Growing Mandevilla Indoors

Successfully Growing Mandevilla Indoors

Potted Mandevilla -growing-mandevillas-indoors
Potted Mandevilla Vine

It gives such a good feeling to bring nature indoors, including garden plants on the interior can really take it up a notch. I remembered many years ago the apartment in which I lived needed a facelift on the interior so besides changing the carpet and shifting around the furniture I added a few plants, by the time I was finished my apartment was totally transformed it was a total makeover and it looked really great. Indoor plants not only bring that much-needed flavor but have the ability to purify the air that we breathe by pulling toxins out of the air so by adding these plants indoors we get the best of both worlds sounds good ok we will be having a look at growing another garden beauty indoors which is the Mandevilla.

Growing and caring for Mandevillas on the interior can give that WOW, this tropical beauty can really liven things up with its beautiful display of flowers which will give you a taste of the tropics. Why should these plants only grace our landscapes and gardens when they can be brought indoors displaying their dazzling effects and charm? So if you are interested in knowing how to grow and care for Mandevillas on the interior then stick around trust me it will be worth your time.

Growing and caring for Mandevillas indoors

As was discussed in my previous post growing Mandevillas in the home garden we look at how these tropical beauties display beautiful flowers that can lighten up our garden areas. The Mandevilla is a native of South America and this plant is also a gardener’s choice, in my home garden, I have a display of these plants growing on my fence with its clusters of yellow flowers that is really amazing. The good news is with the right knowledge we can have success when growing them indoors. Here are the steps which must be taken

Garden Tower Project

Growing Mandevilla Indoors

What you will need.

White mandevilla vine-growing-mandevilla-indoors
White Mandevilla Vine
  •  A large container
  •  Potting Mix.
  • Your Mandevilla Plant.
  •  A Trellis.
  •  A Shovel
  •  Watering Can
  •  A Saucer

A large container

Choosing a large container will ensure that your Mandevilla will have plenty of space as it matures. The container should have drain holes to allow excess water to drain. Because if the water does not find a way to escape your plant will suffer root rot.

Potting Soil

Soil does matter, for your Mandevilla to grow healthy good potting soil such as soil that drains well but holds the right amount of moisture is a must. Check with your nursery or garden center for this type of soil. Once you have chosen your container fill about half of it with this potting soil.

Your Mandevilla Plant

Next, add your Mandevilla plant, and continue to backfill with more potting soil. A word of caution here once your Mandevilla is planted make sure that it is not planted too deeply because if installed in this manner the roots of your plant will suffocate also because the plant is planted too deeply the roots will have a hard time absorbing nutrients.

The Trellis

The trellis should be inserted into the soil, The top of the trellis should be either leveled with the top of your plant or a few inches above your plant. Next, with tie straps beginning to attach the runners or climbers, do not tie the strap tightly because this can cause injury to the runners or climbers. The job of the trellis is to support and control the direction in which your Mandevilla grows.

Watering Can

With a watering can water your Mandevilla until the water comes out of the drain hole. This thorough watering is not only needed to give your plant a good drink but also to settle the soil.

A Saucer

Once the soil has drained move your Mandevilla indoors. Look for an area that gets indirect bright light but has sufficient room for your Mandevilla to grow, place your saucer in that area, and set the container into the saucer.

Additional Information

Before bringing your Mandevilla indoors give a thorough inspection to see if there are any garden insect pests that may be lurking. These listed pests and how to treat them can be found under the section on Mandevilla plant care. If your Mandevilla is free of these listed pests then continue to bring your plant indoors but if pests are discovered then treat them before moving your plant on the inside.

The room temperature

Ensure that the room temperature is above 60 degrees F. This temperature is needed for your plant to thrive.

Watering Methods

The soil should be somewhat moist so keep a check on the soil and as it drys give your Mandevilla a drink. During the winter months, you may need to decrease the amount of water they receive.

Spring Time

During springtime, if you decided to relocate your container-grown Mandevilla outdoors ensure first that the temperature is above 50 degrees F. Place your container in an area that gets partial sun gradually moving the container to get full sunlight after a week to a week and a half.

Fertilizing Methods

The use of a fertilizer that is high in phosphorus will help in boosting plant bloom. Before using fertilizers read and follow the manufacturer’s label because the label is the law.

The final word

The Mandevilla plant can be grown and cared for indoors whether you are overwintering or making them a part of your interior. Following these steps will help your Mandevilla to grow at its best. This is a great way to bring the tropics indoors with these tropical beauties so go ahead and give them a try as you get a taste of the tropics you have nothing to lose as you brighten up your interior with their dazzling colors.


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