Growing Trees In Pots

Growing Trees and Shrubs in Pots

Growing Trees In Pots-a-lemon-tree
A lemon Tree

The use of container garden has become so popular, this way of gardening is being used to grow all sorts of plants from herbs to vegetables, ornamentals plants, etc… Though this method of gardening has its advantages there are some don’ts as well that govern having success with this garden type so continue reading to find out about container gardening in particular growing trees and shrubs.

What You Need to Know about Growing Trees and Shrubs in Pots

Gardening with the use of pots has become so popular because of the many benefits it offers including ease of gardening however, consideration should be taken especially when growing trees and shrubs because that little plant that you purchased from the plant nursery will not be small forever and before you know it you will have a plant that is extremely large and too big for the pot in which it was installed.

Things to consider

So you take a trip to the plant nursery and fall in love with that plant and what makes falling in love with this plant, even more, is that the price tag is well within your budget and you can’t see you’re self leaving without that plant, besides it’s the last one that’s left which tells you that this dream plant is really selling.

But before you pull out your cash, checkbook, or bank card here are some questions you must ask before you make that purchase.

What height at which this plant grows

Growing Trees In Pots-a-orange-tree
An orange tree

The height of a plant’s growth is so important to its health, if the size of the pot is not large enough to support that plant you will run into issues. For example, imagine a plant that reaches a height of 12 ft installed in a pot that is only a 7-gallon size you will have problems. But if you use a 15-25 gallon for this plant size then your plant will grow comfortably.

The plant’s width

Using the same example if the root ball at maturity grows to the same in diameter then it only makes sense to install your plant in a container that’s 15-25 gallons. Now what you can do is do several transplant operations as your plant mature.

So when it reaches 4-5 feet you can install it in a 7-gallon pot and as your plants get larger then remove it from the pot that it has outgrown and placed it in a larger pot until its final transplanting operation is into a 15-25 gallon container.

Protecting your potted plant roots from the cold weather

When the cold weather arrives, to protect your plant’s roots from freezing the pot can be buried in the ground followed by adding a 3-inch layer of mulch or by bringing the pot indoors or placing it in a secure area from the harsh winter.


  • You can garden just about anywhere
  • No need to worry about weeding which can be labor-intense
  • Your containers can be moved around in the most favorable or unfavorable conditions
  • Watering is kept at a minimum which helps you to save
  • You can garden successfully although your soil type may not be favorable
  • Maintenance cost is kept low
  • No need to use heavy garden equipment
  • You can garden anytime
  • You can connect with nature indoors with these garden types
  • Garden insect pest is more manageable
  • Reduces the amount of fertilizer that is used which equals a saving
  • These gardens are great for beginners


  • Because plants are confined to containers they are dependent on you for water and nutrients
  • Base on what you are growing plants can outgrow the container
  • Containers dry out faster especially when using pots that are constructed from concrete
  • As plants grow containers may be too heavy to move around.
  • With container gardening, you are limited with what you grow
  • Containers may restrict plant growth
  • Soil microbes will have limited access to the garden soil
  • Containers may not drain as well so ensure there are adequate drains holes

Additional information

1. Ensure that the pot has sufficient holes for water drainage because that water must find a way to escape or can lead to root rot.

2. Gave your potted plant the right kind of nutrients at the proper rate, read and follow the manufactures label for direction.

3. For your plant to be fuller giving a greater yield prune plant at the right season using proper pruning methods.

4. Prune branches that are diseased, branches that may be rubbering. You can also select prune so the plant can retain its natural form along with controlling the height and the plant’s diameter or growth span.

5. Garden insect pests can pose a real problem therefore it is best to know about pest issues and the most effective methods used to eliminate them.

6. You may have root bound issues but all is not lost following this link will give a better understanding of root-bound plants and their care.

The final word on growing trees and shrubs in pot

With this information at your fingertips, you are now ready to successfully grow trees and shrubs from containers remember however that your potted plant is depending on you for water and nutrients to survive so ensure that this need is met at all times that will help you to reap a good harvest or to enjoy the rewards of your labor.




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  1. The basics if anything needs to be understood for someone to get the right result out of it and it does matter a lot when it has to do with planting. The idea of growing trees in pot is very smart and although I have never thought of it neither fo I know how to, I feel elated to see how it can be done. 

  2. What you explained here is exactly what happened to me as well when I first wanted to start out. I didn’t know that there is a possibility of growing tress and shrubs in a pot until I went to the plant nursery but I think there are things I need to know first which you have discussed expertly here

  3. Hello there, I have been working with tree for roughly 10years and during this time we have made so many discoveries about them and overtime we have seen that trees tends to trive well when planted in pots. Many trees and shrubs are really resistant and wouldn’t do well In such kind of condition that why it advice that you change the pots regularly.

    • Container gardening is a great way of gardening because of the many benefits. Once you have the right knowledge you can have much success. All the best to you.


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