Healing Naturally With Plants

Using Plants to Promote Health

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Plants are nature’s choice for us when it comes to healing naturally. In today’s world in which we live there are health-related issues that many people are facing and what is even more disturbing is many of the medicines that promise

to bring relief can cause further health issues because of side effects. I remembered many years ago I paid a visit to the doctor’s office because of some problems I was having with my health

after the doctor examined me, medicine was prescribed. I took the prescription to the pharmacy got the medicine and went home then a few days later I decided to do a google search to see the side effects and to my surprise, one of the side effects was causing blindness.

I was so surprised, here I was taking this medication hoping to recover from this illness I was facing only to discover that blindness was a side effect and so it is with many the modern-day medicine.

Watching the many television ads is a clear example as these medications promise to cure but the side effects are even more alarming, it is like gambling with your health or your life and that is a HUGE GAMBLE.

Is it any wonder why the generations before us were so healthy and had a longer lifespan? Now I must agree that many of the contamination that we have to deal with was not an issue with them but the fact remains they lived longer and I believe in part that it was because of going natural.

Having options

I believe that we should always have options when it comes to our health. A good idea, in my opinion, is to ask your doctor what choices are available and if there are natural ways before we accept

those medications that have such serious side effects.

Healing naturally with plants

This section of Eden’s Garden is dedicated to bringing you some of the best natural healers that are made available to us. I live in the Bahamas and what is amazing is that

We have a rich history of the older generation that has passed on their knowledge to the younger generation about using natural medicine to cure illness.

These natural remedies the islanders know as bush medicine are really awesome and work wonders without side effects. Many of the health stores now sell some of these medications in pills, liquid, powdered form, tea bags, and so on.

Our greatest investment

Our health is one of our greatest investments and we should do all that we can to maintain it. We can not afford to take our health lightly so I hope this section

offers much help to you as you seek to heal naturally with plants because plants are our, natural pharmacy that has been prescribed by nature to keep us in tip-top shape.

The final word

Apart from going natural, it is also good to follow the laws of good health which include eight hours of rest, proper diet, exercise drinking sufficient water, staying away as much as possible from stress, and just taking life easy by enjoying and smelling the roses along life’s journey. With that said Eden’s Garden brings to you healing naturally with plants.


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