Growing A Hamlin Orange Tree In South Florida Gardens

How to Grow a Hamlin Orange Tree in South Florida

Growing A Hamlin Orange Tree In South Florida Gardens-and-orange-tree
And Orange Tree

A popular orange tree that’s grown in South Florida gardens is Hamlin oranges, once installed and cared for correctly will produce a harvest of sweet juicy oranges. Oranges are a staple food that can be found in many kitchens and is consumed in so many ways including fruit bowls as part of breakfast, lunch or dinner, or a healthy snack.

Growing your very own orange tree from your South Florida garden gives you the advantage of having sweet, juicy oranges at your fingertips not to mention consuming freshly squeezed (juicing)  orange juice that does not get fresher than that.

This grow and care guide on the Hamlin orange tree will ensure that you have much success, so continue reading to see how easy this is done because the sweet reward is worth the effort, and besides you owe it to yourself to eat the fruits of your labor.

Hamlin Orange Tree Quick Growth Guide

Growing A Hamlin Orange Tree In South Florida Gardens-a-glass-of-orange-juice
A glass of orange juice
  • The best time for planting is spring or early fall.
  • Plant in a sunny location and give plenty of space for proper growth, don’t install the tree where branches will block windows, doors, grow into the roof or powerlines, etc…
  • Before installation dig the hole as deep as the root ball and the width should be three times the width of the root ball to sit comfortably and for the roots to grow and run comfortably.
  • Once the soil is removed from the planting hole mix the soil with compost or peat moss, this action will cause the soil to become nutrient-rich.
  • The ideal way to remove Hamlin orange tree from the container depending on the size lay the container on its side, gently but firmly go around the container by pressing with a little pressure.
  • Once the plant’s root ball starts to separate from the container gently pull the plant from the container.
  • The container can also be cut down the four sides to separate the plant from the container.
  • Once the plant is out of the container place the plant in the hole and remove the burlap if there is any, the burlap is biodegradable and will break down however.
  • Build a small mound at the bottom of the planting hole if possible to improve soil drainage. The Plant however should be mounted or placed on the mound.
  • Return the soil to the planting hole and pack firmly around the plant, ensure that the entire root ball is completely covered, and the entire trunk should be above the ground.
  • Ensure that the plant is erected now make a catch basin (circle) around the tree trunk, the reason for the catch basin is to hold moisture and to direct the water into the root zone, or adding a 3-inch layer of mulch around the trunk will help to retain moisture and suppress weeds.
  • Keep mulch 12-18 inches from the tree trunk because mulches that are allowed to make contact with the tree trunk can rot because of moisture.



Hamlin Planting Location

The ideal time for planting is either in spring or early fall. Install your Hamlin orange tree in a location that gets an abundance of warmth and sunlight, in fact, an area that gets 8 hours of sunlight per day is ideal. This amount of sunlight will encourage the production of sweetness in this fruit. Provide ample or sufficient space for the tree to grow because at maturity the Hamlin orange tree can reach heights of 20-25 feet while the dwarf variety reaches 6-10 feet tall.

Soil Type

The best soil type to grow Hamlin orange trees is a soil that’s loamy-rich and well-drained, a soil that drains poorly will encourage fungal issues followed by root rot. The soil pH level should be slightly acidic to neutral,  anywhere from 6.0 to 7.0 for the orange tree to grow its best. The addition of good potting soil or compost will provide the needed nutrients and help to loosen the native soil.

Watering Methods

To grow their best Hamlin orange tree need plenty of water but can’t tolerate soggy soil, to improve drainage, at the time of planting build a small mound at the bottom of the planting hole. Trees that are established grow best with about 1 inch of water per week. However, depending on how much rainfall is in your area monitor, this will help to gauge how much water your Hamlin orange receives.

Fertilizing Methods

When growing Hamlin trees in warm climates for example zones 10 and 11 fertilize year-round to encourage continual growth and fruit production. However, when growing in cooler climates apply fertilizer every 1-2 months during the growing season. For small or young trees fertilize at half the strength, once the tree reaches maturity fertilize at full strength or according to the manufacturer’s directions. A well-balanced fertilizer for example 10-10-10 is ideal.

Pruning Procedures

The Hamlin orange tree needs regular pruning to encourage outward growth,  this will also increase the tree’s orange production. A common trade practice is to reduce the amount of orange buds that grow. Reducing the orange buds to about 2o% will encourage the tree to focus its energy on the remaining oranges which will produce sweeter and larger oranges.

Tree branches that are dead, broken, or diseased should be cut with hand pruner or lopper shears, a pruning saw can work as well. Branches that are crossing and rubbing should be removed to encourage outward growth where sunlight will be able to reach the lower branches. Ensure that pruning tools are sterilized before and after pruning procedures. A pruning tool that has been used on diseased tree parts should not be used on healthy growth until the pruning tool is sterilized with a mixture of bleach and water.

Hamlin Orange Tree Insect Control

Watch out for aphids, and scales. spider mites, leafminers, whiteflies, sooty mold, and Asian citrus psyllids, treat insect pests with insecticidal soap, neem oil, or horticultural oil. For the best results read and follow the manufacturer’s directions.

Hamlin Orange Tree Disease Control

Various bacterial and fungal diseases can negatively impact the leaves the fruits and the tree’s trunk, these diseases are root rot, citrus canker, and citrus melanose. These diseases can be treated with fungicide applications. For the best results read and follow the manufacturer’s directions.

A Bonus Point Just for You

A great way to help boost the flower anf the fruiting prodction of your hamlin orange tree is by installing native plants in your garden that will pollinators. Some native plants that are a perfect much includes.

The final word on growing a Hamlin orange tree in South Florida Gardens

Growing the Hamlin orange tree in your florida garden is that simple, all it takes is knowing how and this guide will show you the steps of having success with this orange tree type. If you’re considering gowing and orange tree the follow this guide. I promise you, you will be more than happy with the results as you harvest and eat the fruits of your labor.


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  1. Hello! your  insightful guide on growing Hamlin Orange Trees in South Florida brilliantly outlines the key steps for success.  Optimal planting times and soil preparation and ongoing care, the comprehensive instructions ensure a rewarding harvest. Your attention  on pruning for increased fruit quality and disease prevention demonstrates a holistic approach. The bonus tip about incorporating native plants for pollination adds a thoughtful touch. Overall, a valuable resource for anyone looking to cultivate delicious, homegrown oranges in the Florida sunshine.Thank you for sharing!

    • Hello, thank you so much for your kind words, this guide is helpful and will give much success when growing Hamlin orange tree to produce a sweet harvest!


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