Growing Pentas in Pots

Tips to Grow Pentas in Pots

Growing Pentas In Pots-butterfly-on-pentas
Pentas flowering plant with butterfly

Pentas or the Egyptian star is native to tropical southern Africa, Madagascar, Comoros, and the Arabian Peninsula. This garden beauty belongs to the family Rubiaceae and attracts pollinators. Pentas are commonly installed in garden and landscaping designs such as border plants, in hanging baskets, around the trunks of trees, along a garden path walkway,  throughout a garden plant bed, etc…

Because Pentas are tropical plants they prefer three or more hours of sunlight each day, insufficient lighting will cause Pentas to become leggy, flower drop may occur as well. Although Pentas thrives in full sunlight, Pentas can tolerate some afternoon shade as well.

Soil Type

A soil pH that’s mildly acidic which is 6.0 will keep your Pentas thriving, amending the soil with an organic mixture will take it a step further to ensure that your Pentas are growing healthy.

Container Size

The container size that’s chosen should be large enough to accommodate the root ball, if the container is too small will encourage root bound that will lend to Penta’s decline. The container that’s chosen should have drain holes to allow excess water to drain which will prevent root rot.

Watering Methods

The soil should be moist and not waterlogged which can lend to root rot, avoid overhead irrigation or keep the leaves from getting wet. When watering apply from the soil level. Consistent wetting of the leaves will encourage brown spots.

Fertilizing Methods

Fertilize Pentas during the growing season with a slow-release fertilizer such as Osmocote. Read and follow the manufactures label for directions.

Garden insect pests of Pentas

Keep an eye out for these garden insect pests.

  • Whiteflies
  • Thrips
  • Aphids

Identifying and treating these garden pests will bring control, using insecticidal soap or horticultural oil will bring elimination.

Temperature and Humidity

Because Pentas are heat-loving plants ensure they are always exposed to the warm climate.


If growing Pentas indoors ensure they are exposed to indirect bright light, a south or west-facing window is ideal. When overwintering Pentas take cuttings or bring plants indoors before the first frost. A water-filled tray with gravel will help to increase the humidity level.

The final word on growing Pentas in pots

Growing Pentas from a container/containers is that simple, all it takes is some know-how and you will have success growing these tropical garden beauties. Just follow this guide, we have done the homework for you I promise you will have these tropical beauties blooming in full color. With that said let’s get started.


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  1. I enjoyed the know-how of growing the Pentas. I live in a cold climate having 3-4 months of warm weather.

    I do have a west-facing sunroom and bringing this plant can be possible.

    The select fertilizer, soil, pots to fit the plant, and pesticides are all covered. 

    Is it possible we can buy seeds to grow them? Sometimes plants near my nursery are very expensive.

    • Yes you can buy seeds just shop around and see which plant nursery or garden center price fit your budget. Hope this helps.


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