Hameln Dwarf Fountain Grass Pruning

 Hameln Dwarf Fountain Grass Care

Hameln Dwarf Fountain Grass-hameln-ornamenal-grass
Hameln dwarf fountain grass

There are said to be 31 species of ornamental grasses, I have worked with many of them on garden projects and have never been disappointed. What I love about ornamental grasses is once they reach maturity they are drought-tolerant, these low-maintenance plants are easy to care for and will go to work for you.

One such plant that deserves our attention is the Hameln dwarf fountain grass, if you have not read our article on Hameln dwarf fountain grass that we wrote some time back here is the link to Hameln dwarf fountain grass. In this article, however, we will be discussing Hameln dwarf grass pruning.

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Its believe that this garden beauty is of German origin, Hameln dwarf fountain grass thrives in moist well-drained soil and loves the full sun to perform its best. The natural habitat for this grass type is wetlands, wastelands, grasslands, and open woods. This plant species thrive in zones 6 to 9, at maturity the Hameln dwarf fountain grass reaches 3’tall x 2′ Wide. Hameln dwarf fountain grass is deer resistant,  salt-tolerant, and has been known to attract birds.

The best time to prune Hameln dwarf fountain grass

The ideal time of the year to prune or trim back Hameln dwarf fountain grass is in late winter or early spring, a key point to remember is to never trim this ornamental grass back during the fall month which will encourage growth that will lead to winter kill. The plant should be allowed to die back before attempting to prune.

Steps to cut back  Hameln dwarf fountain grass

The easiest way to trim back fountain grass is to gather the dead stems, tied them together in a bundle, tying the grass together will make it easier for grooming. I once was trimming a fountain grass but the mistake that I made was to gather the grass together in one hand and with the other hand, I proceeded to trim.

But what I did not notice was that one of my fingers was also wrapped up in the grass and you guessed it, when I made the cut I cut into my finger as well that require medical attention I wouldn’t want that to happen to you so always use a piece of string to gather and tie the grass together in a bundle before attempting to prune.

Pruning tool

The best tools to use for this procedure would be a hand pruner or hedge clippers, ensure whichever tool you choose is in good repair along with being sharp. The goal is as you cut to make a clean cut, Your Hameln dwarf fountain grass should be cut back to about 4 to 6 inches above the ground.

After you have made the cut you are done that is how easy it is when it comes to pruning fountain grasses.  Once your Hameln dwarf fountain grass begins to grow again you will have a fuller plant that is healthy-looking.

The final word on Hameln dwarf fountain grass pruning

The Hameln dwarf fountain grass is a beauty and will complement your garden and landscape design, with this garden beauty you can’t go wrong. This grass is so easy to maintain making your time spent in the garden easier so if you are in the market for a plant that has beauty and is easy to care of then give the Hameln dwarf fountain grass a try you will be so happy with the results as this garden beauty goes to work for you. With the Hameln dwarf fountain, you have a winner.


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11 thoughts on “Hameln Dwarf Fountain Grass Pruning”

  1. Hi Norman. Thank you for another great post. Im always learning something new reading your blog, and you already inspired me few times to change my garden. I haven’t heard about Hameln grass before but looking on pictures it looks really beautiful. It seems its also quite easy to care about and I already found a place for it in my garden, and for sure I will plant it during winter.

    • Hello Cogito, thank you so much for your kind words and for your support I am so happy that I could help, this garden beauty is easy to maintain and is so beautiful. Wishing you good success with your garden project and please let me know how it goes.

  2. When I first came across this post, I thought it was about dwarf fountains.  I guess I don’t know my ornamental grasses very well!  I like your suggestion of gathering the grasses and tying them with string to keep them together and avoid injury.  This great tip could be used for any cuttings that must be done in the garden.  I hope your finger is ok!

    • Hello, I am so happy to help, and thanks so much for your concern. Wishing you the best of success and safety should also be first. Have a good day!

  3. Wow, I’m pleased I found this article. After what I’ve read, I’ve decided to include the Hameln dwarf fountain grass pruning in my garden, and I’m hoping for the same results you’ve mentioned. And I can’t wait to see how easy it is to maintain this type of grass.
    By the way, I’m sorry about your finger; I’ll try to follow your advice to avoid the same accident. I’ll make sure to remember not to trim this ornamental grass back in the fall, as you suggested.
    I need to read your post on Hameln dwarf fountain grass as well.
    As someone who likes birds, I believe that this grass will attract different types of birds to my garden.
    But how long does it take for this grass to grow?

    • I am so happy to help, this grass is worth the investment because of the many benefits, thanks so much for your concern. This garden beauty grows at a medium rate. I am so happy to help and please let me know how it goes.

  4. Great article and super helpful tips! I need some grass that is easy to care for and I believe I have found it. The Hameln dwarf fountain grass seems to be that beautiful grass for my garden. I’m gonna go ahead and read more about this grass in your article you posted some time back. 

    • Thank you so much, I am so happy to help, you will be so happy with the results that you get from this garden beauty. All the best to you and have a good day!!

  5. Thanks for the helpful info, Norman. I trimmed my Hameln grass in late winter, but it’s not showing any signs a new growth yet. I’m in Chattanooga. My other grasses are greening. Is Hameln just a late bloomer?

  6. I live in Dallas TX and I trimmed the Hemeln back in late winter, early spring. I did fertilize it a few weeks ago and water the two large pots a few times a month, but not too much. There isn’t any new growth yet…just wonder if I did everything correctly and when should I see some new growth?
    Thanks for your expertise!!!

  7. Hi Norman,
    I have 2 Hamline dwarf fountain grasses in front of my house. Thank you for your great trimming advice. The tip to use string (we need to use rope) was especially helpful to get the stems out of the way. I do, however, have one question I hope you can help with. My grasses have been around a long time. They’re so dense and wide around that my husband has taken to cutting back the dead stems with a small chain saw and a rope. Once it has all been cleared away, the remaining stems are so tightly packed I can’t see where any new stems have room to grow. Is there a point when the plant will need to be replaced? Or is it necessary to dig up the plant and cut it apart?
    Thank you for your expert advice


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