Growing Raspberries

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Growing and Caring for a Raspberry Tree

Raspberries are very delicious and have so many great benefits. My fourth son loves these fruits, I remembered there were days when both he and I would walk by the neighbor’s house just so he could pick eat and enjoy those berries.

Then a few years later his mom brought home a raspberry tree for him. The tree was about a foot long or maybe a little shorter. Now 2 1/2-3 years later I am amazed to see how big this tree has grown.

In fact, this tree is so big that it now towers above our house, what was such a tiny tree has grown very tall with lots of delicious berries.

What is interesting to note here is that after she planted the tree all she did was tell him to give it water each day, that’s just water. The soil that is on our property is that good garden loam.

Now for many of you, the conditions may be different, so what we will be looking at is the proper care of a raspberry tree.

Growing Raspberries

1.locate an area that gets 6-8 hours of sunlight.

2. Make sure that the area is an open area because this plant can get pretty big both in height and diameter.

3. Using organic soil or compost will go a long way in your plant’s overall health. Soil PH should also be about 5.8-6.5

4. When choosing your raspberry tree make sure and look for signs of disease, insects, nutrition imbalance, check to see if it is root bound because this can cause a problem.

5. When installing your raspberry tree the planting hole should be twice that of the root ball in diameter. So if the root ball is 2 feet in diameter then the planting hole should be 4 feet in diameter. This extra space will allow your plant not only to be installed easier but your raspberry tree will establish faster.

6. When installing do not plant too deeply, the plant should be installed where only the entire root ball is in the ground, from the stem up should be above ground.

7. After installing the plant, backfill with sub-soil and firm keeping plant erect.

8. Water plant, give it a good soaking. This soaking will help to settle the soil as well as give your raspberry plant a good drink.

9. Allow soil to dry a bit between watering because raspberry doesn’t like wet feet.

Fertilizing your Raspberries

Within the first year of planting, fertilize your raspberries with, triple 10, slow-release fertilizer, or use an organic source.

Harvest time

Your berries will be ready to harvest when the fruit has that rich color. Also, another way of testing is to gently squeeze, tasting can also help with this.

The final word

Raspberries make an excellent choice and will provide you with all that needed vitamin so why not plant a tree of your own. Growing your very own raspberry tree is really neat because you will have all of that goodness at your fingertip


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5 thoughts on “Growing Raspberries”

  1. Norman, thanks for an informative post. When I was growing up we had a Raspberry tree as well. It really was a beautiful tree and when the Raspberries bloomed the colors were magnificent! All the colors of the Raspberries blending with the greenery of the tree, made for one great looking tree. I might add the Raspberries were pretty good as well.

    We didn’t have to plant the tree. It was there when we moved into the house. It was hard to keep any Raspberries on it with us kids around. Your article has given me an idea. I think I will plant a Raspberry tree this week. Thanks for the article.

    All the best to you,

  2. Another great post from you. I do really enjoy visiting your website and reading the wealth of information. I have a question, because I do love raspberries. Do they spread like a weed? If I plant just one tree, it won’t spread into more will it? I would love to plant one or two, and have the perfect spot. I just don’t want it to over take the entire side of the house 🙂

    • Hello again my good friend thanks a million for those kind words. Planting a raspberries do require some space but the good news is that you can always control the height and spread by keeping it pruned. I am so happy that I could help and please let me know how it goes have a good day.

  3. Hi Norman,
    what you write is very valuable as it provides the information as how to grow such a tree in simple and durable way. There’s everything in this short article points 1 to 9 make it tidy and quite easy to do and that gives confidence. The combination of the explanation and the picture made it more fun to read.

    • Hello, Orion so good to meet you and I am so happy that you enjoyed my article, thanks a million for your kind words all the best to you  and have a good day.


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