Healthy Diet On A Budget

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Affording the best on a low budget

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We’re living in a day and time where many persons are becoming health conscious. At every turn, it seems as if there is a call to change our lives by making decisions that will promote our health.

The airwaves, books, magazines, newspapers, and other sources are sounding the alarm to take control of our health for longevity. Health stores are popping up everywhere, Food stores, pharmacies and many others are stocking their shelves with products that promise to have us looking and feeling years younger.

Many are hitting the gym, joining workout groups, and so on from every age and gender, also there are programs that are creating workout systems that promise to help us get in the best shape ever. While all of this may be good for promoting one’s health there is a concern about affording a healthy lifestyle.

I have visited Food and health stores and have been blown away by their high prices. Living healthy is costly and for many, living a healthy life same to be impossible, or is it.

The question is what can we do to eat healthy without breaking the piggy bank? we cannot afford not to eat healthy because our health is one of our greatest investments and we must do all that we can to promote a healthy lifestyle.

Below are some cool tips that can have you eating healthy on a low budget.

Tips for eating healthy on a low budget

1. Fruits and vegetables-fruits and vegetables are filled with vitamins and have so many benefits. It is good to go all-natural by loading up on some of nature’s best.

Fruits and veggies can be pretty costly and because these high prices have discouraged persons from including them in their diet, the good news is making purchases from your local farmer’s market or keeping an eye out for when there is a sale can help in stocking up on this product.

2. Gardening-starting a home garden is a great way to grow fruits and veggies. Consider growing some of them and the rest can be purchased, this way you can save on your shopping list.

Many homeowners are realizing the importance of growing fruits and vegetables and because of this, they are providing space in their gardens to grow these produce. Don’t have that extra space, not a problem. Think outside the box and create a container garden that is just as good or what about starting a plastic bottle garden which has become very popular.

3. Coupons-This is an excellent way to save money and get two for the price of one. Coupons are really great and you will be surprised at the amounts of money that can be saved allowing you to have that extra in your pocket which can go a long way.

4. Herbs-we can’t forget herbs, herbs have many benefits and can really flavor our foods. Many years ago a nurse’s advice to me was to add more herbs that will flavor foods while cutting back on salt. This advice has stuck with me throughout the years and I have taken full advantage of these natural healers.

Starting your homegrown- herb gardens can save a few$$$$$$. For more on starting a herb garden follow the link that has been provided. How to start a herb garden.

5. Junk foods-this This is a big one for many and that is cutting out junk foods. I don’t want you to get angry with me at this point and shut me off, just hear me out I beg you. Thanks so much for allowing me space to talk on this topic.

I must agree that junk foods do taste great, especially when we’re sitting down to Superbowl Sunday, the NBA playoffs, Baseball, etc… just to kick back and relax cheering for our favorite teams.

Eating all that junk will not only show in your outfit sizes but also those extra pounds. The story is told of an individual who was so overweight when he went on the scale that the scale said “one at a time”. We don’t want the scale saying that about us so let’s cut the junk foods. Healthy snacks are much preferred because piling on the junk can work against your health and (doctor fees) wallet.

A childhood friend that I knew died at the age of 41, this was last year sometime. He had gained so much weight because of eating so many junk foods, despite the doctor’s warning, he continued that lifestyle and unfortunately met his demise. The junk foods are still here but he is gone. Junk foods may taste great but don’t risk it at the cause of your health. Besides junk foods have very little nutrition, packed with unhealthy ingredients and the money that is spent on junk foods does add up.

6. Eating a balance meal-whether breakfast, lunch, or dinner eating a well-balanced diet will keep you full until your next meal rather than eating a meal that is not balanced which will cause you to eat between meals that are not good for your health as well as being a drain on your wallet.

7. Eating at home is a great choice, while it may be alright every now and again to eat out, limiting the number of times you eat out will save a few $$$$$. Besides preparing your meals at home it is great because you’re preparing these meals yourself so you know how your meals are being prepared.

8. Plan your meals- for some this may seem to be a bit tedious but with practice, it will not seem like a lot of work. By planning your meals for each day of the week will help unneeded spending and planning ahead will take all of the work out of figuring what to eat each day.

