Health benefits of plants

The Importance of Garden Plants

In this article, we will be looking at plants and how they can benefit us. To some people, plants are just plants and nothing else, but if they were to really do research on plants they will be amazed by just how much we depend on plants both humans and animals.

Animal kingdom

Deers eating leaves from tree-health-benefits-of-plants
Deers eating

In the animal kingdom, animals such as cows, chickens, sheep, etc… depending on seeds and hay as foods that all come from plants.


When it comes to humans how do we benefit from plants and can we really live without them? I believe just as plants are important to animals they are valuable to us as well.

Plant facts

Here are some plant facts that you may not know.

Health benefit

1. A study was done many years ago in a hospital with two patients. One patient was put in a room where there were no windows just the wall to look at while the other patient was also put in a room but the only difference was this patient’s room had a window that overlooked a beautiful garden.

The patient’s room that had the garden view recovered much faster than the patient who only had the wall to look at. It is so amazing the mental effects garden plants can have on a person’s mind.

2. Plants have been used for generations to produce medicine.

3. Having a few plants in your home can filter the air by pulling impurities out of the air, making the air safer for us to breathe.

4. Plants convert carbon dioxide into oxygen for us to breathe.

5. Increase humidity.

6. Keeps air temperature down.

7. Vegetables, fruits, and herbs are plants, by consuming them they will  keep us healthy

8. Studies have shown that plants have such a wonderful effect on the mind it can relieve stress.

9. Plants can increase a person’s emotions. Example sending roses to that special someone or sending flowers just to say thank you.

10. Plants give a feeling of peace and tranquillity.

Indoor plants

Here are a few indoor plants that are widely used, I have worked with them over the years and found them to be excellent. Just follow this link, cleaning the air that you breathe.

Another benefit of plants

Other non-health benefits of plants include

1. Increase property value.

2. Use to soften up or bring life to an area.

3. Use to screen off areas or act as a wall.

4. Plants can transform an area.

The final word

In some ways, all life forms are depending on plants so let’s do our part and make full use of them to promote our health and well-being.



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Norman loves being in the garden, both at home and for his job....
he is 'Natures Little helper' being outdoors, growing his vegetables and flowers from an early age.
Now having spent over 22 years in the profession he want to give some of his knowledge to others...
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26 thoughts on “Health benefits of plants”

  1. Yes, we definitely have to have plants….for all the reasons you listed. I like to just sit out in my backyard and enjoy the landscaping, its so peaceful. Would not be the same with just rocks or concrete. Its a way of unwinding and relaxing. I can see where it can relieve stress and just make a person over all feel good. I know it does for me.

  2. I am currently sitting in my garden enjoying the sunshine and getting some fresh air as I have a cold at the moment. It’s amazing how the simple act of surround yourself by nature can make you feel a million times better.
    And having a cold really shows how much we need plants, my body is craving lots of nutrients and VEGGIES!!

    • Hello it is so nice to meet you and I hope you get better soon. Plants are a blessing because they help us in so many ways. All the best to you and have a good day.

  3. So true, If I don’t have vegetables for a few days I can feel it in my body. So many people don’t see that they need it or think that they don’t like plants. They need to open their minds more. What plants do you suggest have the greatest benefit to your health?

    • Hello Guy it is so good to meet you, plants are so important to us that without them we cannot survive. Veggies, herbs and fruits. When you talk about purifying the air there are so many. The article that I have written has a few of these plants and there are other articles within my website that gives more insight along with the vitamins plant has and some illness that they help to combat. You can check it out at, hope this helps all the best to you.

  4. I love the idea of indoor plants, but I’m the worst when it comes to taking care of them. I can never remember to water them. My mom had a green thumb and we always had a home with tons of plants in it. I didn’t inherit that from her. I want to choose some plants that don’t need too much care, but not to the extreme like cactus. I have a room with a lot of sunlight so it should be a plant that is fine to stay in the sun all day, but doesn’t need to be watered too often.

    • Hello it is so good to meet you and please forgive me for taking such a long time to respond. And when it comes to plants you can do it, I believe in you, you have what it takes. It is just a matter of knowing and your on your way. There are sections in my website that talks about care of plants, just feel free to browse. God’s willing I will be writing and article on low maintenance plants this should help you also. All the best to you and please let me know how it goes. Have a good day.

  5. I have heard that talking to plants can do wonders for their health. My mother swears by it too. She did a test and the ones she spoke to did better than the others. Have also heard that playing classical music can help them grow, too. I am not making any of this up. I know it seems far fetched 🙂

    • Hello it is so good to meet you and I have also heard that talking to plants helps.I never did that but it sure is interesting and the music part that new to me. So I believe you, maybe sometime I will play music to see what happens.Thanks again for sharing, all the best to go and have a good day.

