Hameln Dwarf Fountain Grass Spacing

 Spacing Hameln Dwarf  Fountain Grass

Hameln Dwarf Fountain Grass Spacing-hameln-dwarf-fountain-grass
Hameln dwarf fountain grass

Hameln dwarf fountain grass or Pennisetum alopecuroides is believed to have originated from “Germany”, and is indigenous to open woods, grasslands, wetlands, and wastelands of Eastern Asia and possibly Western Australia. This garden beauty looks stunning and compliments rock gardens, planned near a pond and a stream, as a backdrop in a plant bed, along a garden walking pathway, large open areas, mass planting, container gardening, etc…

What I love bout the Hameln dwarf fountain grass is low maintenance, attracts birds, and is deer resistant, the fluffy buff-colored plumes go great as cut flowers and can also be dried and reused as aesthetics.

Hameln Dwarf Grass Spacing

At Maturity Hameln dwarf fountain grass can reach heights of 2-3 ft tall with a width of 1-2 ft therefore it’s best to give them a spacing of  2-3 ft when installing.

Maintenance of Hameln Dwarf Grass

1. Thrives well in the full sun but can tolerate the partial shade, grows best in zones 4 to 9.

2. Once the Hameln dwarf grass reaches maturity it becomes drought-tolerant but can thrive in moist soils.

3. This fountain grass prefers several soil types which include chalk, loam, and Sand.

4. The soil’s Ph can either be acid, alkaline, or neutral.

5. No issues when it comes to garden insect pests.

6. No disease issues except not to overwater (water-saturated) soils which can lead to root rot.

7. Hameln dwarf grass can withstand the cold weather.

8. The Hameln dwarf fountain grass should be divided only in the spring when new growth appears that’s at least 12 inches tall.

9. Bare root plants should only be planted during late spring to early summer when the soil is warm. Planting too early in the spring may cause the roots to rot. Planting too late in the fall may result in the plant dying because of the roots not having the time to establish themselves because of the wet cold winter months.

10. The ideal time to fertilizer Hameln dwarf grass is in early spring before the new growth appears, applying a balanced plant food will help the grass to thrive. Before applying fertilizers read and follow the manufacturer’s label for the best results.

11. The ideal time to cut back the Hameln dwarf grass is before the new growth appears but once the cold weather has passed. The cut should be made from the crown of the plant anywhere from 3-4 inches.

Hameln Dwarf Grass Facts

1. Hameln dwarf is a perennial.

2. This grass is compacted forming dense clumps.

3. Hameln dwarf grass grows upright.

4. This garden beauty is showey

5. Hameln grass looks great when used in mass planting.

6.. The bloom color changes to pinkish brown in the fall.

11. Creates a good contrast when used among shrubs.

12. During the winter months the foliage usually remains attractive.

13. Hameln dwarf grass genus name comes from the Latin penna meaning feather and seta for bristle.

14. Can be used as a specimen plant.

15. Hameln grass makes an excellent choice when used as fresh-cut flowers and dried arrangements.

16. This is warm-season grass.

17. The flower color is creamy white.

The final word on Hameln fountain grass

The Hameln dwarf grass is that simple to grow and care for, installing this fountain grass will save both time and money which I think is a win-win. This fountain grass as we discussed earlier attracts butterflies which can be an added bonus to your garden and landscape. If you’re ever thinking of installing a wildlife garden then consider this garden beauty that is so amazing. The Hameln dwarf grass will go to work for you brightening up your garden.


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  1. Hello. Maintaining dwarf grass seems like hard work but it really isn’t. I love gardening, and everything about plants and flowers. I help my mother in my free time and now I can show her these steps and tips for maintaining a good garden, she will be very grateful to me.

    • Hi, what I love about the Hameln dwarf fountain grass is that it is not only beautiful but is low maintenance, having a plant/plants in your garden of this sort is a winner. So good to hear that you are helping your mom in her garden. This is a great hobby that benefits in so many ways. It’s so good to know that you’re strengthening family bond time. Thanks again for stopping by.


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