Health Benefits Aloe Vera Plant

The aloe vera plant has been used by many people over the years. In fact, this plant was widely used when I was a kid, by my parents and those that lived in my neighborhood. Aloe Vear is very popular because of the many benefits it offers.

Aloe vera plant-health-benefits-aloe-vera-plant
Aloe Vera Plant

A Good example that I can use is my parents would often boil this plant with other bush medicine (herbs) as we called them and give it to us to drink for head colds. Another example is boiling the leaf in water until the water turns somewhat brownish with a pinch of salt, this makes a good detox or clean out as the older generation called it.

But no matter how this plant was used you were sure of one thing and that was getting the results that you wanted. A word of caution here, be very careful when cutting the leaves because it tends to drip a somewhat yellowish liquid and if liquid comes in contact with clothing, especially bright or white material it can stain so be careful.

Care of aloe vera plant

Aloe vera is not fussy and can grow well in sandy soils. Here where I live in the Bahamas this plant is still widely used, as you drive past many of the neighborhoods you can find the aloe vera plant growing in the yards of many of the natives.

Once you have planted your aloe vera plant, be careful not to give it too much water because aloe vera can suffer from root rot very easily. Other than that it will grow. Aloe vera, as far as I know, does not have any pest problems.

Aloe vera can be used in rock garden designs and the best part is whenever you have a head cold, minor burn, need to detox, wash your hair, etc… just go in your garden cut a few leaves and you are good to go. The flower shoots from the middle of the plant are a bright yellow and there is also an orange-reddish mixture.

How to use leaves?

The goal when using aloe vera is to use the part that is clear and looks like jelly, this jelly-like substance is also slippy but as mentioned earlier be careful and not allowed to get on clothing. To remove this part, use a sharp knife to gently cut into the outer layer and peel very lightly.

Some persons would rather boil the skin to avoid having to peel the leaves, a word of caution, the margin of this plant has thorns so handle with care.

Use of aloe Vear

There are so many ways this plant is used, here are just a few.

1. For minor cuts, burns and bruises apply aloe’s jelly.

2. For head cold boil and drink.

3.  Washing your hair on a regular basis with aloe vera is said to increase growth.

4. Have itching skin, apply aloe vera for relief.

5. Aloe vera has also been used to reduce weight.

6. It helps to soothe rashes.

7. Aloe vera is known as an immune booster.

8. Reduces inflammation.

There are many products sold on the market that contains aloe vera.

Vitamin Content

Vitamin content includes Vitamin A, C, E, Vitamin B1, 2, 3, 12, calcium, copper, iron, potassium, magnesium, manganese, selenium, and sodium.

The final word

Aloe vera is a plant that offers so many benefits, from garden design to health purposes, if you don’t have this plant as a part of your landscape and garden I encourage you to do so. You will be glad that you did.


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30 thoughts on “Health Benefits Aloe Vera Plant”

  1. Hi Norman,

    I just love this article as I am a big fan of Aloe Vera plant. I grow this plant in my garden, and I use it for so many things. What I didn’t know about Aloe Vera is that it increase hair growth and it reduces weight. This is awesome! I am happily surprised to learn this!
    Just a question, please. My husband has lost a small amount of hair, and I would like to know if he needs to wash his hair with Aloe Vera or just put the liquid on?
    Thank you very much for this helpful post!

    • Hello Daniella my good friend, it is so good to see you and I am glad to know that you are using this plant already. There have been reports of persons experiencing hair growth with aloe vera. Your husband can use the jelly like substance on his hair from the plant, leave it on for 10- 15 minutes, once or twice a week. Hope this helps, all the best to you and have a good day.

  2. Norman,
    I used to drink aloe vera every morning about three years ago. It helped me reduce inflammation a lot and it also cleared my face significantly ( I used to have a lot of pimples )
    What do you think of natural aloe vera plant vs aloe vera gel/extract/juice ? Do you think it will be better to grow and consume natural aloe vera or those aloe vera products will do just fine ?
    Again, thanks for such a wonderful post

    • Hello my dare friend it is so good to meet you, thanks for commenting. In my opinion natural is always better, aloe vera products are fine also but I like natural. Hope this helps, all the best to you and have a good day.

  3. I have a aloe vera plant growing in my kitchen window.In missouri,usa the cold winters we grow them indoors.We can set them out outside in the summer months.Happpy to learn there are more ways to use aloe vera than just burns.Thats all i ever used it for minor burns and sun burns.I have been hearing about it used in vitimans and supplements.

  4. Hi, nice to meet you. I tweeted your website to increase your chances for traffic. I like how clean and easy to read your articles are. The green menu really fits the content. Nice work. I hope you will take a minute to comment on mine

    • Hello Remi it is so good to meet you, and thanks a million for your help and kind words. Can you please send me the link to your website so that I can tweet it also, thanks again my friend, wishing you the best of success and have a good day.

  5. Hi Norman, this was a very informative article. I never really bothered with aloe vera because I thought it only dealt with skin care, which is not something I normally think about. However, seeing how aloe vera can help reduce weight and boost our immune system, I may have to reconsider. Thanks again.

    • Hello Will it is so good to meet you, aloe vera has so many benefits and the good part is that it is all natural. Thanks for commenting, all the best to you and have a good day.

  6. Hey Norman,
    Wow!! I had heard about the Aloe Vera plant but I wasn’t aware of numerous benefits of the aloe vera plant.

