Zucchini growing in garden-growing-zucchini-plantsZucchini is a fruit even though it is treated as a veggie. Zucchini is light green or dark. Zucchini is rich in vitamins and has been added to the list of superfoods for its many benefits like helping to keep the body hydrated and its ability to aid the body in so many other ways. What is also amazing about zucchini is that the flowers are edible.

In this article, however, we will be looking at the journey these veggies take from the garden to our dinner tables providing us with the nutrients our bodies need to stay healthy and fit.

Growing Zucchini

When growing zucchini make sure and use soil that is organically rich, one reason for this is that organic soil is great for its watering holding capacity and as your plants mature it will need a good amount of water to perform at its best.

You can either grow zucchini from 15-gallon pots or by preparing a garden area that has good organic soil. Plant seeds about 1/2 to an inch into the soil, each seed should be spaced about 8-12 inches apart.

Keep soil moist, don’t allow to dry out, in a few weeks your seeds will germinate. Give plants another week or so and then you can apply an organic or slow-release fertilizer. Read the label and follow as directed because the label is law.

After you, zucchini starts to flower give it a balanced fertilizer, overfeeding with nitrogen will cause your plant to produce more green while decreasing in fruit production so be very careful when fertilizing.

Make sure at this stage that plant is watered at all times.

Pest Problems

Always be on the lookout for garden pest, there are many pests that attack zucchini such as squash vine borers, Cucumber beetles, Aphids etc… at this point, it is good to use an organic insecticide to control these insects. In my opinion aphids are the easiest to control of all garden pest. with a garden hose attachment, gauge sharpshooter, begin spraying this will know them of plant and kill them.

When applying insecticide make sure and get both the top and the undersides of leaves, apply in the evening before the sun sets and when it is much cooler.

Time of Harvest

Green zucchini-growing-zucchini-plants

This is the fun part after all that tender loving care now comes time to harvest your plant. In a few weeks, your plant will be ready to harvest. You will see beautiful squash forming and developing.

Zucchini can get very large, wait until the fruit is tender by gently squeezing it. Continue to keep the plant well watered not waterlogged but ensure that soils are moist at all times.

You can remove zucchini from the plant by gently holding fruit and twisting it until it breaks off from plant or with a sharp knife or pruner and cut fruit from the stem.

Health benefits of zucchini

1. Great for your skin.

2. Promotes heart health.

3. Is good for your hair.

4. Has been known to help relieve joint pain.

5.Aids in weight loss.

6. Help to keep the body hydrated.

7. Promotes good vision.

8. Lowers cholesterol.

9. Aids in good bowel movement.

1o. Can help to relieve muscle pain.

11. Zucchini has been known to help in the control of diabetes.

12. Promotes Good digestion.

13. Strengthens teeth.

14. Helps to fight colon cancer.

15. Zucchini has also shown medically to lower blood pressure.

Final word

These are just a few of the benefits of zucchini. So by including this fruit in your diet can go a long way in helping to keep you fit and healthy so the next time you make your shopping list be sure and add this veggie or better yet what about growing your very own zucchini plant.

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  1. todd says:

    Great article, My Wife and I love zucchini any chance we can get. We are vegan so this is one of our go to foods for nutrition. You did a great job showing all the ways zucchini is good for you, I actually never knew all of that. A few yes but not all of those on the list, We do grow them and pretty close to what you said instructions wise, so we will book mark this information and use it as a guide nest time we plant.

    Great Job

    Thanks for the information

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