Growing A Lemon Tree From Seeds

Lemon Tree Seed Growing Guide

Growing A Lemon Tree From Seeds-Lemon-with-seeds
Lemon seeds

Lemons have a delightful zesty taste and are used in many food recipes and drinks for their amazing flavors, the lemon peel or skin can also be used for these seem purposes. The lemon tree as we know grows in tropical-sub tropical regions and comprises some 30 different species.

Lemon trees can be grown either by planting them from seedlings, mature plants, mossing and even propagation from cuttings, another method that can be successfully used is growing a lemon tree from seeds. Following this simple guide will equip you with the know-how of how easy this (growing a lemon tree from seeds) process is.

Growing A Lemon Tree from Seeds

When seeking to grow a lemon tree from seeds the first step in the right direction is in the selection of seeds, the seeds that are chosen should be healthy and taken from a lemon that’s juicy with plenty of water because the parent lemon where they seeds are taken from will produce after its kind.

To remove the seeds from the pulp simply cut the lemon in half and gently squeeze but give a little pressure or use a spoon to remove the seeds. If the seeds have any clinging pulp remove them by rinsing them in fresh water, do not allow the seeds to dry out ensure that the seeds remain moist at all times. Allowing the seeds to dry out will decrease their chance of germination.

Choice of Pots

The pot that is chosen can be a 6-inch pot or a 1-gallon plastic container with drain holes for water drainage, the idea soil that’s chosen can be a good garden soil or a mixture of half peat moss and half perlite or sand. Optional but it’s good to pasteurize the soil to eliminate plant virus, bacteria, and insects if any is present.

The soil should be moist and heated at a temperature of 140 degrees for 30 minutes in an oven or over charcoal in a barbecue, Once the soil has been heated remove it, let cool, and then place the soil in the pot. This increases the chances of seed germination, plant several lemon seeds about 1/2 inch deep into the soil.

Moisten the soil slightly and wrap the top of the pot in plastic, this will help the soil to remain moist, ensure however that the soil is not waterlogged or saturated.

The seeds should be kept located in an area where the temperature is around 70 degrees F. (21 C.) once the seeds emerge from the soil, move the pot to an area that gets indirect sunlight followed by removal of the plastic wrap. Keep checking to see when the seedlings produce several sets of leaves.

At this point, the seedlings can be transplanted into 6-inch pots or a 1-gallon pot, fill the pot with quality soil that can be purchased from your plant nursery or garden center. Keeping the soil moist is a must for your young seedling, a water-soluble fertilizer high in potassium is ideal. Fertilize once a month. Before fertilizing however read the manufacture label for the best results.

Once the seedlings get larger they can be transplanted in a larger pot or better still plant directly into the ground in the full sunlight, Prune early in the spring to encourage new growth along with fruiting. If your lemon tree is kept in a pot, during the wintertime place the pot in an area that’s free of the draft. Also during winter reduce the amount of water your lemon tree is receiving and discontinue fertilizing which can encourage new growth that can be winter-killed. It will take some time before you can reap a harvest which will take anywhere from 5 to 6 years.

The final word on growing a lemon tree from seeds

Growing a lemon tree from seeds is that simple, following this guide will give you much success, you may have to wait a while before harvest time but it’s worth the wait as you have an almost endless supply of this citrus.


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2 thoughts on “Growing A Lemon Tree From Seeds”

  1. Hi Norman, this is a very helpful guide on how to grow lemon trees from seed. I love how you put the soil in the oven first, I have never come across that suggestion! When my boys were young, we used to sprout seeds by putting them in moist cotton wool, and then plant them once they had sprouted. So can one do that with lemon seeds, rather than plant straight into the ground?

    I was always under the impression that fruit trees need to be grafted, rather than grown from seed, otherwise the fruit might be sour. But I guess lemons are sour in any case, so wouldn’t really matter. 

    Thanks for sharing, this is a project that I can do with my granddaughter, who loves being in the garden with me. 

    • Hello Line so good to see you again and thanks so much for sharing, growing lemon seeds in moist cotton wool should work. Just give it a try and see what happens also drop me a line of how the experiment goes

      Thanks again and happy gardening!


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