Health Benefits Of Oatmeal

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Strengthening your heart and lowering your cholesterol

Breakfast oats-health-benefits-of-oatmeal
Breakfast Oats

The health industry is bombarded by many persons that are having issues with their health and the scary part is these issues are growing at an alarming rate. Both public and private hospitals in many cases having staff work overtime to meet this ever-growing demand.

While it is true we need these medical professionals the number of patients that pays a visit to the doctor’s office can be far less if only we would obey the laws of good health but sad to say many had rather indulge in self-gratification by eating and drinking that which is not good for their health than to exercise self-control when it comes to poor dieting.

Many years ago I read a statement that says” with our fork and knives we dig our graves” sad to say but I must agree. Many are dying at a young age because of putting the wrong things in their bodies.

It’s like putting diesel in an automobile that requires gasoline or putting coolant in the engine when it should go in the radiator. It all comes down to knowledge and educating ourselves about what is good, not so good, and that which is really detrimental to our health.

The loss of a childhood friend

I have shared this story several times before so if you have been keeping up with my post this is not new to you but for those who don’t know, I lose a childhood friend over a year now to be exact of being overweight.

Despite the doctor’s warning for him to cut out the junk foods and lose weight, he continued in that lifestyle enjoying those unhealthy snacks. His health continued to deteriorate until he met his death at the young age of 41, still young but because of his refusal to heed the doctor’s advice he is no longer here but the junk foods are.

Health benefits of oatmeal


Nature has everything we need to live a healthy life, therefore, we will be taking a closer look at oatmeal and the many benefits this superfood has. There was a time when you couldn’t get me to touch oatmeal. The sight of it, in my opinion, was a real turn off, it was not appealing in every sense of the word.

But what I did not realize was I was cheating myself out of a superfood that is loaded with so many benefits, then something happened one morning many years ago at my former job that changed my views. I entered the cafeteria hoping to feast on some nice scrambled eggs and doughnuts or some other mouth-watering foods but to my dismay, the serving for that morning was our meal which just dashed my excitement to the ground.

I reluctantly picked up a bowl got my fill and sat down to eat. I raised the first spoon to my mouth and slowly tasted it and then another, what really surprised me was that it was not as bad as I thought, in fact, I enjoyed it and from that day to the present, I enjoy eating this superfood.

Just a much as I enjoy oatmeal I want you to also enjoy and take advantage of this superfood, so if you were like me then I hope after reading this post you to will also make oatmeal a part of your diet.


Here are 15 amazing health facts about oatmeal.

1. Oats contains 2 type of fibers, soluble and insoluble fibers which helps to stabilize blood glucose and also lowers cholesterol levels.

2. Glucan is a compound that is found in oatmeal. This compound helps us to feel full by increasing cholecystokinin which is a hunger-fighting hormone that is so good at aiding weight loss.

3. Oats are loaded with antioxidants. These antioxidants are known as avenanthramides which help with better blood flow along with lowering blood pressure.

4. A study was done on the benefits of oats and our colon and it was discovered that a diet in oats lowered the risk of colon cancer because of its high fiber content.

5. Oats contains Beta-glucan a component that promotes heart health and lowers bad cholesterol.

6. Having trouble when taking those bathroom breaks, don’t despair oats are loaded with fibers that will help that bathroom trips a lot easier.

7. Oats are loaded with vitamins that are so important for our health. A diet in oats is a great and natural way to get those needed vitamins.

8. Oats help to protect the skin. Oats have been used to relieve itching and irritation of the skin. I remembered many years ago my son contracted the chicken-pox and what we did to help him doing this most miserable time of his life was to totally cover his body in cooked oatmeal that brought relief.

9. This superfood boosts the immune system because of the beta-glucan it contains.

10. Oats are a rich source of minerals that promote bone health.

11. Do you want an energy boost then including this superfood in your diet will do just that? Oats contain proteins and carbs which will keep you energized.

12. Do you want healthier looking hair the applying oatmeal to your scrap will work wonders?

13. Applying oats to the skin act as cleaners and also gets rid of acne.

14. Oats make a balanced breakfast. This superfood is great to start your morning.

15. Oaks is said to improve blood sugar levels.

The final word

After reading this list of benefits I am sure that you are ready to make this superfood a part of your diet. We need fuel to function at our best so putting the right foods into our bodies will cause us to promote our health taking it to the next level.

So I encourage you to give this superfood a try and reap the benefits of all that oats have to offer. Let’s join the millions from around the world that are living a more healthy and happier life by making oatmeal a part of their diet.


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3 thoughts on “Health Benefits Of Oatmeal”

  1. I actually really enjoy oatmeal, but I’ve only ever made the instant kind. Is instant oatmeal also good for your health? I only ask because it is so easy to make, and it seems to me that all the junky stuff we put into our bodies is easy to make too. 

    I think that is one of the biggest problems for a lot of people. It is just so much easier to eat junk food than it is to actually invest time and energy to make a good healthy meal. That’s why I would be so excited to learn that instant oatmeal is very good for your health because it is super easy, and delicious as well.

    • Hello it is so nice to meet and it is good to know you are taking advantage of this superfood. Instant oats is high in fiber, stabilize blood sugar level and help to boost the immune system so you are on the right track. So happy that I could help and wishing you the best of good health.

  2. My sincere condolences on the loss of your friend.

    I read your article here with great interest.

    My mother made us eat oats when we were kids and I ate them reluctantly, I must say.
    Decades later, I now realize how healthy this food is and I have found ways to make it fun and take it along as a snack such as oat bars (homemade so no preservatives).

    We have no excuses and we need to embrace oats as the superfood that it is. It should be a part of everyone’s diet.

    My family has a history of high cholesterol and strokes (my mother had both of these), and I will continue to eat this healthy food, even if I don’t have any teeth left because it will be easy, right? LOL.


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