  6. Hi there Norman,
    Thanks for the post & it’s a great addition to your site! Especially like the list you put together making the case of the importance of plants.

    Personally, it’s that whole pesky breathing thing that I enjoy about plants and trees. lol. If I didn’t have so many cats, I’d probably enjoy a house plant or two in each room, but because of my little furry friends, I think I’d be doing more damage control than anything else. 🙂 Thanks again and God bless!

    • Hello Brain glad that I could help and yes plants are so amazing. Hope one day soon you will be able to add a plant or two. All the .best to you and have a good day.

  7. Hey Norman,
    My mother had a green thumb and her plants were beautiful. Growing up, we took for granted the effects that plants have on our lives. When I was at college, a friend of mine was graduating and asked if I wanted her plants. I took them and it seemed to make me much calmer and it became easier to deal with the stress of college (tests, assignments, etc.) So I am a believer in the benefits of plants as you specified in your post.

    Great job on the post and thanks for sharing.

    • Hello Jim it is so good to meet you and plants are so amazing, we get so much benefits from them. Glad that I could help, all the best to you and have a good day.

  8. You are absolutely right. The plants have so much to give us. Our ecosystem depends on them and yet people are still destroying them. I found very happy to see your blog have so much great information about the fruit and veggies. Gonna share it to all my friend that don’t like to eat veggies!

    • Hello Jun so great to meet you, vegetables and fruits can really pack a punch and do so much good for our bodies. Veggies and fruits along with herbs will keep us in tip top shape. And yes I stand in agreement with you as you show your friends the benefits of veggies. All the best to you my friend and have a good day and please do let me know how it goes.

  9. I like your site! I am a gardener myself. I specifically enjoyed your garden fruits herbs and vegetable page! It’s always nice to meet another gardener! I like the nutritional fact about pineapples page too because that is my all-time favorite fruit! Oh yeah, on the green thumb thing, I think Lawn Doctor is the only one that gets away with it. People don’t think it’s weird, but the girls like to pull up along side of you and give you a thumbs up lol

    Take Care!

    • Hello Eddie and thanks a lot for those kind words. In my opinion we have the best job in the world because we get to work with nature and the thing about the girls puts the icing on the cake and makes it even more exciting lol. All the best to you and have a good day.

  10. I wish it was spring/summer again! I love to work out in my yard and get very depressed when fall/winter comes.
    Next Spring I will certainly be coming back to this site for all of your wonderful information.
    I put in a new yard last summer (all by myself), with a small rototiller, that only went down about 3 inches, but I got is done, and now without being vain I can honestly say I have the nicest yard in this little community I live in.
    Thank you for all your great tips, especially the page about sand, as I could have benefitted from reading that when I put in my lawn.

  11. Hi there,

    Excellent article, plants, as well as fruits, are very important for our health one of the reasons for this is the naturally occurring compounds found in them, which of course gave rise to systems of medicine that are thousands of years old (Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese medicine).

    Rather importantly they are full of natural organic vitamins and nutrients!

    • My friend thanks again for you support, you seem to know a lot about plants and their nutrient content and what they can do. Thanks again for sharing, have a wonderful day.

  12. Hi Norman,
    You share a nice information about plant and its benefits that can give. I really like to have a nice garden not only in front of the house but in the backyard too. Of course with lots of plants around it. I have a question about the plant that I put inside the house, I have been buying a new plant and put inside the house for several times already. It was intended to be placed inside the house. But each time I bought new one it dies after few weeks. I did everything the instruction said but it wouldn’t last. What can you say about it? Thank You.

    • Hello Cris it is so good to meet you, when it comes to indoor plants the rules are different. First of all plants has to be trained to survive on the inside , any plant that comes directly out of the sun and get place inside will go in to shock. That’s why you have shade house’s at your plant nursery. And then you have plants that are grown directly in full sun, the plants that are growing in full sun is for the outdoors but the plants that are care for in the shade house is for the inside.

      Also knowing a plants requirements will determine the over all health of that plant such as water, lighting, fertilizer, knowing what insects attacks that plant and how to treat this problem. So there are some things that you should know. Here is some general information from one of my page, maybe this can help and please stay tune because I will be address this topic more indept in one of my next post. all the best to you and have a good day until we meet again.

  13. Hi there,

    One of the greatest health benefits comes from plants and indeed fruits is that they provide our bodies with minerals and vitamins also in their natural organic state allowing them to form an ionic bond with the body due to the the carbon molecule contained within them.

    Non organic minerals and synthetic vitamins cannot form that important ionic bond with the body. Plants and fruits are the best way to get our nutrients!

    • My friend Derek , how are you , I hope all is well. It is a pleasure hearing from you and learning from you. All the best to you and have a good day.


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