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Selecting the Right Containers to Grow Healthy Herbs

Herb Garden Containers-container-herbs
Growing herbs in containers

The use of container gardening makes it a lot easier when it comes to growing and maintaining plants. This method of gardening is great for anyone who may either not have the yard space or even the time to maintain a garden.

With container gardens, you can grow plants in the smallest of spaces even indoors if you prefer. What I love about container gardening is the low maintenance cost as far as money and time are concerned.

Now I must agree that many plant species can be grown in just about any container but what you want however is to choose the right container that will give the maximum results which I believe is a great return on your investment. Below we will be looking at the proper selection of containers to ensure that you have good success.

Proper selection of herb containers

1. Container size

Choosing the right container size for your herb is so important, can you imagine a person who wears a size 12 shoe trying to fit into a size 7, I know it doesn’t make sense well in like manner the seem principle can be applied to container size selection.

Before choosing the container size for your herb knowing the size of the root ball at maturity will help in choosing the perfect(container) fit because if you’re growing a herb in a container that cannot accommodate the size of the root ball your herb will suffer greatly with issues such as becoming root bound, soil always being dry because of insufficient soil to hold moisture, insect pest issues followed by leaf drop. The larger the pot the more soil it will hold which will encourage your herbs to grow a strong and healthy root system.

2. Drain holes

Drainage is so important in the proper selection of containers, although herbs require water, drain holes are necessary for that water to find a way of escape. Water must drain away from your herb or root rot will set in which can cause you to lose your entire plant.

The drain holes should be large enough to allow for ease of water drainage either when herbs are watered manually or in the case of heavy rain downpour. Trapped water can also cause your herb to lose its anchorage from the soil and begin to float so ensure that containers have sufficient drain holes that’s large or the right size for proper drainage.

3. Conserving water

This is another important factor, it is a known fact that the material which is used plays an important part when it comes to conserving water. Containers that are made from clay materials will dry out much faster, because of the nature of this material, especially on hot days, will pull water from the plant which means you will have to keep an eye on your herbs and water more often.

The smart way to go however is in choosing containers that will not have this kind of negative impact on your herbs.

4. Container selection

When it comes to selecting the right container there are a few factors to consider.

 Selecting the right container

Base on which herbs you prefer will help in determining the container size, some herbs do grow larger than others depending on the species. Having knowledge of the growth size at maturity will help with the right selection.

Ease of movement

The great thing about a container garden is that the container can always be moved around when conditions such as the weather become unfavorable. You can move your container to a more secure location until those unfavorable conditions have passed.

For example, a medium to a large container that is made out of clay or cement has more weight which may require help along with a trolley to move around.


Your container will be facing the elements outdoors, how much wear and tear can the container take, and still remain strong. Don’t just go for beauty or style but with a container that will last.

Herb Garden Containers-plant-containers
Plant containers

Go for beauty go for style

Wait a minute but didn’t you just say ” don’t go for beauty or style” no what I said was don’t just go for beauty or style. With container gardens, you can have the best of both worlds let me explain. Your choice of a container can be durable along with having beauty and style.

There are so many styles to chose from that I am sure you will select the one that meets your needs. Yes you are right, as the saying goes “you can have your cake and eat it too”

Going for complement

This also can be fun, if you prefer and want to take it up a notch why not purchase containers that will complement either the architectural structure or other garden features. This further helps in tying or bringing the design together creating a continual flow which I think is really amazing.

Herb container selection

  • Stone
  • Plastic
  • Clay
  • Cement
  • Resin
  • Terracotta
  • Fiberglass

The final word on herb garden containers

What we have discussed is the proper selection of containers for your herb garden. Herbs will go to work for us performing their best. But in order for them to give us a great harvest, we must do our part in keeping them healthy because they are depending on us.

Garden herbs have such delightful aroma along with great taste and can also supply us with the needed nutrients. This is a great way to get nutrients the natural way which I believe is a win for us. There are so many benefits that herbs offer so be good to your herbs and they will be good to you.


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  1. Especially living g in a place that is not altogether very easy and spacious, container gardening is always the best option left to anyone. Hence, seeing this here and how you have shared all these here, I value it and it makes so much sense to see. Thanks so much for the information in here. It makes q lot of sense and very thoughtful of you

  2. I love gardening. I have missed gardening because currently I stay in a highrise apartment block with no acces to a garden. This is an excellent idea of getting plant pots for growing plants indoors. Thank you for highlighting what to watch out for when choosing a container for your idoor plants. I would go for plastic i think it is easier to handle and maintain.

  3. Hi again! This is yet another very detailed article on herb garden containers. Like I said in the previous article I’m looking at making a sustainable garden so all these tips come in very handy as I had no idea of anything you posted here until now. Thank you very much, I’ll keep bookmarking and coming back to them. I’ll also share with my friends who wants to make gardens too. 

    • Hello and thanks so much again for stopping by and for your kind remarks along with your help. I am so happy to help. All the best to you and have a good day.

  4. There are many values and benefits to growing plants in containers as it allows for portability, easy access and does not take up too much space. However, it is important to find the right container to use for the plats. Something that will not disrupt their growth and will also be able to take their weight and size. This is all I have learnt from your article. 

  5. Hi,

    From my online findings on the topic herb garden containers there are many options, but the best ones are easy to set up and have successful seed growth, even if you don’t have gardening experience, even if you have miles of property and gardens galore, it’s still convenient to be able to step just out your door and pick a handful of fresh herbs from a beautiful container garden. Plant maintenance is also more convenient with containers, and there are fewer problems with weeds and critters getting into your crops.

    Thank you.


    • Hello and thanks for stopping by, these gardens are really amazing and so beneficial Thanks so much for sharing, and all the best to you.


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