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Feeding our indoor plants

In order for indoor plants to keep their illustrious color, they must be fed with the right type and the right amount of fertilizer.

Because these plants are in an enclosed or controlled environment, they depend on us to ensure that their nutritional requirements are met.

Over the years I have worked with indoor plants and have seen what can happen if these requirements are not met. One of the most common signs is that they lose their shine.

I have also treated these deficient plants by making sure they got the right type and amount of nutrients that were needed and their transformation began to take place. The foliage shine that they had lost began to return almost instantaneously.

A valuable lesson that I learned from this experience is that indoor plants depend on us to supply them with the nutrients that they need.

Please note: Fertilizers are plant nutrients and not plant food as some people think. Remember plants make their own food from water, sunlight and carbon dioxide. Plants use these and convert them into sugar through a process called photosynthesis.

I recommend using a slow release fertilizer because slow release or control release fertilizers are released slowly which means plants get a longer supply of nutrients over a longer period of time. Powder or quick release fertilizers are used up right away. Afterward, the plants have no more nutrients available to them until you decide to feed them again.

Personal preference

You may have your personal preference when it comes to deciding which type of fertilizer to use whether quick or slow release but from almost 21 years of experience in this field, I have observed that slow release is more effective when it comes to fertilizing container grown and indoor plants.

Remember that label is law so make sure read and follow instructions.

Indoor gardens can provide many benefits. Plants can bring a real change to our indoor environment including an extra touch of style, screening off certain areas for privacy and so forth.

To see other benefits of indoor plants click on this link, interior plants that talk about interior plant scape.

So keep those plants healthy and growing by meeting their needs and in turn, they will work wonders for you. That’s one of the wonderful wonders of nature.

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