9. Including generic brands- including some generic brands can also work wonders. The advantage of buying generic is to help you to save a few $$$$$$.

10. Impulse shoppers-stick to the plan, impulse shopping will cause you to spend more than was budgeted for.

11. Whole grains-stocking up on whole grains is not only healthy but filling which means a fuller stomach that equals less spending.

12. One-stop shop-what I mean by this is trying to shop in one place because driving around can rack up that gas bill. This extra money can go towards something else.

13. Freezing leftovers-frozen leftovers is an excellent way to cut that shopping list. Why throw away what can be reused to create a delicious meal.

14. Organizing things-keeping your fridge and pantry well organize can help save money, a cluttered fridge and pantry can hide foods you already have so watch your spending by keeping a well-organized fridge and pantry.


15. Buying and freezing-purchasing fresh produce, while they are in season, is a great way to save those hard-earned dollars. Look for deals where you can buy two for the price of one.

16. Buying wholesale-buying in bulk is a great way to save your hard-earned $$$$. Shopping every week can drain your wallet. Buying in bulk will cause you to save over time. Also when buying in bulk look for sales.

17. Online retailers-the internet has made it so easy, we can shop without having to leave the comfort of our homes so look for an online retailer with affordable prices.

18. Customer card-customer cards are a blessing, there are stores that offer these cards to collect points which will allow you the chance to win free groceries.

19. Discounts-inquiring about discounts is a great way to stretch that hard-earned dollar.

20. Shopping when you’re hungry-research has shown that shopping, while you’re hungry, can cause a person to buy more high-calorie foods.

21. Discounted meats-look for meats that are discounted and stock up on them. Ensure however that these meats are fresh. Look for signs of discoloration, texture as far as softness is concerned, and using your nose to see if meats have and off sent.

22. Take your lunch with you-you will be amazed by the amounts of monies that are being spent on lunch. Consider preparing your lunch, this will save money besides making it the way you want and that is the healthy way.

23. Breakfast on the run-these day’s families barely spent time together during the first part of the morning while children are getting ready for school or sleeping during summer breaks, parents are preparing for work which means in some case no time for breakfast but rather buying something to eat while heading to the office.

This spending can add up. It is good to take time to eat breakfast together as a family which is a great start in the morning spending that bonding time besides saving a few dollars.

Getting a little junk in

I don’t want to sound like I am contradicting myself self but getting a little junk food in to appease your craving may not be bad but keep in mind that moderation is the key.

Every now and again it is ok but again self-control is the key. There is something about humans that spurs them out of curiosity to try something new or different some may call it not letting eating healthy becomes boring.

While breaking into something new may be exciting for a change always think moderation and keep it that way. Always avoid the temptation of not exercising self-control remember it is your health and you want to live the best life ever by staying healthy and fit.

The final word

In a world where the cost of living is on the rise eating healthy has become a challenge for many, the good news is all is not lost. Through proper planning, you can stretch that hard earn dollar while eating healthy.

Following these tips will help you to put together a list that will make it possible to eat healthy on a low budget. Who says that eating healthy has to cause you to break the piggy bank. With these low budget tips, both you and your family will enjoy eating healthy on a low budget.


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4 thoughts on “Healthy Diet On A Budget”

  1. Trying to eat properly and lose weight always feels like it is so expensive.  I have said more than once that I cant afford to eat healthy.  However after reading this article there actually is some hope for me.  I guess I just wasn’t looking at things in the way you have listed them.  You can bet I will be making a fridge list using a lot of the options you have listed.  Thank you.

    • Hello again dale so happythat i could help. Eating healthy dose not have to  expensive. Wishing you much success with eating healthy on a budget.

  2. What an awesome article. I’ve been trying to cook at home but always fail due to being too tired after work. In order to improve my stamina, I go hiking and jogging every week. But this doesn’t really help. Is there any food that can boost my metabolism and reduce tiredness? I hear raw food therapy is quite good for health. Can you recommend some recipe to me? 

    • So sorry to hear about your issues but give these a try Beans, Chickpeas, Green tea, Pear, apples, and whloe grains are just a few that can help. Hope this helps and have a good day.


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