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The summer months are here this is the time of year when the weather gets pretty warm and in some cases sizzling hot, as we head out into our gardens let’s do all that we can to protect ourselves by wearing the proper protective gear along with staying hydrated.

Summertime can be really exciting as our landscapes and gardens are painted with a variety of flower bloom that brings that much-needed flavor causing our garden oasis to come to life with an array of different shades of colors that complement each other creating a garden-like paradise setting that makes home so inviting.

But though this time of year can present temperatures that can get up there, there are parts of our landscape and gardens that may be shaded and require a facelift to bring some change sprucing up that area giving that WOW.

I must agree and I know that you will to that in order for us to bring these shaded areas to life we must choose plants that can survive under these conditions which will help to bring that much-needed change. Below we will be looking at such plants that can survive shaded areas bringing balance to your landscapes and gardens.

Hanging baskets for the shade

The solution to this problem is the use of introducing hanging baskets, this is a great way to garden, above the ground

12 shade-loving plants for your hanging gardens

  • Coleus
  • New Guinea impatiens
  • English ivy
  • Geranium
  • Hosta
  • Caladium
  • Zamioculas Zamiifolia
  • Peace lily
  • Arrowhead Plant
  • Golden Pothos
  • Spider Plant
  • Chenille Plant


Coleus come in an array of colors, these garden beauties have colorful leaves that highlight them. The flowers of coleus are not showy but the leaves are the real show stopper. I have worked with coleus on many garden projects and have seen the change they bring, these plants can survive in filtered sunlight and can also withstand some shade. The soils of coleus should be somewhat moist and not waterlogged.

New Guinea impatiens

New Guinea impatiens are so beautiful, I have worked with new guinea impatiens on garden projects that required a color pop, these beauties can be planted in masses along a garden part walkway or in clumps around the trunks of trees. What I love about new guinea impatiens is the soft texture along with the flower bloom. New Guinea impatiens can be used in hanging baskets and will survive in shaded areas that have some filtered sunlight. The soil of impatiens should be allowed to dry out somewhat before giving them another drink of water.

English ivy

A plant that I’ve worked with on many interior plantscape projects are English ivy, English ivy has been known to be used as a dense ground cover but can also be used at the base of container-grown plants. You can take it a step further by using English ivy in hanging baskets, these plants are great for hanging gardens because of how they grow. The soil of English ivy should be allowed to dry out a bit before wetting it again. These garden beauties stand up well in shaded areas that have some filtered sunlight.


Geraniums are beautiful plants that produce an abundance of flowers. I have worked with this garden beauty so many times over the years and have gotten good results. These plants are often seen hanging from porches and other structures. Geraniums can survive in the full sunlight but can withstand filtered sunlight. The soil should dry out somewhat before watering again.


Hosta is another shade-loving plant that can be used in a hanging basket, the beauty of hosta is in the leaves that are showy and are different shades of green with yellow some even have white margins around the border. The soil should be kept somewhat moist for this plant to thrive.


The beauty of the caladium is in the colorful heart shape narrow leaves that are elongated. The leaves of caladiums can also be used in floral arrangements. I have used caladiums as a fill-in plant around the trunks of container-grown plants. The leaves tend to get leggy and topple over when too heavy for the stem to support. Cut the leggy leaves from the plant at the base. Caladium will stand up well in shaded areas that get filtered sunlight. The soil should be somewhat moist for caladium to continue to grow healthy.

Zamioculas Zamiifolia

If you are on the hunt for a plant that’s not fussy at all that requires little attention then the Zamioculas Zamiifolia or ZZ plant is the plant for you. You can install ZZ plants and leave them because these plants are low maintenance they have been known to withstand neglect and still look great. The leaves are small and glossy which gives this plant its beauty, the ZZ plant is used widely as an indoor plant and can be used in hanging baskets. The soil of The Zamioculas Zamiifolia should dry out before giving them another drink of water. ZZ plants can go weeks without water which I think is pretty amazing.

Peace Lily

Soft and elegant with glossy green leaves and beautiful white flower bloom the peace lily will give you what you’re looking for in a plant. This is a plant that I am familiar with working on many indoor plant design. The peace lily, however, is known as high maintenance plant meaning that lots of attention must be given to it especially when it comes to moisture. The soil should be kept somewhat moist at all times, direct sunlight will burn the leaves that’s why the peace lily makes a great indoor or shade plant.

Arrowhead Plant

I love the leaves of the arrowhead which remains me of butterfly wings, besides the beautiful structure of the arrowhead plant I love how the leaves grow in bunches and hang like a vine. Arrowheads will not stand up well in direct sunlight but dose well in areas of filtered sunlight. The soil moisture level should be somewhat on the dry side with a little moisture.

Golden Pothos

The Golden Pothos is a plant that my former team members and I used in great abundance on the interior. The golden pothos can be used to decorate the base of potted plants or can be a stand-alone plant, under the right conditions the golden pothos is a real show stopper and will go to work for you with its variegated showy leaves. Direct sunlight will burn the leaves but in shaded areas, the golden pothos will stand up well. The soil should be somewhat moist at all times.

Spider Plant

Here is a plant that is so unique which produces long slender vegetated leaves. The spider plant’s uniqueness comes from the spiderettes ( baby plants) that are produced by the parent. The spiderettes or babies dangles from the parent plant in such an amazing fashion, the babies will produce roots while they are in this position. The babies can be removed from the parent plant with a hand pruner ensuring that the roots are intact. Once the spiderettes are removed they can be repotted and the whole process can start again giving you an endless crop. The soil should be a bit more on the dry side with a little moisture.

Chenille Plant

As a child, we referred to the chenille as cattail, I always found it interesting with the kind of flower that this garden beauty produces. Other names for the chenille plants are red-hot cattail, money tail, and chenille flowers. You will love to have this plant growing from your hanging basket because the flower is showy. Keeping the soil somewhat moist is a must for this garden beauty.

The advantages of hanging baskets

1. Great for beginner gardeners.

2. The maintenance cost is low.

3. No need to weed.

4. Easy to manage.

5. Less water use.

6. Less fertilizer use.

7. Garden insect pests are less.

8. Little to no disease issues.

9. Hanging baskets can be moved around for aesthetics.

10. Hanging baskets can be moved and placed in a more secure area under unfavorable conditions, for example, high winds.

Disadvantages of hanging baskets

1. Plants in hanging baskets are depending on us for water and fertilizers.

2. According to how high the basket is hung may require a ladder meaning we must be very careful about an injury.

3. If taking a long vacation plant my suffer because there may be no one around to take care of them.

4. Base on where your hanging basket is placed it can be stolen.

The final word on hanging baskets for the shade

Hanging gardens or gardening above the ground is a great way to bring beauty and that much-needed change to that drabbed area. The methods of hanging baskets are not new but have been around for some time now. As a former interior plantscape designer, I have worked on many garden projects with the use of hanging baskets which brought total change that was pleasant and all-natural. If you feel like this garden-style fits what you are looking for then go ahead and give it a try you don’t have anything to lose and you will be so happy that you gave this garden type a try as you connect with nature in this most awesome way. With that said let’s get started on that hanging garden.


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