    You are right being careful not to get the jelly stuff on bright or light colored clothes. The stains are tough to get rid off.

    I’ve found Aloe vera to be an excellent after-shave soothing gel.

    • Hello Josh it is so good to see you, aloe vera has so many benefits and is so beneficial. Thanks for commenting, all the best to you and have a good day.

  7. Thanks Norman! for that info. Like another commenter above, I only knew about Aloe Vera benefits for burns.

    It’s good to pass along info that parents and grandparents taught us and we know to be true. So helpful to everyone (in this case me included) that has not been taught this before. Much appreciated.

    I wonder, do you have any memory of those herbs your parents added?

    I also have grown this indoors in Canada in the winter.
    I read to treat it like a cactus and this always worked.
    (I learned this after over watering one that got root rot, just like you said.)


    • Hello Geoff it is so good to meet you and I am glad that I could help, a few of the herbs that we use that is native in the bahamas is a bush that is call caracee, or they would us, crotton that is a green and yellow plant. Even garlic was used sometimes, hope this helps. All the best to you and have a good day.

  8. Hi Norman,

    I’m an ‘avid fan’ of aloe vera. In fact, I have used it in all forms, both natural and processed and I can’t speak enough of its health benefits.

    Like you, my parents and neighbours used this plant widely when I was a kid. I learned from my dad even our great grand parents, who were uneducated, knew of the health benefits of aloe vera. In addition to the benefits that you cited here, we also use it for abdominal cramps. I’ve seen people also take it when they have malaria, but I can’t say for sure that it helped because they would take aloe vera with other herbs.

    • Hello Princila it is so good to meet you, I am glad to see that you know of the aloe vera plant and its many benefits. Thanks a million for those tips, all the best to you and havea good day.

  9. Living in the Midwest, unfortunately we can’t add aloe vera to our garden, but it makes a great house plant. We have several plants in our home. I had no idea you can boil it and use it as a remedy for colds. We love trying alternative and natural remedies, and try to avoid medication as much as possible. Can’t wait to try aloe vera the next time one of us feels a cold coming on!

    • Hello Ryan Basham it is so good to meet you, aloe vera do work wonders and is off great benefit to our bodies, thanks for sharing, glad I could help, have a good day.

  10. As a child growing up in Florida I remember breaking off pieces of aloe vera to soothe sunburns. I now drink it when I’m sick and I have a sore throat to provide some relief and get an immune and energy boost from the vitamin C and B bitamins I didn’t know it helped with hair growth though.

    • Hello ibcfarmer it is so good to meet you, Yes aloe vera really dose wonders and is of great benefits. And it has been reported to help with hair growth, thanks for sharing, all the best to you.

  11. I have a question about watering. How often do you recommend? I used to have an aloe vera plant and used it for skin problems like burns. It worked quite well. Unfortunately, I over-watered it and killed it. Also, do they need any kind of fertilizer? And if so, how often? Thanks!

    • Hello Ruby it is so good to meet you, aloe vera is like cactus plants, they can survive on very little water. Watering once a week is fine, wet the soil enough tell it is moist wait until soil is dry then water again. The aloe vera that I grew never got any fertilizer and it did very fine, that’s the good thing about this plant But if you still want to fertilize you can use 5-10-5. Hope this helps. All the best to you and have a good day.

  12. It is crazy how long the aloe vera plant has been use for healing and health. I know I use it on my skin after I get a sunburn and it helps a lot. I didn’t know it could be used as a hair product to stimulate hair growth, maybe I will try that one day. It looks like it helps a lot with inflammation, especially on the skin and other areas as well.

    • Hello Luke, so nice to meet you, aloe vera is so awesome and has many great benefit. I am glad to know that you are reaping the benefits from this plant. I am happy that I could help, thanks for commenting, all the best to you and have a good day.

  13. Thanks for the information on aloe vera. I knew it could be used for sunburns and as a laxative but I didn’t know you could use it for shampoo and for hair loss. You’re so lucky to live in the Bahamas, I bet you see some really beautiful gardens there!

    • Hello Penelope it is so good to meet you, it is just so wonderful of the many uses that we get from aloe vera. This plant have so may benefits. It is lovely living in the Bahamas, we have sun shine year round. Even our winter months 97% of the time feels like summer. White sandy beaches and crystal clear waters and on one of our island called Harbour that is also in the Bahamas the sand that’s on the beach believe or not is pink.

      Hope someday God’s willing you can visit. Thanks for sharing, all the best to you and have a good day. And we do have some beautiful gardens that is so awesome.

  14. Great review of the Aloe Vera, I didnt know many things of this plant, I like especially where u write about “Use of Aloe Vera” its very heplful. I think i will give a try of this plant, i see also in the supermarkets many juice with aloe vera. Is they the same of this plant, will they have the same “good” effect? or its just a comrcial product 🙂 ?

    • Hello williamsb it is so good to meet you, aloe vera is great and do a whole lot of good. Aloe vera products are good and you can get good effects from them also. Hope this helps, thanks for commenting and have a good day.

  15. Hi there Norman,

    My mother used to have an Aloe Vera plant and I remember her using it on me to heal minor cuts and the like – so yes, you’re 100% right, it really does work.

    In general, whenever possible, I prefer these natural remedies to the expensive and often ineffective modern-day pharmaceutical treatments.

    • Hello al so good to meet you, it is good to know that you have taken advantage of these natural remedies. Aloe Vera is really beneficial. Thanks a lot for sharing, all the best to you and have a good day.


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