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How to grow a grapefruit tree?

Grapefruit has a taste unlike non-other the flavor of this fruit takes getting used to, there are some if not most grapefruit that is somewhat bitter but the good part about this fruit is the benefit it has.

I myself have a grapefruit every chance I get because I know that this fruit is filled with all kinds of goodness that can keep me in tip top shape.

I also love to drink the grapefruit juice because it is rich in vitamins and has so many benefits that are an added plus.

Growing a grapefruit tree is not that hard all it takes is knowing what to do and you will be well on your way to owning your own fruit tree that will provide you with many fruits for years to come.

Growing a grape fruit tree

Grapefruit trees can be planted in the spring or fall, The first thing to determine is finding an area that gets least 6-8 hours of sunlight, also make sure that the area provides enough space for the plant to grow.

The planting soil should be a well drained loamy soil. The planting hole should be twice the size of the root ball so that roots can establish much quicker. For example, if the root ball is two feet in diameter then the planting hole should be four feet wide. Compost, Organic soil, Organic gardening.

When placing the plant in the hole do not plant deep because the plant will suffer set backs, only the root ball should be below ground.

Once the plant is in the hole back fill with compost or organic soil and firm soil around the plant to stabilize. Run water a round root ball this process will not only ensure that your plant is being watered but this process will also settle the soil.

Make sure that your grapefruit tree gets acquitted water each day, soil should be moist and not waterlogged.


Mulching has many benefits, help to keep weeds down, hold moisture, keep the soil cool, add nutrients as it breaks down and beautifies. Place about 3   inches of mulch around the tree.To learn more about the benefit of mulching follow the link.

This can also help to protect plant roots from the cold ensuring proper establishment and protection of the tree.

Fertilizer method

It is good t o use a citrus fertilizer or an organic fertilizer. Make sure read and follow the label, because the label is the law.

Time to harvest

Grapefruit tree can reach anywhere from 25-45 feet so giving this plant adequate space to grow is a must.  Wait until fruits are full and turn a pink- yellow color.

Benefit of grapefruit

1.Aids in weight loss.

2.Lowers blood pressure.

3.Helps to fight the fever and the common cold.

4.Promotes heart health

5.Aids with bowel movements.

6.Grapefruit is loaded with water and can keep you hydrated.

7.Help to fight cancer.

8.Aids in digestion.

9.Promotes immune health.

10.Aids in skin care.

11.Helps to lower cholesterol.

12.Helps to fight the stroke.

Vitamin content

Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Dietary fiber, Potassium, Pectin

Final word

Adding grapefruit to your diet is a great way to get those needed benefits and vitamins your body needs. This is a great way to stay in tip top shape as nature offers her best.

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