right amount of water but will allow excess water to drain. This potting mixture will also help the tomato plant to absorb and retain fertilizers.
  • Organic fertilizer
  • Water
  • 1 Tbsp Epsom Salt

Grow Bags for Tomatoes

Grow Bags For Tomatoes-a-tomato-plant
A tomato plant

1. Location is so important, the best area to place your grow bag/bags is an area that gets lots and lots of sunlight.

2. Now open the grow bag and add the organic potting mix, the first amount of potting mixture should be about 3-4 inches. Make sure to press the soil firmly around the base.

3. When planting your tomato plant in a grow bag plant a little deeper in the soil, the reason for this is the stems will sprout roots encouraging a stronger and healthy plant.

4. If sowing seeds directly do so when the bag is 3/4 inch filled with the organic mix.

5. Once the grow bag is halfway full add some water.

6. Continue to add the organic mixture around your tomato plant.

7. Apply organic fertilizer and Epsom salt around the base of the plant, the Epsom salt will help to protect your tomato plant against blossom rot while the organic fertilizer will supply the needed nutrients.

8. Continue to add the organic mix until the grow bag is full.

9. Adding 2 inches of mulch (optional) can help to retain moisture.

Harvesting Tomatoes

It can take anywhere from 70 to 75 days before reaping a harvest.

Note: Water may tend to dry out faster because of the texture of grow bags, therefore, it is important to check the soil daily, the soil should be somewhat moist not waterlogged or water-saturated which can lead to root rot.

The final word on growing tomatoes in grow bags

The use of grow bags is a great way to grow tomatoes and other plants if you don’t have the space, these bags have proven to get the job done. I believe that Grow Bags makes a Great Investment so go ahead and Order Your Grow Bags Now and join the many who are having Much Success by gardening in a bag. I PROMISE  You, You will be so Happy with the Results as these Bags Goes to Work for you by Helping You to Reap a Good harvest.


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8 thoughts on “Grow Bags For Tomatoes”

  1. Hey this was a great guide, and certainly interesting to read that tomatoes have been around since then! I didn’t know there were that many species too!

    I’ve been wanting to purchase a grow bag since I have learnt about them and how space friendly they are! My main concern when deciding to grow fruit, vegs or any plants in that case, is the limit of space, grow bags is definitely a helpful invention!

    Thanks for this!

    • Hello, Grow bags are so amazing, these bags are great for those who don’t have the space, if you have a balcony, a porch, patio or live in an apartment or seeking to garden from a small location or it may be a location where the soil is hard to work with then grow bags are the key. I am so happy to help, thanks for stopping by and commenting, all the best of success to you.

  2. This is the right text for those who are engaged in agriculture and who enjoy it. I think these ways of growing tomatoes are very popular in the world today. I’m still not sure if it’s fruits or vegetables. I will definitely apply these tips in my garden and recommend them to others.

  3. Thank you for this article on how to use tomato grow bags.  I had always overlooked growing tomatoes because I thought I needed an ample and adequate plot of land. 

    Not only is it possible to grow tomatoes this way just about anywhere by using grow bags, but also the process of growing tomatoes seems easier this way.  Using grow bags appears to be pretty straight forward and simple.

    Are there some varieties that are better when using grow bags, or am I free to use whichever one I prefer?

  4. Norman! Your post here on tomatoes has been eye-opening. The history of where the tomatoes originated from was fascinating to learn about. Never thought about where a tomato comes from. I don’t really eat them unless they are in a salad chopped up or on a burger. I never heard of grow bags for tomatoes. I can see how this is a good investment for people who garden. I will definitely pass this article on to my gardening friends!

    • Hello Jamie, tomatoes sure came a mighty long way down to our time. Tomatoes are used in so many ways. I am so happy to help. Thanks so much for passing this information on to your friends. Wishing you the best of sueccess and have a good day. 


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