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Kids Pizza Garden

Grow Your Own Pizza Garden-a-pizza
A pizza

Garden enthusiasts and weekend warriors alike are finding creative ways to continually keep gardening fresh, alive, and vibrant which I think is pretty amazing. There are so many types and styles of gardens that have captured the attention of so many persons either on a small scale such as home gardens or on a wider scale for example team parks, parks, garden shows, etc…

In this article, we will be discussing another creative way to connect with nature and the fun part is kids can even get involved as they are thought about the importance of edible plants including their names and the various flavors and aromas these edible plants produce. They can also learn about soils, the importance of water and water management, and plant nutrients that are the building blocks of plant life.

They can be thought about sustaining one’s self through gardening (growing edible plants). Who knows, you may have sparked an interest that your kids may even consider a career in gardening or the many exciting science fields that is plant related. So with that said let’s have some fun as we create a pizza garden.

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What is a Pizza Garden?

Grow Your Own Pizza Garden-tomatoes
Tomatoes growing

I am so happy that you asked, a pizza garden is a garden type that is formed or shaped in a circular pattern like a pizza followed by growing plants that are used to make a pizza

What you will need

  • 3 strips of stick
  • Cobra edging
  • A garden hose
  • A pick ax
  • Edible plant seedlings, onions or chives, tomato, rosemary, bell pepper, oregano, basil, parsley,

Steps to How to Make a Pizza Garden?

How To Grow Your Pizza Garden-rosemary
Rosemary herb

1. Locate a sunny area in your yard, the area that’s chosen should get at least 6-8 hours of sunlight. Also, decide how large you want your pizza garden to be. This is so important because this will help decide how many plants to install, the size of your pizza garden is also important because as your pizza garden grows there must be sufficient space for your plants to grow comfortably. Avoid overcrowding that can encourage poor air-circulation which will lead to browning of the leaves followed by leaf drop.

2. Because this is a pizza garden you’re creating the garden must be in the form of a pizza which is the fun part, once you decided how wide your pizza garden is going to be, with the garden hose form the circle to your desire size, next with a piece of stick or plant limb from the inside of the garden hose goes around in a circular pattern marking or outlining the circle. The garden hose will help to give a complete round circle, once the circular pattern has been marked out remove the hose. Or if you prefer to draw a complete round circle without the use of a garden hose can work as well.

Grow Your Own Pizza Garden-onions
Purple and white onions

3. Now with the pointed part of the pick ax go around in a circular pattern and dig about 2-3 inches into the circle that was formed, the reason for this is this is where your cobra edging will go. Cobra edging is a thick plastic material that’s used in many garden designs to separate plant beds or restricts grass from growing into garden beds.

Once this is done, measure out the length of cobra edging you will need, with a hand pruner cut the edging, Now the part of the edging that was cut place the flat part in the circular trench that was dug, you may need some help with this remember to get the kids in involved this is their project.

Only the top part of the edging should be above ground, as you go around in a circular pattern hold the edging frim and backfill it with soil until an entire pattern is formed with the edging. Cobra edging comes with clips, it’s a piece of hard plastic that you attach to one end of the edging and then attach the other end to the other end of the edging. This clip will hold the edging together, if there is any weeding or debris to move, remove it at this time also.

Grow Your Own Pizza Garden-bell-peppers
Bell peppers

4. Next place the wood pieces inside of the edging, think of it as making a pizza and then slicing that pizza into sections, ok to make it easier with 2 strips of wood make an X in the middle of your pizza garden, then with the other strip of wood lay it across or in the middle of the X. Each wood strip should touch when laid in place and should be long enough to touch the end or making contact (inside) with the cobra edging.

5. If your soil is not ideal consider adding compost, compost will help to build the soil along with encouraging water drainage and good water/nutrients uptake by the plant’s roots. Even if you have the ideal soil adding organics will help with soil improvement. When planting your seedlings ensure that the entire root ball is underground.

Onions should be planted 4 to 5 inches apart, oregano and thyme should be planted 10 to 12 inches apart, bell peppers 12 to 15 inches apart, rosemary and basil should be planted 15 to 18 inches apart, and tomatoes 2 1/2 feet apart. Tomatoes run like a vine so it is good to provide support for them to run. The support will control the direction in which the tomato vine runs

Grow Your Own Pizza Garden-basil
Basil herb

6. When watering your pizza garden ensure that the soil is moist at all times not waterlogged but moist, tomatoes however will require more moisture. Water from the base of the plant or at the ground or soil level, the reason for this is to avoid water from coming in contact with the leaves which can lead to disease. With some patience, both you and your kids will reap a good harvest.

The final word on growing your own pizza garden

Growing your very own pizza garden is that easy, this garden type can be so much fun for kids as well as adults, I believe a garden of this sort can get kids interested in plants, how to maintain them, and all of the other exciting stuff that gardening has to offer. It is good to pass the baton on to the next generation so they can continue what we started, who knows they may be able to bring some improvements also.


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