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The hibiscus is a tropical plant that produces beautiful colorful flowers. These flowers come in an array of sizes and shapes depending on the species. Hibiscus is great to use as hedges and as a specimen plant which I call a show stopper, in other words, they can really stand out making an amazing impact. Here where I live in the Bahamas the hibiscus plant is used widely by many of the natives. I have worked with these plants on many garden projects and have created such beautiful designs.

Hibiscus Varieties

The four variety of hibiscus plants include

  • Perennial hibiscus
  • Annual hibiscus
  • Hardy hibiscus
  • Tropical Hibiscus

Names of hibiscus

There are so many names of the hibiscus plants that it would be time-consuming to list them all but here are a few some of them you may know.

Red hibiscus-hibiscus medical plant

  • Joanna hibiscus
  • Red hot hibiscus
  • Rose of Sharon
  • Rock hibiscus
  • Rose mallow hibiscus
  • Hibiscus cannabinus
  • Beach beauty hibiscus
  • Secret heart hibiscus
  • Lord Baltimore

This list can go on and on with the many names of the hibiscus plant

Growth and care of the hibiscus plant

Hibiscus is not hard to grow and maintain at all and basically, go for themselves once they are established. Hibiscus can be grown from cuttings or propagation. Hibiscus can be purchased in various sizes which can then be transplanted in your garden.

  • Good organic soil will do your hibiscus plants a whole lot of good
  • A sunny location. Because hibiscus is tropical plants a sunny location is a must to have success.
  • The soil ph should be 6.5
  • Keep soil moist not waterlogged
  • Use a 17-5-24 fertilizer or check with your garden home center to see what is available
  • There are many Insect pests of the hibiscus which includes, thrips, mealybugs, scales, aphids
  • Hibiscus can be grown as shrubs or standard plants depending on how they are pruned

What makes this plant so great besides its many beautiful flowers is the hibiscus plant has healing properties which can benefit us in so many ways. I believe that a plant like a hibiscus plant with its array of beautiful flowers and its healing wonders makes this plant a must-have in every home garden.

Here are some amazing facts about the healing wonders of the hibiscus plant that I am sure will benefit you in so many ways.

Note: Check with your doctor first before using hibiscus for health or medical purposes.

1. Hibiscus has been known to help cure sunburns and acne. Make a paste from the hibiscus plant by crushing both the flowers and the leaves. Apply the paste to the affected area, let sit for 10-12 minutes and then rinse with fresh water.

2. Washing your hair in the hibiscus will stimulate blood circulation, also your hair follicles will receive nutrients that promote hair growth.

3. It is said that many cultures make tea from the hibiscus. Bringing water to a boil, pour boiling water in a cup, place 2 tbsp of petals in a cup and allow to sit for 10 minutes then strain and drink.

4. This tea is believed to maintain blood pressure.

5. Hibiscus tea aids in the fight against cancer.

6. This tea is said to lower your cholesterol.

7. Hibiscus tea is known to relieve menstrual cramps.

8. This tea is said to improve the digestive system.

9. Hibiscus is used in many skincare products to promote healthy skin.

10. Some cultures have reported using hibiscus to relieve constipation.

11. Hibiscus tea has been reported to help fight the fever.

12 Hibiscus tea helps to rid the body of toxins.

13. The vitamins in hibiscus plants have a calming effect on the brain and the body.

14. It is believed that hibiscus tea can help to fight liver disease.

15. Hibiscus tea may help to calm the nerve because of its calm effect on the brain.

Honestly, this list can get a whole lot longer with the many benefits of hibiscus tea. This is just to give an idea of how beneficial this tea is.

As you can see the hibiscus plants have been used by many to bring about cures and relief. The beauty of this plant is everything from the beautiful bloom to its many healing effects.

Note: You can purchase hibiscus extract from your supermarket or health store and follow as directed.

The final word

Like I have said at the beginning of this article the hibiscus is a tropical plant that I have worked with over the years creating many pleasing designs that were full of color bringing those garden projects together and giving them that WOW. I think you should include some of them in your home garden and reap the benefits they offer.


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5 thoughts on “Hibiscus Medicinal Plant”

  1. Wow, I never realized the hibiscus flower had healing properties. I have a hardy hibiscus planted in my side yard that blooms beautiful large red flowers in the month of July. And now thanks to your article (I am going to bookmark this article) I can use this wonderful plant for medicinal purposes as well.
    I have several Rose of Sharon trees that is also of the hibiscus variety I believe. Can the flowers of these trees be used for medicinal purposes as well?

    • Hibiscus flowers of the Rose of Sharon according to studies shows that it can be used for medical purpose. it is said that the flowers are edible which contains vitamin c, it is also said that the flowers and leaves can be added to soups, the flowers can be chopped and added to cakes as decoration, can be used to heal burns, wounds and so on but if you’r planning on using this plant for medical purpose check with your doctor first to ensure that there is no negative reaction. Hope this helps and have a good day.

  2. I love the information on the medicinal uses of hibiscus, and I’d love to add this plant to my balcony garden next spring.

    Do they need a more humid climate to thrive? Would they do well in a really dry climate like the Sierra Nevada mountains, as long as you kept them watered enough?

    • Good to see you Tucker and I am so happy that I could help. Hibiscus are not only beautiful but they are truly amazing in what they can do as far as bringing natural healing. Hibiscus are tropial plant and do well in hot climates as long as the get sufficient water. It would not hurt to give them a try. Please let me know how it goes. Wishing you all the best of success.

  3. Aloha! I have a container garden and I live in Hawaii. I see hibiscus, plumeria and orchids daily but didn’t know all of these medicinal uses and benefits of hibiscus. This is very useful information for me!



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